Why aren't you a nazi yet? Is there a real reason?

Why aren't you a nazi yet? Is there a real reason?

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yes, its illegal in my country and I don't want to be put on a terror list

That's not a good reason. You can be one without telling anyone. Is that what you're doing? Don't answer.

because im dating a black jewish girl

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wow, mr. anonymous can you source on that? can you give me any proof? Are you sure the United States in no way has interfered with that state? That there was no corruption possilby or instability there in the first place? You know like, all the important questions your image avoids and never asks and doesnt even source anything at all.

isnt that textbook oppression?

im not a nazi, because my values and ideals are the exact opposite of nazis' values and ideals.

oppressing nazis is cool and good tho


Iam not a Nazi because I actually listened in school

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>Are you sure the United States in no way has interfered with that state? That there was no corruption possilby or instability there in the first place?
Name literally ONE country IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND that was never interfered with or did not have instability in the area prior, YOU STUPID FUCKING BLACK GORILLA NIGGER
Brotippalipp: it doesn't McFucking exist. Ever.

based, is she moorish?

boo hoo hoo who'll think of the poor nazis??. lol

thou art upset

oh fuck oops i dropped it

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easy. i'm not gay. u r gay

you're still not answering my question and actually proving me right.
I can't believe 'nazis' are so fucking delusional, i bet you're not even 50% white

Because I wouldn't want to be on the losing side. I'm not a beta cuckold like you

'i'm smart because i say the hurtful n-word online. that's because my brain is entirely full of Jow Forums memes.' - op, probably, into the arby's drive-thru speaker

Not a Nazi because I'm black
even tho I hate Niggers

Funnily enough, we're not all racist cunts who bend over backwards for fascists.

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quick, op, come back here and say dance puppets dance or something. four dimensional chess

no you dimwit, we had a nazi(ish) government that ended up killing a bunch of people and 2 prime ministers, after that fascist propaganda was outlawed, you can still be one but as soon as you tell anyone that you are its jail time

You could read any book on the history of Liberia.
Or you could read the Wikipedia article.

The US interference in Liberia consisted of supporting the freed slaves in asserting control over the geographical area that made up Liberia. The freed slaves then set up a society dominating the native Africans. Strictly speaking, if the leftist narrative about how the west developed itself only because it exploited colonized peoples were true, the Liberian state should have prospered much, MUCH more than (for example) Rhodesia, given the advantages of its location and its several-decade head start. STRANGELY, that didn't happen. For some reason.

Dictatorship? no thanks, look at how it turned out for Venezuela.

Why are the Africans so barbarous?

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We have oil companies operating in the United States too, dumbass. In fact, the US is one of the three largest energy-producing countries in the world.

If the presence of oil companies magically turns your country into a shithole, why isn't the US one?

imagine giving literal trillions of money to monkey ape niggers and getting nothing but hate back
why do we do this? let them die already

I'm not nazi because :
I'm not german
I don't want to be considered as the same ilk than cringy retarded neo nazis.
But I'm a highly authoritarian fascist, yeah.

>Why don't the Africans just take control of the land so that it can be transformed into private wealth for 13 people?

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And your point being?

Original comment

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then why won't you link me to that instead of seething? oh wait is it because if im a sane person i know that 'U.S. liberating a corrupt terrorist country' literally equals to them fucking over a whole country? You know, i know what im talking about. Stop fucking seething and r*ddit spacing, also wikipedia is not a source and you seem to have not even read it because it doesnt answer the question i asked.

Fuck, I forgot that oil companies act the same in the US as they do in Africa

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lol shut up weirdo

edgelord basement dweller loser also lead eater

LiteralIy have sex

Its so disgusting what the Lybians do! I bet that 1000 people fucking got eaten! So disgusting!

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Why is the presence of niggers literally more destructive than two (2) nuclear bombs

(the brain worms begin writhing) actually, bloody hands at arms' length is GOOD, furthermore

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The good news is that since the fall of the Soviet Union, much of the WORST misgovernance of Africa has come to an end.

Tens of millions of Africans have been lifted out of extreme poverty in the last 30 years because the disappearance of the Soviet state effectively ended African Marxism. Many African states exited colonialism with a lot of economic potential that ended up being wasted for decades because the African governing class embraced collectivism. That's (mostly, with exceptions) over now, and Africa is rapidly making up economic ground as a result.

It will probably take another generation for Africa to fully recover from all the negative effects of "Third Way" socialist-type schemes, but they're on their way.

Or actually, it is going to take forever, because Africans are dumb niggers.

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>If the presence of oil companies magically turns your country into a shithole, why isn't the US one?

Uhhh. Hate to break it to to you

But that was my reaction 70% of the time, while I was working/travelling down there.

>"what a shithole"

America is rotting my dude, most of you are too wrapped up in your own horseshit to notice

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I know! The number of murders last year was almost 2% of what the US did in Vietnam! That's so crazy. I bet Lybia had almost 3% of Vietnam last year! Fucking barbarous animals!!!

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It does answer your question.

It says that the US granted Liberia its independence virtually up front, and that it prevented other western powers from interfering there or conquering it during the scramble for Africa, and that because of that the west left Liberia alone.

And somehow nigger-infested areas are still far, far worse off than every historical war zone in the Western world (with millions of murders) LOL
It's almost as if niggers ruin everything they come into contact with O.o

Are you a damn yankee?
Then what about all dictators and warlords USA keeps aiding there right now?

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were 100% just. Next time surrender when it's clear you've lost a war that YOU fucking started.

>Yeah, but black women got us to the moon one time
>We found a bunch of cool rocks

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They're not sending their best, folks. They're sending Jeb impersonators. SAD!

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>Then what about all dictators and warlords USA keeps aiding there right now?

The US provides very little military aid to nations outside the Sahel region today. And Africa is a big continent, Sparky. East Africa is moving along in its development very nicely.

you're mistaken. that's wrong.

Okay, name one place that has niggers that isn't a shithole. I'll be waiting.

>But did anyone ever stop to consider that Saddam was kind of a dickhead?

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Yeah this is all complete bullshit. USA actively undermines African democracy and support dictators so they can scratch their back in return. Go to school moron. Also yankee.

Yeah, I agree. Calling military intervention "aid" sort of implies that the world is any better off for any military action that the US has done since WW2 (when the US was killing nazis)

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>everything bad in african's lives is because of wypipo
>negroes should never have to undertake personal responsibility and should always have to be catered to like infants
...and this is why africans will never succeed.

It's also interesting how the US poured millions and millions into repairing Japan (after installing a US-like government). And somehow, magically, having economically strong neighbors helped prop up post-war states.

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>USA actively undermines African democracy and support dictators so they can scratch their back in return.

There actually aren't all that many dictators left in Africa. Of the ones that remain, most of them are active opponents of US policy.

Why are leftists always literal decades behind in following events of any kind?

i'm not interested in a 'debate' with you

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It's because it takes a long time for media indoctrination to plant an idea in their skulls, and once it's there it's too much work to update the firmware.

A lot of these assholes still think we're running out of bees.

Same, we don't seek debates, we want the 4th Reich

durr im sure the big nazi yo-yos on this garbage website are arguing in good faith that niggers aren't people. it's my job to tell them to stop doing that. i'm sure they'll listen and think hard. lol (smashing my dick and balls with a hammer) this is fun

>b-b-b-but guys! What if I become a capitalist one day?

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>niggers being people
No one believes this lol

I agree, if you want to see some good faith argument, it might be worth your time to check out the subreddit for Chapo Trap House. It's a dirtbag leftist podcast with edgy humor.

>Pic related, one of the hosts of the podcast

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>A lot of these assholes still think we're running out of bees.

Also whales

Because I'm not an authoritarian bootlicker who wants daddy gubbermin to take away my rights, and because nazis all want me dead and stripped of my rights despite the fact that I have a job, pay taxes, am on my way to completing a STEM degree, am in good shape, and have never committed any crimes in my life except for pirating anime and really old games, just because I'm brown. They're about as bad as commies.

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god that pile of dead niggers is comfy.

You're a stupid nigger shut the fuck up slave

I'm not a nazi because

A) My father and grandfather would weep. Our family was allied, on both sides.

B) I like black women

C) I like brown women

D) I don't really like german or dutch people, as a general rule.

>Yeah, scientific studies might have found these observations
>But have you considered that I don't feel that they're correct?

Damn dude, you got us

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Wish we could resuscitate and snuff em twice

Congrats on your accomplishments, user.

If that is the case there still were which contributed to much what is wrong in Africa today. Checkmate yankee shit. Also bees are dying off. I bet you deny climate change too fucking lead huffing yankee barbarian.

>about as bad as commies

At least they're not racist user, plus they'd invest heavily in things like education. Your STEM degree would be all the more useful and easier to complete.

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How do you feel about anarcho-communism?

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no quarter for nazis

Why does every African country get totalled when whites leave blackbots?

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man, wouldn't it be nice to mow down nazis with machine guns and rocket launchers, and grenade launchers. just, drown them in their own blood and gore. wow

Thanks, man. Not too hard to do, though. Anyone can not commit crime and get in shape. The job part was probably the hardest bit, and it's a pretty lower-tier job, but I only just graduated HS.
Yes, but they're still restrictive as hell. The USSR was not a fun place to live.
I don't like any form of communism, but I can't really claim to be an expert on anarcho communism. I'll do some googling, but I doubt I'll like it

Wow, it's almost as if you got countless free handouts FROM MY TAX MONEY, a free ride through college despite lower grades, and now you have a pretend-job where someone hired you for their monkey quota, and SOMEHOW MANAGED TO MAKE SOME SHEKELS! Impressive, negro slave!

The main reason for Liberia being shit, is because of government corruption and conflict. They also fail to use their natural resources effectively. Most of those children who fought in the Liberian civil wars and grew up also have few opportunities to transition back into civilian life. If the US had actually stayed and helped Liberia remain politically stable, they probably wouldn't be in this situation. They'd still be in a shitty situation, but not as shitty. Their culture probably wasn't the best either.

Oh, I see, you get off to private authority. Are you a sub or a dom?

>completely ignoring those that engineered the phone

lol that;s some chip on your shoulder

No it wouldn't because then you'd be left in an eternal hellscape of Jewish slavery and low IQ mutt negroids living as slaves eating insects. Thankfully, your fantasy will never happen :)

actuall, that's wrong. you are incorrect.

My bad, I didn't make the picture. There were public universities involved in creating the technology that allowed the phone to be invented.

I think the purpose of the picture was about getting an iPhone today, not about the invention of it.

>is because of government corruption and conflict
...which consist of, you guessed it, African negroes.

do not let nazis move and shift goalposts to reframe the 'debate'. schoolboy error

I don't want to crushed by an oppressive state that wants to kill people for being brown

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surely, leopards, face, etc

True, a good few communists I know condone the USSR, but I don't see it myself. Pre-Stalin times appeal to me more, I believe he did irreparable damage to what the Manifesto and Lenin stood for, to the point where even "socialism" is such a trigger word today.

Correction, we don't want to kill people for being brown. We want to kill people for being brown in the wrong country.

I'd free the entire prison population and send them back to Africa to enjoy their own culture and lifestyle there.

He's baiting. Ignore him. I ignored the other dude, and I suggest you do the same.
>not sucking gubbermin dick means you want to suck corporate dick

>why aren't you a Nazi


>the Manifesto
i would literally kick your teeth in for saying this IRL. where are you at i want to meet up

I see, I see

I was on a roll and it felt good to talk about publicly funded research being the foundation of 99% of innovative technology. It's almost enough for me to endorse central planning.

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Injustice is very good. People are not and never will be equal, and they should be treated fairly and equally. Something that is impossible to achieve under """""""""""""""justice""""""""""""". If you are too stupid to figure out how to get by during the most prosperous of times then you would't do any better under actual hardship like what a socialist or communist system would give you. The problem is not the system, it is you. I'm making way above average income because I worked my ass off and got a two year degree, picked up a lot of debt, wasted 7 years and unknown amounts of money dating a borderline, bipolar, suicidal drug addict, had family members go through rehab and jail, suicides in frenz and family, been assaulted multiple times, and more. Sounds like a lot of bad shit yet somehow I'm still leagues ahead of everyone else in my cohort. coworkers 10 years older than me are complaining about credit card bills and shit while I'm sitting on a smol comfii stack of six figures.
The truth is poverty does not exist in the west. It is a lifestyle choice like being gay or doing drugs. Some people are just drawn to it. Not sure if it's a martyr complex or what, but I always saw myself as a man of leisure. I like my hobbies and money, and I dislike working. I focus on those goal and then make choices based on that. That is literally all it takes.

>People are not and never will be equal
why is tat

You don't want to suck government dick, so you're anarcho something. If you don't like anarcho-communism then the only quadrant left is wanting to suck corporate dick.

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Would it be you first outing from you bedroom in 15 years, by any chance?

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