Anyone here ever been brutally humiliated by chad?

Anyone here ever been brutally humiliated by chad?

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why didn't he punch him in that big ass chin and knock his ass out?

Damn, that's harsh. I'd call my girlfriend and tell her I loved her so fast.

Chad was able to lift a muscular manlet. Muscular chad wins over muscular manlet any day of the week. What you need to do is get a taser, and the next time some chad fuck thinks he can just be a dickwad, tase his ass.

im a lanklet and ive cucked two shorter guys in my life that i know of. ama

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Manlets have a reach disadvantage, that's why Manlets should learn bjj and muay Thai, highly effective combat techniques at close range and in a clinch.

Imagine you're a manlet and you become a police officer to finally have power over other people, but then this happens

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It's pretty fucking gay you can't conceal carry in bars to kill chads if they fuck with you.

I mean... Damn. How do you even prevent this from happening?

that's gotta be in Europe. there's no way american cops wouldn't have shot him as soon as he touched the manlet.

Honestly though, the way he looks to the camera is a little sad. I think he kinda realizes it was a stupid idea after the fact, but by then it's too late to back out.

Would that happen on the us that dude would be dead the moment he laid his hand on the cop.

They look like security.

this. definitely looks american but yeah, if that were a manlet cop, he would be much stronger and probably kill that guy.

why do people treat them so ruff

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I can't imagine trying to be a man under 6'0, it would just be a life of tears.

That is a child.

A cop seems to enter the frame from the left and actually has a badge on his breast

post more manlet kino

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It was russia and it happened in a subway, not mall. Guy got arrested though cause it was ze cops.

if it happened in russia the cops would brutally beat him to a bloody pulp then send him to gulag. American police take any opportunity to kill scumbags sometimes unjustly.

i thought that only happened in cartoons.

You this ain't funny anymore fuck you niggers

it iz tho

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Fucking jew autocorrect

This reminds of a local daredevil

>they call him "the wiener"
>worked for a circus in the globe of death many years
>does smalltime motorcycle stunts and races
>so short (but not a midget) that two of his friends always have to lift him up so he can get on his motorcycle

looks like donkey kong scrapping with diddy kong.

I didn't know destiny got arrested.

>you'll never be physically tossed in public by a large black man

Why even live?

It happened exactly there though. Maybe he was beaten in a depot, not sure, he got charged for an assault but no more then that I think, might need to re check it.

How tall is this guy approximately?

reminder that there is no excuse to be a manlet in the year 2018+1

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what a toss

181 is a pretty good upgrade but his proportions are a bit off. 5'10 probably would've looked better.

I wonder what he thinks now that he still remains a virgin fucking incel after wasting so much money and fucking up his legs for life because he realized now it was his shit personality and not his height.

Or maybe he will think he's still not tall enough and will go for 190 cm next time


based bud spencer nigger

>been training jiu jitsu and boxing for years
>never been able to use my martial arts skills in a fight because people say I look intimidating and are always nice to me

I wish people would mess with me like this, I just want to fight but not feel bad about it afterwards.

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>mfw naturally 189cm tall
I can't imagine how bad it must feel to get fucking surgery and still be short compared to most men.

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No. I know my place and dont bother going to the sort of places where Chads exist.

A guy literally named Chad ended up dating the girl I liked in hs after she spent an entire year telling me they're just friends. He was also black.

You'd get fucking destroyed, kek

god i love being 6'4" thank goodness

I beat most lanky freaks in bjj and boxing sparring, I could easily kill someone if I combine both in a fight.

OHNONONO manlet detected

Even if it makes the manlet look like a bitch, he should've grabbed something and hit that guy in the back of his head. But it would have to be fast so he can claim self defense, if he takes too long he could get in trouble as it could be seen as premeditated.

>be out in town at club
>5'7 manlet
>go outside to smoke a cig
>walk back up to the back to go in, show the tall, muscular bouncer guy my wrist band (i paid to get in)
>get gets mad, grabs my arm, rips off the wrist band, and pushes me away

nobody really saw it or anything but i was just like "lol wtf?" and went home with my friend who was outside still

I feel brutally humiliated every time chad gets showered with admiration. It just reminds me how invisible I am.

>be on spring break 2014
>see a girl dancing alone at a rave, shes making signals to me playing with her hair
> i go up to her but the first line of my diualogue to her is so autistic like "hey i wanna get to know you"
>she realises this was a mistake , immediately walks over to the nearest chad and i can see from the body language she is saying to him "this weird dude is hitting on me can we please pretend to be together"
>chad looks at me and laughs
> go to the bathroom snort some molly and stay in the locked portible bathroom stall writing fag poetry on my phones notepad
>only leave when my friends text me theyre done there
Cringe at this situation to this day even though i have a fiance now

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Kek this is shit you'd see in a cartoon

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imagine thinking self confidence/personality has nothing to do with social worth (read: HEIGHT)

Yes, during high school, he tried to bully me and i kicked him in the dick and he stopped