I think drinking should be illegal. It's just as harmful as nicotine and marijuana, if not more...

I think drinking should be illegal. It's just as harmful as nicotine and marijuana, if not more. Alcohol really is a plague that ruins peoples's lives.

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It's a bit healthier than weed, user, but I agree

But alchohol tastes good, and it gets me drunk.

people should be free to destroy their lifes

One beer for dinner has never ruined anyone's life retard.

Marijuana is a gateway drug. It sounds like total bullshit unless you really break down how it works with lesser dealers. Some cocaine dealer can sink and pollute a corral reef, but if they deal pot too, it's harmless because a nice little trickle down system of the drug dealer supplementing their minimum wage and dealing with criminals wanting to do worse things to supplement being a piece of shit creating a crime wave. It's an ugly cycle and it's a gateway. The only logical thing is that alcohol is maybe a gateway to being a weed addict and worse, but plenty of people destroy their lives with alcohol and it's not the gateway drug like the illicit one is.

So if you build a submarine and deal some drugs and destroy a habitat, that's okay because you should smoke weed on the couch; since alcoholic is worse. Just fuck off. Some people like drinking and there are worse people out there doing worse things while trying to use drugs as a performance enhancer for it.

Alcohol is cope for the masses.

imagine wanting to be less free

Many MANY people are unhappy. Alcohol helps them cope. Yes unfortunately in some cases it leads to alcoholism and other ailments. But if you make alcohol illegal, without providing an alternative avenue to help people be happier (strong public mental health services, better job security, liveable wages, and so on) you'll just end up with what happened during Prohibition, and nothing will get solved.

if alcohol were discovered today it would probably be illegal but its one of our oldest copes dating back thousands of years and present in every culture so its accepted.

Most people are so negative they can only feel positive emotions by drinking
So I now support turning all young (90%) females into hardcore boozers and molesting/beating them and telling them it's good for them and we are their caretakers
They are going to get ugly fast anyway so I don't care about their health anymore or whatever
Little girls should drink lots of beer since it's full of estrogen
That would be good for them

Nothing should be illegal. People should stop being pussies and start killing and raping to get ahead again.

why should someone be punished for harming themself? that seems counterintuitive

Freedom of choice...is what you got

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safer than drinking water back then....

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Based Kierkegaard

Alcohol is degenerate (almost all drugs for that matter) and if you abuse it, it makes you even more of a degenerate

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I agree with OP and I also agree with people having the choice to destroy their own life. The problem with alcoholics or let's just say people that abuse alcohol are pretty much a pain for everyone else too. i.e. having an apartment and get the normiest of normie neighbors that party every weekend twice or thrice and thus fuck with your sleep or even assault you. also drunk fucks on the streets. I wish these people would just die like flies

>I think drinking should be illegal
Damn this is a good one

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because you are the propperty of the state

I halfheartedly agree...But it's always baffled me that this board seems to say the opposite. I understand people want to drown pain, but, and this just might be me (I guess I'm a huge faggot or whatever) drugs are never as good as a hobby like drawing or playing Video Games. Plus, I've always see alcohol and drugs a something the people robots hate (i.e. People with actual lives) do; they're scary and not safe.


>they are scary
No, they are fun, that's why people use them. It's not a good hobby but it's fun to do them sometimes just to experience it.
Have you ever tried getting drunk? It's amazing.

Nor has one line of coke

I don't think it should be illegal, but it baffles me that it's so socially accepted to get absolutely hammered every time. It almost always ends with someone talking about killing themselves, starting a fight, trying to drive when they shouldn't, or having to go to the hospital. The amount of people I've found passed out in ditched is astounding. Alcohol is nice, but fucking moderation people, holy shit.

Fuck you, I love getting drunk, and I don't get so drunk I cause trouble. Why should I lose my liberties because some buffoon can't handle his drink?

Lets ban knives and cars and anything that produces toxic by products. Lets all go live in caves again.

getting drunk while your alone might be fun, but I've seen and known enough drunks to know that being the person around them isn't. It's like having an disruptive, obnoxious retard in your living area.

Yeah, that's why it's not alcohol that's the bad thing, it's the person doing it.
Doing it alone or with friends is fun as fuck. Same with other non-highly-addictive drugs.

Yeah but what if they are a naked young girl LMAO

I don't get drunk anymore
1. Bad for my immortality

you are drunk right now, aren't you?

Drinking kills my depression for a bit so I can play more video games instead of just lay in bed all night

I'm not OP, I agree with him, I do think banning alcohol would be effective, but it's not really realistic (other drugs, on the other hand, should be banned without a doubt- this user explains it perfeclty). I just think, instead of banning it, it should be culturally frowned upon, if that makes scene (It should be something people should do less often, and only in private or with tightly knit friend groups)

Why do you think it would be effective? We already tried it, didn't work at all, it created mafias.

you can't really engineer culture though. it's impossible to decide "this ought to be frowned upon socially" and then implement that, if you try it tends to backfire on you in unpredictable ways.

What's more is that people will encourage you to teeter on the edge of alcohol poisoning if you're a funny drunk. It's the only drug where nearly overdosing every weekend makes you a legend and doing it in moderation or not at all makes you come across as a fucking weirdo. If I turned down doing coke in the bathroom with an acquaintance nobody would be upset, but I'm supposed to down a shot with somebody I went to high school with when I'm already at the right amount of drunk?

I agree that it's more reasonable for alcohol to be illegal than cigarettes and pot. Never heard of somebody crashing and killing a family of four because they smoked a pack of cigarettes that day. On the other hand, I understand why people say that marijuana is a gateway drug now that I'm an adult. I've seen a few people who were stoners in school who are now genuine fucking crackheads. Most people can handle smoking pot just fine, but there's always a handful of people who just prove the naysayers right.

This is why I don't drink, too much blood and pain attached to that vice.

In general, alcohol is fine, both as a substance, but also culturally.
Alcohol has extensive history, in part because people didn't really drink anything non-alcoholic until clean water was widely available, because the ethanol kept the drinks relatively bacteria free.

As far as other drugs go, many of the issues with them disappear if you introduce extensive regulation. For instance, synthetic drugs like methamphetamine and MDMA are mainly dangerous, not because the substances are so awful, but simply because you don't know what you're buying, the dealers don't know what they're selling and everything is cut with horrible shit.
Marijuana being a gateway drug is simply a result of its illegal status.

>I'm supposed to down a shot with somebody I went to high school with when I'm already at the right amount of drunk?
No, you're supposed to be reasonable and not drink it. Why do you even give a shit about some chump you went to high school with?

>doing it in moderation or not at all makes you come across as a fucking weirdo
Nobody looks at you strange for drinking in moderation and you can always excuse yourself and say that you're trying to take it easy tonight for some reason or another. If you are a reasonable adult interacting with reasonable adults there shouldn't be any problem with that.

children don't get to make rules, so you can fuck off

>It's a bit healthier than weed, user, but I agree
You literally couldn't be more wrong you fucking spastic.
I'm not even some "dude weed lol" faggot... but you're so, so, so wrong.
Alcohol is more destructive than a lot of drugs.

You're a fool if you think drunk people are reasonable. And I don't give a shit about some fuck I graduated with, but other friends of mine do, and I've gotten shit before for merely saying no thanks to a shot.

remember the prohibition?
gangs will just spring up and take over production making more crime

yeah, I'm not saying it should be proihibited, but alcohol fucking kills.

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Literally drank a pint of whiskey, now my whole family is mad, i didnt even say anything to trigger them, they are just mad im drunk...

Fuck off.
You could not sound more brainwashed if you tried.

Fuck off fag. Alcohol keeps me sane.

Counterpoint: Fuck you, don't tell me what to do. Faggot.