>not having a foot fetish
What, are you gay or something? Imagine not having one of the most normal fetishes on earth.

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It's genuinely one of the more annoying fetishes. It invades other fetishes to the point that a majority of content for one fetish becomes foot focused.

tfw female but would never admit to anyone I like this fetish

I've never understood it. Feet are kind of gross imo desu
they're STINKY :(

Where's her penis. If she has a penis she'd be perfect.

>Pink hair

Never again.

You like feet on others or your own feet being attended to?

the latter mostly

I don't like feet by itself. It's got to be like your pic where there is a hint of thighs and ass.
And the soles have to be gorgeous.

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I fucking hate myself for it.
It's not like I don't know it's creepy as fuck, but it just clicks and I turn into an animal until I snap out of it. God fucking damn how much I wish I was normal at least in this sense.

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Nice picture, opie.

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im not a footfag but sometimes ill play with/lick my gfs feet just to fuck with her and to think of how you robots would love to be in my place. size 6

>"What, are you gay or something?"
Yes, and I have a foot fetish.
>tfw too fucked up to enjoy sex anyway

What, are you gay or something? Imagine not having one of the most normal fetishes on earth.

what if I like legs in general? feet alone doesnt do much for me

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Creepy as fuck? What the hell do you mean turn into an animal? What are you doing in the name of your fuckin foot fetish?


"B-b-but, feet! lol"

Personally I respect feet as valued and attractive part of the leg. What, is the leg supposed to end at the ankle? I think we all know that's not reality

What's the difference between liking legs, thighs, lips, stomach and liking feet?

I just like the entire girl, faggots

I'm talking about liking objectively degenerate stuff like this.
I haven't done anything like this with a girl, since i feel to shy/self conscious about it.

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why does irl female body worship always have to be so repugnant and degenerate?

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it's porn, user. It has to take the concept further and further to sate the needs of the degenerates that watch it.

>you will never ever have this

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why yes i want to lick a smolis feet how could you tell?

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>not licking her soles
soles and toes are literally the best part about feet

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I know, i know. I'm for soles too, but I like the gif all the same.

you had me until the end footfag

i don't know this pretty much happened to me IRL
no, i didn't pay her

How? You've peaked my interest, user.

>normal fetishes
More like normie fetishes ya bitches

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Please admit it when/if you have a bg, it's very likely things will end well. This is really a normal fetish now

well it was with my ex gf, after a couple of months of her learning i was into her feet they got progressively more involved in our sex life (it was more of a buildup thing)
basically before having sex we would kiss a lot and i would slowly take off her shows and her socks and kiss her feet
one time she was really horny and rubbed them against my tongue like in the webm

sooo thats the story \-:

why did you break up with her you fag?

I don't find them particularly arousing, but girl feet are very very cute.

after spending about 2 years with me she decided to dump me over text for the stupidest reason imaginable (it was a lie)
truth is she was crazy, fucked behind my back and decided she would rather sign up to a dadd/-little girl network to fuck old men than spend time with me

I know so far I only talked about sex stuff but I fucking loved her and I was 100% sure she really loved me too, I guess in reality she just wanted attention and was fine with dropping me like a bag of shit and lying about it

I've been having trust issues ever since. Last time we spoke (about 4 months after she dumped me - yes I was enough of a cuck loser to still talk to her) she was describing her being raped and literally told me how she was trying to find him back so he could "do it all over again" I almost fucking killed myself that day

foot fags kys

I'm sorry to hear that, user.
I know how you feel.

>she was describing her being raped and literally told me how she was trying to find him back so he could "do it all over again"
holy fuck

I really hope most women aren't like this

here, if you guys want to read, a couple of paragraphs from her story

still makes me want to fucking vomit, especially the end

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that last fucking paragraph I swear to god
>lol he was like punishing me for being so wet lolll fasdja
i know its easy to misinterpret emotions through text but i'm fucking 100% sure she was getting aroused texting about him raping her
i know how she texts when she's aroused

its been like 9 months and re-reading this still makes me fucking shake and want to fucking scream

Just bury it, user. You'll come out worse the longer you dwell on it.
I'm sorry for prying it out of you.

>I'm sorry for prying it out of you
nah don't apologize, it's fine. I shouldn't have dug back those texts

Does she not realize how fucked up it is to say you want your rapists attention so much that you offer to fuck him? What the fuck.

Does this look infected? I just had an ingrown toenail removed about a week ago.

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I can't tell. Do you want me to suck it clean just in case?