You're sitting in a chair

>you're sitting in a chair
>she caresses chad's hair

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>you lift at the gym
>she's snuggling up close to him

>you just moved into a new place
>chad's cum is on her face

>you go to the store
>he slaps her ass like a whore

>you buy a new video game
>she screams out his name

>you munch on some candies
>he pulls down her panties

>you watch the clock tick
>she worships his dick

>You're relaxing at home
>She's fighting with Tyrone
>You're online browing /b/
>She's giving Chad STDs

the sun glasses on the girl look like googly eyes

>your boomer dad is mowing the grass
>chad is fucking her tight ass

Right in the oregano feels

>You're going to dine alone.
>She's going to glugg on chaddies bone

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>you bust in a tissue
>she texts chad "i miss you"

look at the amount of ass she has
wouldn't be afraid to her on top of me begging and forcing me to creampie her deep inside her pussy

I missed these threads
>while you sit and suffer
>she is begging chad to go rougher

just 'game' would've been better desu

>you get Jow Forums but she doesn't care
>cause chad is a 6'3" grizzly bear

>you shitpost on Jow Forums
>she tells chad "i think user's gay"

>you think she waits for love like in some teen flick
>she loves to spend the weekend on a random chads dick

>you do nothing with your life
>she prepares to be a wife
>you sit and post about your feels
>she cooks him his favorite meals
>you waste time on video games
>she's planning out their kids' names
>you engage in dumb online disputes
>she supports him in all his pursuits
>you look at what you'll never have and weep
>she cuddles him lovingly before they fall asleep

>your nightly routine involves a shower
>chad's involves worshiping her flower
>you lay awake in bed
>she's giving chad sloppy head
>you stare at your pc most of the day
>she has had chad's cock since youth, she knows no other way
>you could not feel worse
>chad buys her a new purse

>you dream about her at night
>Chad nurses his hickie bites

>you read about vercingetorix
>she's Chad's dominatrix
>you have a collection of flags
>chad could attract your oneitis dressed in rags
>your time is spent on your hobby
>to chad, she never acts snobby
>with your headphones on, you immerse yourself in music
>she's high at the festival, begging for chad to ravage her reverse with his dick

>your meals are either takeout or require no preparation
>from cooking for chad she desires no vacation
>"maybe it's because I'm broke"
>it's chad's cock upon which she wishes to choke

>you complain on Jow Forums
> Chad cum in her holes

>you enlist in the army
>she fucks a new darkie

>you browse Jow Forums
>she gets fucked by 8chads

>you rank up in the marines
>while brad is up in her spleen
>you go fight in iran
>for every black dude, she stans

>thinking to make some money, you visit Jow Forums
>she's calling him honey and sipping his jizz
>your feet are propped up
>she lets him have his prenup
>you fap to cartoons
>"why is she only interested in baboons?"

>you stay up every night
>while chad and her go on a flight
>you got stood up for a date
>they're dining on top of the empire state
>you ordered a sandwhich on grubhub
>for chad, every girl is a sub
>you scream online about feminist bitches
>chad smashes so hard, he leaves her with stitches
>sixty years later, you're still alone
>you're finally in the retirement home
>never been loved, you give up and sigh
>you'll die and will be, just a nice guy

>You are tired of weeping
>In Chad's bed she is sleeping

>there so dispassionately, you hold your gun
>with chad she's peaking, and always has fun

>you browse through threads
>while chad is giving her head

thats not enviable