I Am Obsessed With Asian Girls

I used to deny it but I am going to accept it now. I am OBSESSED with Asian girls.

I'm a white guy and I always thought I would have a white girlfriend. In fact, my first girlfriend was white. However, when I got to college, I wanted to lose my virginity and a student from China became obsessed with me so I took her virginity (losing mine in the process).

We started fucking regularly and interestingly, other students from China tried to hook up with me. Some of them were even her friends!

My junior year in college, I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan. I took 2 girls virginities (one was a girl in high school!) and I had 4 steady girlfriends who I fucked on a rotation basis throughout the weekend.

When I came back to the US, I couldn't even get a date!

Now I have been fucking Asian girls for a while and I've just grown more obsessed with them. I don't watch porn often, but when I do, it's always the white male/asian female variety that gets me off.

There's just something about Asian girls that turns me on and I've come to accept that I am completely obsessed with them now.

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sure seems like it, man.

Stop making these threads. You are disgusting.

They smell bad

OP won't tell you this, but Asian girls fucking REEK. Their pussy juice smells bad, their body odor smells bad, their breath smells bad.

no, continue. it beats out the nigger worshipper/trap threads. thanks for playing faggot

i feel bad for asian girls, they have a target on their back for all manner of low lives.

its mutually beneficial. im too much of a loser to recover. im 28 and still live at home. there's no turning this ship around. im probably gonna have to preemptively pull the plug on this "life" thing when im 45-50

This is the first time I made a thread in several years so I'm not sure what you are talking about.

Anyway, I signed up for HelloTalk and Wechat and started talking to girls in China.

I've never been to China but I have a LIST of girls who are begging me to come visit them and take their virginities now!

>mutually beneficial
i dont see how
enjoy fetish posting

even though im a loser who goes to SEA to fuck hookers, you sound like an even bigger, creepier loser

>mutually beneficial
>loser gets chad amounts of sweet porcelain tight azn puss
>azn gets the sexual attention of a white guy

we love eachother. I've been to SEA and its intoxicating. you don't even need drugs.

alright. be nice

You may be right, but I'm getting laid. I've never been to SEA but I can see why you'd go there.

i hate having to identify myself to justify an arguement. but yes i agree. even though im white hearing shit like "being obsessed with another race" is disgusting.

I used to get laid and then i graduated college with a worthless degree, moved back in with my parents, and it all abruptly stopped almost overnight

Sounds like the reason you can't get laid is fairly obvious. Perhaps go teach overseas and get back into the business of slaying slant pussy?

You're just a man of taste and culture my boy. you have a type of woman you love and you're good at seducing them. Don't listen to these crab-in-a-bucket virgins. Enjoy what you like.

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>Tfw no Asian mommy gf

Thanks, I appreciate that.

I used to resent people telling me I have yellow fever and I would make up all kinds of excuses. But now I'm just going to accept it and tell them the truth that I like Asian girls.

just say you like women with a certain characteristic instead of asian girls in general. jesus.

>grew up preferring white girls
>started watching more anime
>now prefer my cute asian gf


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Probably comes from them looking like children and your repressed pedophilia.

any of you robots in college that has a fair number of korean intl students, make friends with the korean bros if you can. they will likely be grateful for helping them out with english and invite you out to drink. you can meet the local korean network that way

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I cant user its been too long
>Tfw no loving Asian mommy gf

t. asian larp

Why would Asians post race baiting threads about Asians

I can assure you I'm not Asian.

>There's just something about Asian girls that turns me on

They are easy and have low self esteem. You have an "easy" fetish.

What do you mean I have an "easy" fetish?

You mean easy to satisfy or what?

Yes, some of the girls are easy to get (like anything really) but some of them are not so easy. I don't think Asian girls have low self-esteem.

Especially the Asian girls who were not raised in America, they seem to be fine within their societies.

I don't have as much experience with "whitewashed" Asian girls, so maybe this is what you are referring to?

Personally I like Asian-American girls more than Asian girls . Asian girls I've met are all super vigilant about their appearance and social status so the normies are stuck up and the losers are psychotically insecure. As-Ams get stereotyped as the "boring smart girl" so a lot of them turn into hyper-confident weirdos as adults to spurn the stereotype. It's hot.

>I don't think Asian girls have low self-esteem
Like all non-whites, they have huge inferiority complexes vis a vis whites but their supplicant east asian culture makes them more open about it. They reek of white worship.

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