Do you ever think about having kids? How many do you want? What would their names be?

Do you ever think about having kids? How many do you want? What would their names be?

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I did.
Now I try not to because it reminds me that girls will never want kids with me.

for a while yea. ive always wanted two boys but i htink thats just because i had a younger brother and thought it was nice. my gf/soon to be fiance have talked about it and she wants 3 since she had two siblings. i thought about names when i was younger but i cant decide for sure anymore now that things are turning into reality

I'll probably die young
I won't get kids
or a wife

I'd want a daughter and I'll name her Zoe after one of my favorite video game characters
Not sure what I'd call a son, after I've named a son and a daughter the poor woman who marries me can name the rest

I'd like to start a family but the idea of having a daughter is scary to me. Just want male heirs.

fucking pedo

Have we met before, perhaps on another board in another thread?

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I'm confused. Is Zoe some loli character or something?

no, idea kind of late. i'm 31 in a wheelchair. i need a job first.

no, it sounds tiresome
plus I'm miserable already, let the happy normalfags have their kids

it is from resident evil 7 as i remember

No, no I don't tend to associate with pedophiles or people that jack off to drawings in general. I sincerely hope you do not have a daughter

this is the most adorable father/daughter combination ever. i hope i can knock up an asian qt and raise an azn daughter. i don't even care if she gets dicked by chads as long as they're white. no niggers hunny! ok have fun at college

Yeah, having a kid as my wife.

Incorporating kids into your racial fetishizing is pretty gross user.

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>babysat 6yo cousin a handful of times
>she would stare at me intensely the whole time she was over
>hardly ever responded to me verbally, just nodded or shook her head
>had to carry her on my back when we went out because after a block she would stop walking and say "too tired"
>always had a runny nose and would hand me clumps of used tissues to throw away
>cried because my toilet's flush was too loud and it startled her
>one time she brought over a jar of dead bugs she found on her patio and said they were for me
Kids weird me out and are kind of gross, I don't want to live with one.

>having kids in 2019

you have to be some special kind of retard to do that

I find just taking care of myself to be difficult and bothersome, no way I'd want to have a wife and kids to take care of. I'd both hate it and be bad at it.

>passing on my abysmal genes
hell no, they'd probably be retarded

Cockhole, slave, meat, big boobs mcgee

Yes, zero, no names cuz there will be zero.

I can't even get a tinder date how the fuck i would have kids?

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Probably like 6 or 7, so I can be like ned stark if you count Jon Snow and Theon

Yeah I thought about it, then I remember that housing is fucked, I will never find a woman with which I can grow old and die with, so I'll just self terminate at 30.
I thought technology will keep me going, but we're reaching its limits and nothing amazing is going to surface anymore, so there's not even curiosity left.

I despise smoking, but lately I find myself just wanting to eat fast food/junk food on the top of a building at night while watching some shit on a laptop, looking at the city and smoking. That's how I imagine my remaining 7 years.

Hell no, i dont want to bring humans like me into this world because they would only suffer from terrible genetics (family full of cancer and mental helath issues) and damage society even more, i might be a terrible person but noone should go through all this shit, i can barely take care of myself let alone another person it would be predestined to have a terrible life

I know that feel. I look down the road and I can see the end coming. It is a very unwelcome and deeply unsettling feeling.

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I think a lot about having kids! Almost everyday. I want minimum 6 kids.
For boys I like: Christopher, Bradley, Matthew
For girls: Ariel, Yasmin, Anastasia

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I sometimes fantasize about having a daughter and being a single dad with the mother dying when shes real young. Also I would name her Nicole, female version of my name and the name of this girl I had a crush on when I was in elementary and middle school and never got over her even though she eventually went to a different high school. I'm 28 now and I have a folder of pics of her now I took from her Instagram saved. Is this weird guys? I'm pretty sure it is and what I'm doing isn't mentally healthy.

I want four kids, all boys. I would name them David (after King David from the Bible), Eric (after myself), Marten (after my father), and Alex (after Alexander the Great).

If i had a daughter i would probably kill myself instantly
You can't raise it into something interesting

I dunno. Probably one since my genes are so volatile. Maybe one more after. Something stupid.


Second kid uh... How about Mika? Their lives will be difficult like it should be.

I want 6 kids, I and I'd like to see if it's possible to raise them to be prodigy's. Basically I would teach them a lot about math and science at a young age, and if any of them show enough talent for it, I would see if I could raise them to be a genius or something like that.
If that doesn't work out, I'll still try to raise them to be as smart as possible, and teach them various things that will help them with that.

I think about it a lot.
I never will have any, but I daydream about it.

I never want a daughter ever.
I would worry way too fucking much.
BUT, if I did have one, I'd call her Chloe because for some reason I've always loved that name, and it's not because I've slept with multiple women called Chloe.

for me it's if I raise enough money in advance to make sure I will be able to care for them

I want two kids.

I'll never have any. My wife wants kids bad, but I just can't get behind the idea of bringing a kid into this shitty world that's only going to get 1000x shittier in the next few decades.

I wouldn't mind adopting a kid tho, but financially I'm not ready for that just yet.

You're a bad husband desu if you're going to allow your wife to suffer just because of selfish beliefs you hold.

She's welcome to get the fuck out of my house if she doesn't like it.

I fully expect nuclear war by 2060.

She's probably too emotionally attached to you to do that, she's probably hoping every day that you'll change your mind, but she's only going to suffer for the rest of your marriage until she her attachment decreases to the point where she is willing to ditch you for someone else.

Also why would you think that there's going to be a nuclear war when the highest probability of it happening has already passed?
Nobody with control over nukes is stupid enough to use them, not even North Korea which is run by a crazy authoritarian dictatorship.

>the highest probability of it happening has already passed?

you poor, poor soul.

What, you think China or Iran is going to start a nuclear war?
The only group of people stupid enough to use nukes would be Africans.

Used to. None anymore. I want to be a great artist

I had a kid already as a surrogate but I would like ones of my own sure.

I always thought about my imaginary daughters name, Sarah.

Funny thing is, I will probably only be remembered for being a great autist

How old are you, and why did you have a kid as a surrogate?

I dont think its too weird, user. Every faps and saves things off instagram, I have at least 2GB of photos I took off insta from my high school crushes. I dont know if I would ever name a daughter after one of them though, that seems too much like I am prematurely sexualising my little girl which is a bit icky.

I'm 22 and I had the kid as partly because it was for my friend so a favor to her, party because they paid me a lot for it.

I just want a yes or no. Do you think refugees fleeing Syria are an issue?

ye, but to be honest probably alot, it all depends on how much $ i can earn in my lifetime...
if i get to billionaire, you get your ass im breeding at least 100 to 1000 children all from the thickest and phatest asses on the planet like pic related.

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No, there aren't refugees fleeing from Syria.

ok so this will go nowhere.

Currently planning for and trying to have kids. Probably stop at 3 kids.

that, or you get suffocated when she sits on your face. either way, you win.

I've wanted a family since before I was a teenager
Ideally, I want to have 4.2 kids exactly
33 and never had a gf
feels bad man

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>4.2 kids

what does 20% of a child entail

He wants two manlets and three daughters..

you guys would be terrible parents

Top girl names

Debate me

I won't argue about Alice and Elizabeth. Gwenivere sounds like some washed-up whore fishing for beta bux at the Renaissance Faire though.

Perhaps, but I also think anyone who has the introspective to question if they'd be good parents would be better that the worst parents out there at least.

If I had a son his Name would be Maximillian Anthony with my last name obviously

Gross image you conjured in my mind, but it still sounds like a solid girl name imo

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Often, but I'm not going to even start to decide the details until I find someone to have them with.

What does Jow Forums think of this name?

You dont want to see how climate change or the upcoming us v china thing is gonna go down? Or what about all the cool tech coming out like vr and renweable energy container ships? Or what society will look like in 70 years?

I want to have a son and name him Varg

I wouldn't personally want to have my own blood children, rather i would adopt a deserving young man and give him a good childhood. No reason to continue overpopulation, not to mention possibly passing down my bipolar and autism

Already did it. Two boys, 5 and 1.

Yeah itll be full of suffering but imagine all the possiblities for heroism and interesting lives to be led.

I would if the traditional nuclear family was still attainable. With high divorce, degeneracy, and feminism, that's basically impossible now.

>Do you ever think about having kids?
>How many do you want?
2, a boy and a girl
>What would their names be?
Adriano and Liliane

Just kill a couple assholes to make room

My parents had a lot of kids and never had time for any individual one of us (not that they made much of an effort). I think 4 or 5 would be good a good number. Enough so if one dies or becomes a tranny you still have more but not too many to keep track of or mix up their names.

No, I'm anti-natalist.

Me too but I'm also nihilist so that cancels it out :^)

my genes are rife with mental illness so it's unethical. if my child had to go through what i've been through it would be better off for them not to exist

That's adorable af though

>Now I try not to because it reminds me that girls will never want kids with me.
to be fair girls don't want to have kids with any sub 8/10 male these days. They'd rather share a chad than settle down with a beta.

bro, I don't even think about the possibility of getting female affection

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yeah. I want to adopt an 11 year old daughter/ gf

>dumb slut isn't smart enough to make her own choices
Good evening I hate women.

My genetic lineage is crap. Also I have no care in the world to devote my life to something that won't benefit me.

>inb4 "But being a father has it's benefits!"
I mainly mean financial benefit. I'm too selfish to care for anything that isn't me and I have no intention on changing that at the moment. Not only that but I don't have any intention on living past 40 so why pass that burden on children?

Maybe in a different life, but not this one.

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I would name her after her mother.

I would be a terrible father. I fucking hate kids

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underrated post ya'll

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12+, adoption also besides those kids, I want to have a BIG family
dunno would have to think more

I think about having kids but I am not ready financially. I also do not think the girl I love wants them too. We will see idk but I dont want to hurt her.
A boy and a girl would be just fine.
Cameron because my friend passed last year and it tore me up pretty good.
Dawn, after my grandma passed a few years back and it tore my family apart.
As long as it is ok with my girl to name them that but heck idk.

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29 here. I wouldn't mind having a kid or two. It could always happen. I just got back from a date from a woman I met at the LGBT club I went to last weekend. Turned out to be a total normie thot w no chemistry but there's always a next time

No, kids sounds like a lot of work and the planet is already overpopulated.

I have though constantly in the past 2 years. Last year i met a girl and since than we have been talking that out loudly. Probably next year, God willing, we will start a family.

I want them before the "falling in love" period start vanishing. I want 3, and i will never ever put all 3 in the same car.

if one is a girl, she will get the name of my mother, who is no more.

Your cousin had a crush on you. If it was hentai by now you would have started a family already.