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Blonde edition.

Would you dye your hair, and what color?

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Lame cath boy from last thread reporting to no one.

I used to dye my hair
I bleached it myself though and it caused an outbreak of psoriasis on my scalp like four years later so now I'm stuck with this shit brown color until it remits

does anyone wanna watch devilman crybaby with me sometime?

i wouldnt dye my hair because i really love my hair and dont want to spoil anything about it


It grows back silky smooth even if you rape its texture
Also you can use conditioner to cover it up

hey you didnt respond to me is yurop too far for you...

I am yurop, are you the calvinist user?

just post on imgur

i dont know what i would dye it too even then
i dont want to look like a slut

Yes, I am. I recently went to the big calvinist church in the town over and the Bible there was old but it had interesting script abbreviations. I am a nerd for this kind of stuff so I had a field day just reading it.

tfw ugly and callused feet

I dont have an imgur I dont wanna make an imgur just for someone with a footfetish.

Did you rip the pages with your fat fingers?
Just kidding

i hope my bf isnt posting here...

That's just an association that other people (may or may not) make
You're not responsible for the biases of others
Do whatever the hell you want and if someone misunderstands you, correct them on their misunderstanding. There's only a fraction of a chance that they'll get it but what else can you do? Live in fear of what other people think? It's a shitty life, that one.

Wow okay you are walking on very thin ice mister. I will do sinful things with you if you make fun of me.

I had to rewrite a lot of words cause I kept making typos...

So you are fat is that it?
Why do you want to do sinful things?

Don't worry, there are no imaginary creatures here.

I am not fat, I just want to seem cool by typing fast on phone but I end up making mistakes.

Cause I like boys..

>reporting to no one
well ain't that the truth

Nah, you should worry. This place is swarming with imaginary creatures. From my perspective, anyway.

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>tfw posting with spooks and specters

I don't like 'em though.


Yeah sometimes you can't even see their posts but trust me, they're there.

h-hes real and we're going to meet up very soon!

you dont have to make an account for imgur, literally just upload image, post link here
and you know that you want to show off those feetsies you just wont admit it to yourself

How do we combat the phantom posters though? Is it even worth fighting against?

Can you actually prove that he's not an elaborate hallucination, a figment of your mind, and that reality itself isn't the same?

Let's not delude ourselves user.

Fire imaginary shitposts right back at 'em. I've made 95 this past minute myself. Thankfully the imaginary cooldown is imaginary so you're not limited in how often you can retort. Unfortunately, they play by the same rules.

But then why are you here? I am certain I like them, but I beat myself up over it constantly.

I'm limited by my slow mind, shit. You'll have to shitpost for me user.

i judge myself by the same lens i judge others and to do otherwise would be silly
also honestly my mop of hair is the one thing i wouldnt change if i could go back to my character creation screen

Are two anons really having a fight over how to better self-post a picture of their own fucking feet? Can you faggots just not go on discord or something, wouldn't that eliminate the middle man

I don't know I should just leave now.

So you think everyone with dyed hair looks like a slut?
I think it's cool. They're either trying really hard to be self-actualized (indicating that the desire is at least there) or they give no fucks and are. Never made the connection between it and promiscuity myself.

You act as though anyone here would actually interact off an anonymous imageboard. Too difficult.

N-no I can't....

Alright, but I'm limited by my one-track imagination. Right now we're arguing about diet sodas. I will take on your share of the burden regardless of what your position is. Although if your position is different from mind, you must be one of *THEM*.

Is it normal to want a fem/twink boyfriend as a feminine guy? Muscular and hairy guys are so ugly to me I just want a dominant twink to cuddle me so badly

Don't worry user, it ain't so bad being one of the spooks. Not that I am one. all soda is lackluster.

Is it weird to be a dominant fem who wants to tease a bigger and older boy but then crumble when they finally break and take charge

Fine whatever
I am at a hotel in the bathroom
Like the toilet, you are full of shit

4ch imgur.com/a/vx0XqAL

i have a very similar problem, user, but i beat myself off instead of up
repressing yourself is silly, you know in your heart you probably wont change. theres no reason to add more upset to the mix

>Is it normal
You're already attracted to other men, as a man yourself and that's pretty much as abnormal as it gets. Who gives a fuck what you want if you'll never get it to begin with? Fem tops are a pretty rare thing, rarer than masc for masc faggots.

That's at least workable, almost-satan. At least you're not one of the non-diet purist ghosties.

Most if not all fems, twinks, etc want their own kind. It's quite legitimately the default and assumed state.

cute sock

aren't you the same user that was here months and months ago? you'd always avatarfag with a picture of your feet in socks at the gym locker room or similar.

Masc bottoms are extremely common buddy and why do you gotta be homophobic

well that was disappointing ngl

This sounds nice.
Do you have a contact, user?

Are there a lot of non-diet purists in r9ghost?


Please do.
That is very sinful user. I know it is not a good idea, but I am having a hard time dealing with my problems and noone listens to me. There were many moments where I was about to give up and become a full-on fag.

>Most if not all fems, twinks, etc want their own kind.
lmao WHAT according to who? you? most twinks want the big strong burly boy or at least straight passing guys, i've never seen a feminine twink actively seek out other feminine guys and specify he'd want that. i'm actually floored that anyone genuinely has this point of view or thinks this is remotely true information, you're so fucking dumb lmaoo

You think so? On Grindr and shit bottoms always ask for masculine men

There are an infinite number. Sometimes it feels like battling against impossible odds. But there are also an infinite number of diet-purists who back me up. So infinity versus infinity plus one, who do you think wins? No one, because infinity plus one is still infinity. It really is a futile and eternal war.

I don't exactly seek them out but isn't the term chaser used to refer to normal blokes that seek out fems and the sort. Gives off the impression that they aren't particularly after normal guys and instead prefer their own kind.

My point exactly, masc bottoms and tops are in more abundance than fem tops.
most of you in this thread make it hard not to be, but i don't see how anything i said was homophobic. this isn't tumblr, grow thicker skin

They were my sox whatd you expect
Thanx I guess
Swing and a miss. I have been regularly visiting for less than 2 months here, I come from /v/irginistan.

Well you are obviously gay so you should be hating yourself fag.

>I have social anxiety which is why I'm using spoilers to attract even more attention to my post so everyone sees what I'm doing ahahaha I'm so shy guys holy shit please help I'm shaking that I'm talking to boys here ahahaha geez

Are you one of those feminine guys?

If there are no winners, there are no losers either. You can claim victory on that alone and your own view and opinion are all that matters. The spooks' opinions are nonfactors.
You've won, user.

pls b horny uk fem twink

unless my sense of time has been supremely fucked I could have sworn there was another user that would avatarfag with sock pictures, usually top down not like the angle you took them in. coincidence I guess?

Not using spoilers as an addendum to whatever you were originally saying, like a side note or a break into a new tangent of thought

fuck all I want to do is define objective reality so that it suits my shitty subjective tastes. is that really too much to ask?

Objectivity is nonexistent in the world. You should just recognize your personal subjective view to be objective instead honestly. No point getting dragged into their game user. Become your own god, or something like that.

oh word? no one felt the need to drop an APB in the last thread there was a new one?

My friend told me the correct term is "skinnyfat", I am working on my body but if you ignore the tum (that is only obvious with me unclothed) I am very skinny, and could be seen as womanly, as much as I hate that. I am a man, dangit.

the term chaser is usually put at the end of something to specify what they chase: chub-chaser, tranny-chaser, etc. that just means they specifically want that, no such thing as a fem-chaser because the normal situation is that masculine guys get with feminine guys.

Do you? I'm not on Discord.

Oh, well I guess I was wrong then. I assumed that it just meant the fem types only wanted other fem types. Oh well.

Yeah I should just make my own little diet soda bubble and fuck that haters. Anyone else who is also a diet soda purist can come with me, but only if you agree with everything else that I agree with too.

i was raised christian but it ran off my back sometime before i admitted my gayness to myself, which made it easier
are you lonely in general? or are you not attracted to females compared to guys?

>I assumed
yeah that was your problem, retard

Sorry I'm feminine sort of but I don't think about similar people in that manner. :S

I'm from the US and I'm not really a twink, I'm a little chubby but it's not noticeable. I am definitely fem though

Atta boy user, keep the spooks in check.

Duh that was the point of that post.

I am having a hard time admitting it to myself, I am still a man, but I do have difficulties connecting with females. I am very lonely, but I do have *a* online friend I like hanging out with, he is not gay tho, AND neither am I!!!
In what manner? I think it is quite picky of you to not like someone just because they are physically "unattractive", that is very materialistic and you should be ashamed!

Why should I be ashamed? I just said I don't think about "womanly" guys...

>i'm not gay but here i am talking to other gay people on the specifically gay thread

Ugh so now the infinite imaginary people that I brought into my bubble are gathering up into a massive orchestra and playing songs about how great diet coke is. I HATE this kind of music. They're going to have to go. But I know for sure that there's an infinite number of imaginary people who are diet soda purists and won't do this bullshit so I'll wait for them and then I'll finally be happy.

>tfw no 25+yo bf into boring nerdboys

Why do you permit them to exist in the first place user? What demands that the infinite audience be around in the first place if they do not benefit you or compliment your ideals? Erase them, replace them with yesmen that agree with you wholeheartedly.

What the actual fuck is going on in this thread anymore? It's so weirdly abstract that I actually had to check if this is still /r9gay/ at the top

But then I'm applying finite concepts to the infinite. This cannot stand. It's existentially claustrophobic. It's one thing to be exclusionary but it's another thing entirely to erase aspects of existence itself.

im a dom twink who needs a mini sub twink who wont leave me for chad
life is hard

Why not replace the infinite with an infinite void instead? Delete the conversation as a whole and let endless silence flood in instead. That would equally resolve the issue, would it not?

well, what are you doing with yourself and your time? the more companionship i immersed myself in the less need for bf i felt. consider that you just need more friends or something you actually care about to busy yourself with

as that other user said though you are hanging around on /r9gay/

But then I'd be soooo bored omg

I'm 6'0 but I don't really mind if you are shorter than me, you got discord or somethin

Boredom is another spook user, don't fall for such things. Infinite silence is stasis, that is the purpose of all things, to achieve stasis.

Plus nothing existing for the eternity of everything and retroactively nullifying all of previous existence seems kind of paradoxical to me. Like what? This is all there is? In the entire history and totality of everything possible in all of everything? EVERYTHING everything? Nothing? Nothing at all? Nothing at all? Nothing at all...

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we saw the event horizon and put our collective dick into it.
now there is no theme, topic, purpose, or rules.
only riffin' with the boys.

you're now entering the Riff Zone.