Finally under 200 pounds

>finally under 200 pounds

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Congrats, but remember not to slack off, or else weight will start coming back. Keep going!

That's good, what was your start weight?

nice, my dude. keep doing what is working for you. kudos

>tfw 147 lbs
>still eating healthy to be more toned plus I like healthy food

grats though OP keep going

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Good for you user, keep it that way. I also started my weight loss, hopefully i hit 90kg too. Going for a run every other day currently, 5 km each time and a few pushups after waking up.

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Goal is 170

>be a lazy sloth for years, consuming a ton of junk food and snacks daily
>get to 230 pounds
>literally just cut the snacks back and eat 1-2 meals a day (not even healthy ones)
>now down to 200 pounds and steadily losing more

Its that fucking easy, huh?

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good for you op! congrats and best of luck on your future weight loss progress. hope you are being smart about losing weight and doing so in a healthy manner. i went from 280 or so to 150 at my lowest and life after fat is quite great

Funnily enough a lot of it has to do with diet.

Im proud of you. At my worst I was 300lbs. Im currently at 260 and dropping. Keep going. Im proud of you.

bumping for user ogero

How'd you do it?


Good job Cartman

Now you need to make it sustainable, long term, as opposed to a short term result.
My advice is to go on a plant-based diet.
Lot's of high volume but low calorie vegetables, so that you get to eat a lot but not gain weight.

Good luck.

I cut out soda, any and all snacks, beer (mostly) and am limiting myself to 2 meals a day

Also staying as active as possible

Good for you.

In February I was at my peak weight of 190, which put me right on the borderline of being obese.

As of this morning, I was 160.

My final target is to eliminate all the excess fat around my stomach area, which I estimate will happen once I get down to about 145.

nice job
just cutting out soda makes you incredibly based

Welcome to the club! cc

>Was 265lb (~120kg)
>Got down to 185lb (~84kg) from lifting for 2 years.
>Tfw currently 165lb (75kg) after not lifting for a while, but going to run and do light accessory lifts for those cardiovascular and respiratory gains.
Historical low was 158lb. Think I'll try to get to either 155lb (~70kg) or 150lb (68kg). Not sure which I should do, since I have to consider the weight of muscle mass too. I think it will be pretty nice either way, and not too difficult of a goal to achieve from my current point.

>tfw went from 180 to 160 but still can't seem to get away with losing weight by eating 1 meal a day anymore

Are you female, or just really, really short

You really don't need to be any smaller than 160 user. No need to go full anorexic

>finally under 200 pounds
>leg amputated due to the 'Beetus

wow white people live in a different world. I thought 110-120 is a good male weight. 140 if you are tall.

Fucking hell.
I don't think I've ever even been over 180 pounds even when I put on weight because of medication.

congrats on the progress user!!

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The highest I've been is 170, but I looked like total shit because I have a thin frame and little muscle.

i'm 5'11, 160 is still fatass tier since i got no muscles

You need to consider height, age, physical activity, and sex before you establish healthy levels. I have a brother that is 6'9"; do you think 140lb would be appropriate for a man of that size?

140 lbs 6'0" is an OK weight/height combo and anyone who is above 6'0" is basically a mutant

It's always been simple math. Anyone who claims otherwise is trying to sell you something, or was sold on something

>under 120

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Sticc mode

What?? All the men in my family are at least 6'2".

>finally over 140 pounds

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>anyone who is above 6'0" is basically a mutant
Manlet detected.

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