28 still live at home

I never thought my life would come to this but it has. Everyday I have to shake off this mental weight of self loathing and failure. I'm too ashamed to hang out with all my friends because they somehow just magically made the transition to adulthood while I've stagnated in a state of juvenile inertia. How the fuck do people just become adults I don't understand it. I'm not even a virgin, and I've had plenty of cool experiences in life, but I'm going nowhere. I got a call back from this interview for a 20/hr merchandiser with coca cola, but the hours are 7pm-5am and most of the days are going to at least 10 hours of lifting 12 packs of soda and stocking. I've had shitty jobs but that's straight up unacceptable.

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Did you have a strong male role model/mentor in your formative years?

nah my dad was present but is a quintessential beta faggot . he spoiled me rotten and only did the "good cop" part of parenting because being the bad cop would've required to much effort.

I'm a lot like OP and no I was raised by a single mom

20 bucks an hour sounds good, and working for a large company like Coca-Cola could lead to better opportunities. Work that night shift and try to get into a day shift asap! user, you have an opportunity to get out of your house and get your own place. Trust me, I'm working at a job that is usually 10-12 hours and pays 12 an hour, and this is what I could get with a STEM degree. I envy your opportunity, don't let it pass you by

i might as well have been raised by single mom because my dad is a massive pussy

every single time
grow up

Find a job, save your money for a little, create a budget based on expenses and income, figure out how much rent you can afford to pay, look for apartments. Also stop letting your parents do things for you. Stop accepting money, don't let them buy you clothes or games. Make your own appointments. Make sure your car, any loans, your phone, etc. are all in your name. Once you start standing on your own it's not such a big deal anymore. Don't be lazy and don't think any job is beneath you if you are currently a parasite.

It'a not entirely their fault, but it is a significant handicap. I don't expect some normalfaggot that comes on here for a self-esteem boost.

Single moms need to be shunned like they where for thousands of years. They enable and encourage mental illness and provide no guidance especially for young men.

nope. fuck that dude. there's other merchandising jobs that pay 16-18 with a completely reasonable workload (i've worked them before). With coca cola its $160 a day with no overrtime. So if you work 50hrs a week, you're already being robbed of $400 dollars of pre-tax income per paycheck. Monthly? That total is 800 (640 after tax income for my state). That's an entire week of unpaid labor. Thats ONLY if you work 10 hours a day, which is highly unlikely based on me reading hundreds of reviews. its slavery man. fuck that shit

you are a lazy faggot piece of shit
i would be happy to get that job and stop being a parasite to my parents

I dont work bc society will literally replace me with a Mexican if I do or dont. I hope we have a major war and most of humanity dies.

Oh, sorry, I was unaware of how things worked in that industry. Well look, just do what you can, even 16-18 is damned good money

>I hope we have a major war and most of humanity dies.
And then what?
You play out your stalker\metro\fallout power fantasy?
Leave your room more often.

Your parents are robbing you with social security and they support ethnic locally replacing you for paper.

excuses made by effeminate pathetic weak men

No I hope I starve like millions of others

its probably not gonna happen thats the sad part. id love to be some creepy predator who travels from camp to camp in a desolate dystopic world; murdering innocent people, raping women, and plundering their resources, but its probably not gonna happen sadly

You don't need a global war for that.
You can kill yourself just right whenever you want.
You're just a cockless coward.

my parents didn't do their job correctly and thats why im still here. ill parasite as long as i want until im in a position that moving out makes sense.

I'm 38 and I live at home, only one of my friends doesn't, but that's really common in poortugal.

Also, I make 2.96/h, would kill my parents and the dog for a 20/h job

Im in a similar position but 23 and finished uni and working a decent job making 60k a year but I hate every moment I have to think about what I am doing next.

I am a khhv, the only enjoyment I get is from watching weekly anime and reading manga for niche genres. I have been asked by own coworkers that I look more sad and depressed. I have been crying at home at night just thinking that I hate my life.

sorry to hear that user. i hope it gets better. at LEAST you have a skill that gets you 60k. you can probably find a job that isn't so horrible.

that's my dream too user, we should all work together to make it a reality

War with Iran will cleanse the world

War with Iran will guaranteed spiral into ww3 ppl have no idea what we are in for.

i'm actually an immigrant in a western european country, kys racist

they raised you hoping that you would be like every other normal child, insted what they got is a disgusting and useless piece of shit

Hope you get gassed faggot

Truly spoken like someone who has never fought in, been involved in, or been affected by war in any way.
Shut the fuck up.

Those are good hours and a decent wage, user. It's especially nice at night. It's quiet and I bet the social interaction is very limited. The only concern might be the labor itself, but if you can handle that it might be a good workout.

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How's is war with Iran not lined up to be ww3 Iran is allied with Iraq Syria Hezbollah Houthis and Russia and China will prob help dprk and Venezuela will even back them. I hope we get a war so bad global trade collapses and starvation sets in I expect to die ofcourse

>Everyday I have to shake off this mental weight of self loathing and failure. >I'm too ashamed to hang out with all my friends
LOL you are a bonafide retard making excuses for yourself. Why do you care if your job is replaceable? There are plenty of shit parents in the world, and oh god what a shame it's because your dad spoiled you. Maybe he should have beat the shit out of you and raped your mom
and made you watch instead. Because that would totally be less shitty than getting spoiled and being allowed to be freeloading neet at 28, living in their house and eating their food. Yeah must suck not getting kicked out, not having to work and getting to be a leech, I can totally understand why you're complaining. Regardless, their "bad" parenting doesn't give you an excuse to be a piece of shit too. Face it user, it's your own idiocy, self-pity and bad attitude that has held you back and will continue to hold you back in life. You could change things for yourself but you probably never will.

stay mad virgin piece of shit