Do you drink alcohols today or no

do you drink alcohols today or no

are you lone

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just started drinking user. yes am lone.
what u drinking?

I'm afraid it will only make me look older

negro boy magic rum yees

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In fact, I'm drinking right now

Yes I'm drinking moretti alone and browsing Jow Forums, same as every Friday

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drinking some beer now. yes im alone. watching a movie and reading some manga

What's your alcoholic opinion on these?

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I'm not enough of an alcoholic to like this shit,

same here. i can only drink that stuff if its heavily mixed with something else

I am drinking, yes. Had one (equivalent of 4) drink so far, rum & ginger-ale. I am super alone.

I can't mix anything with Gatorade, I love it too much.

Coke though.

Who's that girl on the pic ?

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I'm slav.
Ive had very cheap vodka etc...
And can say you in comparison to cheap vodka this actually doesn't have the aftertaste of industrial glue, so you can basically drink it like water. Even though i prefer 80% home distilled plum brew.

I'm not of legal age in America, so tonight I'll be abusing over the counter drugs. Cheers all.

I don't like alcohol anymore. makes me depressed, and shitty.

pay hobos to buy you vodka, user

>parents stuff
my parents don't drink either, we all smoke dope.

Haven't had a drink since a particularly heavy session last weekend. Drinking myself sick actually did some good.

pure vodka

it's fucking friday, today was a stressful day, time to get fucking hammered and sick until I puke myself to death in the bathroom

mix vodka with pure lemon juice

its heaven user

since im an addict, i sadly cant really drink anymore or enjoy any other drug to be honest, when i just have one drink all i can think about for the next week is excessive using literally every minute and if i dont do it i want to kill myself again. my life is shit right now but if i start using again im a mess

5 shots of vodka in 1 hour
this is amazing let's go boys

how long does it take for one shot to take effect? i feel like i'm going to kill myself drinking

I drink everyday. I love it. 2-3 beers, just enough for that sweet buzz for a few hours.

No it's unhealthy, even though i enjoy being a bit drunk. I've been thinking about getting some green dragon but it looks like a pain to buy from the deep web and it's probably more expensive than a bottle of alcohol
Yes im lone

Am I the only non-slav who loves this shit raw ?

Back in secondary school, when I had friends, they always mixed this with coke and another crap. It used to piss me off.

I drink 3 shots of whiskey everyday. It owns. I prefer to drink alone

Not drank in about 2 weeks, today on the strong Polish beer that tastes like fucking shit but it gets you drunk as fuck.