Accidentally ruined my whole life and the lives of my family. How do I bounce back from this...

Accidentally ruined my whole life and the lives of my family. How do I bounce back from this? Want to die but it'll make it worse for everyone else.

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What did you do OP?

lmao this smells legit I want that blogpost

OK so this is how it goes. First, you greentext what happened. Then anons give you really terrible advice on what to do next (the more nudes of your family members the better)

We'll help you but you know the rules, tell the story first

>Have twin
>Wanted to try an ancestry test for fun
>Convince twin to try a different test from a different company to see how legit they are
>Results come back, wildly different
>Think nothing of it, tests must be a scam
>I tell our mom who's out of state visiting family, she seems to think it's funny
>Tell our dad, also thinks it's funny but offers to get a proper paternity test arranged (I thought he was doing it as a joke)
>Long story short dad is not my dad, we're one of those "Twins with two dads" freak occurrences
>Mom stopped returning our messages and calls, was supposed to come home by now, have no idea where she is
>Dad's sadder than I've ever seen him and my twin wont talk to me and it's all my fault

I don't fucking know retard, clarify what happened first

There's nothing you can do but enjoy the ride

And two Christmas'!

>we're one of those "Twins with two dads" freak occurrences
Wait what how is that even possible?

>it's all my fault
It isnt your fault though. You were just honestly doing a random test for lulz. Trust me user you didnt do anything wrong, your mom did. Just be there for your dad okay?

how is it your fault that your mom is a whore and that she cheated on your dad?

When women ovulate, sometimes they release multiple eggs. If she's a slut they can be fertilized by different men. In most cases if she's loyal it gets fertilized by one man and they become fraternal twins.

I had never heard of this either

Oh shit right, I totally forget about fraternal twins, my bad. Still it's pretty fucking weird

I don't even know who my real dad is unless my mother comes back on the radar.
I still feel awful for unearthing this. My family was the one decent thing in my life and now it's all fucked up.
Apparently it happens with dogs a lot. Feels really dehumanizing for some reason.

Yeah but you couldn't have known your mom was a fucking roastie whore piece of shit.
It pisses me off that your mom did this and tried to hide it from her husband and her children.

You're , right? You're correct though, she is a whore, since if the twins were fraternal, the paternity test would have showed it. That's not the case, so she cheated.

>You're , right?
Wrong user friendo, I'm In any case though, you're not the one in the wrong, it's pretty objectively your mom. You didn't set out to fuck things up, you were just doing silly fun family shit with them. Your mom is the one that fucked everything up. I hope your family recovers, at least you your dad and your brother do

I actually really hope this doesn't permanently damage your relationship with your dad. Make no mistake, he's your real dad. Your biological father isn't. And if your dad loves you, he'll come to the same conclusion.

In the long run, this shouldn't do anything to your relationship with your twin and your dad. It's your mom who (rightly) deserves to be called out and shamed.

>it's all my fault
No it's not. It's the fault of your adultress mother for getting knocked up by two men at the same time. Never blame yourself for the crimes of your family.
>How do I bounce back from this?
That's up to you. Just don't let the transgressions of other people be a burden on your heart. You don't deserve any of that.

That which can be destroyed by the truth, should be. You did nothing wrong OP. Your mom can go to hell.

Although the twins-with-two-dads yarn sounds very fishy.

>Although the twins-with-two-dads yarn sounds very fishy.
It's very possible and it's been documented to happen. The same process that creates fraternal twins can also create this situation if the mom's a cheating whore.

OP you did nothing wrong, the one who should khs is your mom.

Why are roasties so terrible? Seriously, why do they do this shit?

it's not your fault or your dad's your mother is a whore. most women are.

I'm trying not to less this effect me and dad but it's hard. Have this stupid voice in my head constantly telling me I'm nothing to him and me being around is just gonna remind him of mom and what she did. I know you're right though, trying not to let things go further south.
I know it's her fault. Having trouble getting angry at her for some reason. Hoping she'll come back eventually just so I can vent.
I also just feel weird as a person now. Before I was the product of a married couples love. Now I'm nothing, some guy came in my mom and I happened, that's it.
I thought it was bullshit at first too.

the best thing you can do for that dude you have been calling "dad". is tell him:

"your not my real father and the only reason mom kept you around was as a cash cow"

and hope he leaves the family home.
in a years time when hes sorted all his shit out and waiting for the divorce to go through, ring him up and tell him you really appreciate all that he did to raise you and you told him what he needed to hear so he could leave your mother with a clear conscience. then be his bro.

also flip sides to his in the divorce hearing so he gets eveything.

user please talk to your dad about this. Have a good heart to heart with him. Please don't let your whore mom drive a wedge between you two. She's done enough damage.
Fuck you. He IS his real father. You don't have to be the sperm donor to be a dad. He raised and loved OP as his own child. What the mom did should have no bearing on their relationship.

I have tons of proof of my dad cheating on my mom with multiple women (he gave me his old phone and it had all the evidence). It's all going to be in the folder that gets emailed to everyone when I commit suicide on the 31st of October this year.

its not your fault you stupid faggot. make sure your mom suffers. god damn i fucking hate women

>Have this stupid voice in my head constantly telling me I'm nothing to him
>Now I'm nothing, some guy came in my mom and I happened, that's it.
You are user. A. Anonymous. Speak to your father. Don't let that harlot steal your happiness.

Wait, so do you and your twin not look like each other? Could you possibly have guessed your dad wasn't your dad?

Genes have a lot of variation, user. It's not implausible that that could have different eye/hair color while still retaining familial resemblance due to the mom.

good contribution user, education is always the finest line

Holy shit, this is the worst advice in this thread. OP, don't fucking do this. Yes, make sure your dad leaves your mom. BUT PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOU AND YOUR DAD FEEL WORSE BY SAYING HE'S NOT YOUR REAL DAD.