What do you wanna do in life?

>What do you wanna do in life?

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Find out what matters to me, and do that.

Thats the fucked part isnt it

live comfortably and retire as early as possible with a large nest egg


What is a nest egg

Bunch of cash for retirement. For food, mortgage if you haven't paid it off, all other bills.

Get spit roasted by 2 sissies, fuck Bailey Jay and creampie her boicunt

I want to create chaos unironically. like I want to blow shit up. but im lazy and all other excuses.

Save up to build and run a church for the gods. Ill work until the nails have fallen off my fingers if it allows me.

>nothing, honestly.
Why bother lying?

There are a lot of things I want to do but I just don't go and do them. Because I want to do them casually and I just don't invest my time and effort in them. I just can't seem to find something that interests me on a level that I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life.

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I just want a normal life
Going to work and Uni and getting a meme degree
then relaxing on my savings

I want to pound I mean pound a trap off of Grindr

win lotto.buy nice house and land. wife and kids. pets. never gonna have it tho

I'd like to be euthanized at least once in my life and preferably before I'm 30.

Job? Voice actor/storyboard artist
Life shit? Classic american dream living with wife and 3 kids

If you can get euthanized more than once then you don't need to wait for 30. You're already a fucking wizard.

Me too man but all i ever see on there is nasty old hairy men

I'd love to be an artist but i'm pretty crap and it's hard to make a living out of it even if you're really good.

I.. I don't even know anymore
Some months ago I could say I wantes to have a gf or lose my virginity, give my first kiss etc
Now I'm not a kv anymore and I realized I cant make anyone happy, even myself, so I dont want a gf anymore

figure out how not to run out of money (top priority)
learn japanese (working on it)
ride bike a lot
maybe learn to draw or make games

i want to creampie a good looking qt girl and then kill myself

Make other people happy!

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Whenever i say i want to die people get uncomfortable

watch steve1989mreinfo

They don't want to confront the inevitable themselves, that's all.

>accountancy i guess


i didn't know what i wanted to do in life. i have a degree in multimedia- it's a hard business to get into.

How am I supposed to say "nothing" without getting bad reactions

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I don't know. I don't have any dreams.

I'm an accountant and payroll manager. It's hell.

>be me
>"enjoying" neet life at mommy's
>do some /gd/ freelancing
>good and easy cash
>stop because I don't care
>tell mommy
>See? Not even money is able to attract me.
>mommy - processing...
>proceeds to blast me with her epic motivational Facebook quotes.

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Be drunk as fuck till the day I decide to kill myself.
Doing well do far.

Don't do that to us. You have to tell us the quote or the gist of it.

not wagecucking please i just want to remain a neet or have a passive source of money

nothing, i mean it.

Simple question