ITT cringe memories

ITT cringe memories
>my sister's boyfriend (that I don't really speak with, only "hi") saw me peeking through the key hole

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how old were you?
how old were they?
did he say something?

Me 18
Him like 20-21

>back in high school
>autistic friendless virgin
>cant hold a conversation
>once 4 qt girls come to me
>hello user:)
>error: 404
>they start talking to me like if i was their chadish cum supplier
>uhmm , user, you look shy, are you scared of women??:$
>instantly blush
>close my eyes for a bit
>anxious at 100000%
>they al giggle and leave


you seem cute user
they probably thought that you were a cute shy boy!

Did you get to see his big penis?

No he was playing on console and randomly looked at me, maybe heard me IDK but it tripped me out and I'm so embarrased to this day

Damn did you ever peek on your sister? What were you trying to see?

im curious about this too
also i hate the fucking captcha

if this story was a one-time thing, they were probably just making fun of him. sorry.

i am ugly and had pretty bad acne at that time

Middle school 10 years ago. brought a switchblade to school my dad had, threatened the black kid who kept bullying me that I have been learning knife combat for years (I tried imitating Izaya from durarara) he goes berserk and beats the shit out of me. He gets in no trouble I get suspended for a week. Found out hes in jail last week for stabbing some dude with a knife.

Lol that's somehow even weirder, i assumed you were watching him and your sister fuck.

>be a faggot nigger

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>Alone on my 20th birthday
>Decide to go and see a hooker
>Give her my money and get undressed
>She starts sucking me but i can't get hard
>Try to close my eyes and enjoy it but hear her trying to stifle a laugh
>She tries for a while but i can't get it up and she tells me ''it's not big enough''
>Apologize to her for some reason
>Get dressed and leave
>End up sitting on the park alone trying not to cry and thinking about how pathetic i am

I don't even know, I just peeked because I was curious

That's not even bad if you were in high school dude. I still blush when girls talk to me and i'm 24.

Hows it feel to know you would stoop so low to stimulate your nerves on your peen?

did she keep all the money?

>7 or 8 years old, eating at Five Guys with friend and his mom
>while friend is in the bathroom his mom tries to make small talk with me and says I'm "such a sweet boy"
>thank you
>reach for my milkshake and fucking spill it all over her on accident

Pretty bad dude, it basically destroyed my last shred of self respect.

Yep, so i paid for the privilege of having one of the worst experiences of my life.

>be like 9 years old
>tell mom "If men like porn with one girl and many guys, why don't they make porn for women with one man and many girls?"
>mom replies "Well, it doesn't work that way"

I tried to fuck sand on the playground when I was 10
there were people around
also tried to fuck (actually, more like, feel them with my pee-pee) church's outside walls. didn't know about the whole masturbation-is-sin thing, and no one really caught me even though I was visible from across the street

> be in math class, high school
> be the dumb autist that has shit grades, is kinda weird and is laughed at at every fuckup
> always try to shrug it off by laughing with them, instead of getting laughed at
> that day I didn't have homework done
> teacher finds out, she is pretty friendly, laughs saying something like 'user did it again' and makes a joke or something
> I try to laugh it off too
> I look around, nobody is laughing this time
> I desperately turn my head around to find some comfort
> teacher goes 'nobody is laughing user'
> I realize how alone and pitied I am, an utter failure
Thankfully I had the chance to redeem myself in the next years, but I really was extra autistic

>be 20
>super edgy
>decide to buy a knife
>go in store with hunting gear
>older couple behind counter
>I start looking around acting like a knife expert
>they just silently watch me not falling for it
>after a big while I went to the counter
>"I w-would like some small knife I can keep in my pocket, can you help me choose one ?"
>they exchanged looks, neither of them wanting to deal with me
>woman just points at knives behind glass
>"can I see that one ?"
>visibly annoyed she hands me the folding pocket knife
>it takes me about half minute to unlock it
>not feeling so tough but try to keep up the act
>run my finger on blade like as if checking if it's sharp enough
>cut myself and actualy start dripping blood
>so fucking awkard
>sucking on my finger while I pay for knife and leave

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Half of your cringe memories in this thread aren't nearly as bad as you think they are. Please stop beating yourself over them.

>be in lunch break, elementary school
>sitting in the schoolyard about to eat breakfast
>visibly overweight and out of shape, despite going to football practice
>also alone at that moment, friends had fucked off somewhere
>crush and her cousin (which would become my middle school crush) approach me
>"hey user, we're you at xyz store last [insert day]?"
>"no, why?"
>"nothing, never mind" as they start to jog away
>stand up to chase them saying "hey wait why-" and they sprint off
>no chance of catching up give up 5m(15ft) later
>quite visible to people around, ignored any looks and returned to sandwich

I love this way of looking at it