I would understand wanting a Pit Bull if they were good looking dogs, but they look like brick headed retards...

I would understand wanting a Pit Bull if they were good looking dogs, but they look like brick headed retards, which makes it all the more obvious that people only like them for being dangerous meme animals.

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I like them because they're always friendly

OP you're undeniably a faggot

they look like the dog form of low-IQ proles

my pits are sweet xD hehehehe xD

my pibble dindu nuffin :)

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How do you kill a pitbull when it attacks you?

Bite it back, the effect of rage in humans actually makes us bite harded than any dog breed (look it up), or shove your arm deeper into it's throat (animals will always let you push your limbs into their mouths because to them it gives them a better chance of holding on/maiming you).
Also showing a finger or two far up it's ass will make it realise that you're the dominant one.

it's the owner not the dog. my cousin has a pit bull it's a nice dog.

>pitbulls are ugly because I say so
that's your opinion
>people only like them for being dangerous meme animals
certainly a lot but by far not all

If you have a knife you can jab that between it's ribs repeatedly while screaming and shouting in rage


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Go get knotted by your niggerdog, homo.

You know damn well pitts look like they have down syndrome, they would not be nearly as popular if not for their toughness and aggression. The primary selling point of a pit is having a dangerous animal that you tame and control.

that's the best you got?
I unironically like their anesthetic but yes that's the what most people get them for. Sadly most of them don't know how to train them properly because they're niggers or just retards in general.

I have a blue nosed pitbull. He turned a year old 2 days ago. He's scared of balloons and chairs. He never barks when I take him on a walk although he does bark when he hears people outside. He's probably the best thing I have right now.


I grew up with a pitbull from when I was a baby and she was the sweetest, least violent thing

I like them because their hair is short and nice. I have a black lab tho

They're alright, the only problem is finding food for them. Babies are a bit hard to come by.

i never understood why anti-pitbull losers can oppose legalizing segregation

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they're actually pretty intelligent as dogs go, which is the sad part

their head is shaped like a brain

This. They call out to that sort of person as a relatable companion.