What are you doing here on a Friday night? You should be out drinking with your friends

What are you doing here on a Friday night? You should be out drinking with your friends.

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why nigger, i gotta study

Found a sissy on Grindr who is going to swing by later and swallow my cum

Two are on a birthday party. I kinda wish I went too but honestly I don't even know the guys who throw it so whatever. I'm going drinking with them tomorrow because my birthday was yesterday but we had a change of plans due to shitty weather.
One is busy studying, I think he's going with us tomorrow though.
I was supposed to go see a movie with a newly-met chick but the prices are way too fucking huge and we're going on wednesday.
I also thought about going to look for sex on a dating app but then I realized that hooking up is actually kind of disgusting and a degeneracy.
Later I realized that I actually have things to do that I'm putting away constantly, so I decided to do them instead. As of lately friday is like any other day of the week so nothing of value is lost, really.

Wait, am I having an actual life?
When did that happen?

Doing DXM and seeing to my flock

Drinking alone, as usual. Might read or play video games too.

Lurk on Tinder but mostly Grindr for some easy boipussy

i tried doing that but he cockblocked me.

Alcohol costs money, friends cost effort. Both are too expensive for me and don't even justify their costs.

LOF - lack of friends, bro

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My friend flaked on me because she said her doctor's appointment went late so now her brunch date with her friend would go late because of it. Whatever. I had daytime plans at least but I'm bored as shit.

fridays are reserved for jojo exclusively

>You should be out drinking with your friends.
No, I should be here drinking alone.
I have spent most of my life socialising, partying, raving... I'm at the point now where all I want to do is get drunk and smoke weed alone at home without being hassled.

I don't go out anymore aside from maybe once a month when I go get drunk and coked up with my gay friend, but that usually ends up with me getting head and jacked off by him.

I haven't had any friends for 16 years

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I'm jerking off to my dreamgirl

i'm in the uber on the way to a fun night with the homies rn :')

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There are at least two friend groups that never added me to their summer GroupMe chats so I have not been invited to events nor will I be.
At least Jow Forumscraft is starting up again so I can still have fun.

By no friends do you mean literally no friends?
I have literally not had a single friend for 10 years

it's 6:20 o' clock here.

Drinking coffee and playing OSRS. feels good man.

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Getting ready to go to work where I will CONTINUE to be here since I have nothing to do there

I have work today. My off days are Monday and Tuesday. Thats when I get to meet my friends new kitten.

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man that must be fucking lonely