What are your main character flaws?

what are your main character flaws?

>cant relax

it's a cycle of thinking i'm better than everyone, living in despair and procrastinateing. I need to try to fix all 3. If i don't i can't move forward. fear will be the hardest to manage.

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Well you must be a pretty generic main character because I feel exactly like that too.


Literally this. Also being 5'7 and having crooked nose is my other problems
Other than them I'm good

Lack of control over my mood. I get mood changes but for me it can cycle between happy an hopeful to sad and despairing tand back throughout an hour and I have a feeling that the little friends I do have are beginning to get very tired of it.

Don't particularly have any issue with any of them though.

> lazy
> naive
> cynical

I dont want anybody to get hurt but it makes me come off as paranoid
Jokes on them though I'm always prepared with a bunch of emergency/first aid equipment in my car and will share if someone needs it

>Diagnosed autist, undiagnosed bipolar, etc.

>Trust issues
>Health problems

>intense hatred of people
>lost ability to trust


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too nice to people

I never stood up for myself and I fucking hate it, gonna start being a dick now. My friend is a asshole and he's living life to the fullest.

>Easily discouraged

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>lazy with work
thats literally all. I am near perfect

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>Not motivated.
>Quick to give up.
>Mental health.
>Actual health.

I could go on.

>Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor

>too nice to people
>gonna start being a dick now.
Easier said than done. I had the same problem a few years ago. I was unable to openly be a dick so i just started avoiding everyone. My situation has only gotten worse since then.

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>Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor

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>Perpetually tired
>Social anxiety

>low self esteem
I need help

I wanna know which ones of you are girls.

Why would anyone here be girls?

Research purposes.

Pretty sure most of the "fembots" here are just larpers or mtf trannies.


>socially anxious

Remember user:
Motivation means nothing- Discipline means everything.
Best of luck.

>quickly get angry

I recognize only one in here. It would be interesting to record if female, male anons differentiate from each other much.

i've been realizing that.
for the last 4 years i thought it was all over, i'm just a mess and the ship for not having a shit life has sailed because i can't delude myself and don't want anything. But i've been beginning to realize that it's more about discipline.

before i had no idea of what i was doing so i couldn't be arrogant. reality took on a positive charge so i wasn't overly scared and depressed and since i actually wanted something it was easy to work.
thats when i realized that those 3 character flaws were holding me back. It's not about desire it's about discipline.

If we were in a hypothetical situation in which our reality was a videogame, and we assume that everyone save for us is an NPC we're the player characters? Doesn't that mean that since our lives are all incredibly stagnant and boring, there is no player to play us. That means that we're in a really shitty videogame that has no players, leaving the player characters to just waste away.

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Add stupid or illiterate.

>character flaws
>describes physical flaws

>Easily flustered

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>extremely insecure (I'm not nearly as much anymore, but I really used to be really insecure)
>sometimes paranoid
>worrying all the time over inconsequential things
That's it. Maybe there are more. I think that if only I got put on male hormones or something and was manlier and meditated more and got some things in order, all these things would go away. I have realized I actually have a great character, I just have to be more confident, dominating and less anxious. Otherwise, I'm pretty good and satisfied with myself.

Oh yeah, but I'm EXTREMELY lazy. Like, REALLY fucking lazy.

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>unable to feel genuine empathy but too principled, wracked by guilt/regret, and cowardly to take advantage of it
>lack of ambition and passion, only live for the sake of it