Escapism thread anyone?

Just post picture like these

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I fucking love CYOA's, let me show you a few my friend. This isn't a escapism one, but I want to share this one. I will post an escapism one afterwards though.

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This is a good one I have

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Nice good to see these

Niggers. The whole damn lot of you

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Anyone else here have Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder

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Cyoas are some of the best things on this site. If anyone is actually interested in finding more you can find them on /trash/ and /tg/.

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i had a great dream last night. I had some sort of armor on and was jumping up and down chasing somebody. When I woke up I was in some sort of meeting with other people

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Where you in low gravity jumping mode like most dreams?

I guess. Everything felt kinda slow.

Best thread on this shitty board right now

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I will post a few

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This one is fun. I like these types of CYOAs

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i was gonna post the latest version but its too big

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upon further inspection every cyoa i have is too big

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Same lol. Oreganoli commento

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Thats too bad. This is a very original comment

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please post more of this stuff

Bump. These images are all so engrossing please anons post more.

I don't have many I already posted the ones I have

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I'd go with blue pill. Be able to turn invisible at will is a childhood dream of mine.

Purple is pretty tempting as well.

I appreciate that user, these help escape this mundane life.

Can someone fill me in on the purpose of these? They're cool, I just feel like I'm missing something.

hit me in the fucking feels

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Oh i'll fill you up alright

Just a way to have fun and sometimes immerse yourself into a new world, some like the pills ones are just "What power would you choose" situations.

Thanks for posting Chocola, one of my two cute catgirl wives.

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Thank you for your contributions frens

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North Vernacular
>geographical features
woodlands, rolling hills, mountains, beachfront, Islands
>living accommodations
Cozy Cabin
>Residence Location
Village Border
>Special Artifact
pale ring, rusty dagger, bronze brracelet
>Village borders
Pocket World
>Village Highlights
Blossom Meadow, Healing Spring, Fairy Grove, Siren Overlook
>Village Guide
Dapper Gentleman
>Uneasy Peculiarities
Nature Sprite
>Good Friend
Smug Little Girl, Lonely Monster

Found a thread on /tg/

Whoever made this doesn't know how long 5 and 10 minutes is. That's so damn long, the blue and orange pills are so overpowered.

>Brown Pill
"I'm omnipotent and have the powers of all the pills but without the cons."

Someone should have thought this through

I'd take the Media Franchise with Percy Jackson. My personality is so based off that guy we'd have to be friends.

Also, Yellow is probably the worst one. It's the only one where the con isn't just a limitation, it's an active hindrance to your everyday life. With the rest of them you could just not use the ability, but that's not an option with yellow.

Fucking newfag

Teeth. Out of all those, having perfect teeth health is the most convenient for daily life in my opinion. Peeing one is equally useful, but I think brushing teeth is more involved and requires more time/effort than peeing.

>Percy Jackson
What're you fucking 12 or something?

I think this is a CYOA. Didn't check too clearly.

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No I'm 21, but I read them all when I was 12, and I'm assuming I'd become 12 again if I was inserted into the series.

Anyway I literally reread the series like at least 10 times throughout middleschool, I think a large reason why I'm so impuslive but self doubtful is because my personality at that age was entirely modeled off of percy. Also probably why I had no friends in middleschool (but that was somehow cool because Percy didn't have friends either).

I hated beaches and my favorite color was red prior to reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but afterwards I would always beg my parents for us to spend our vacations at the beach and my favorite color was blue and I'd get blue food when I could.

Fuck maybe I wouldn't be here if I didn't read that series, fucking loved it so much though that I'm fine with this though.

Bumping because of the quality thread.