Chad melee or incel magic?

Chad melee or incel magic?

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always pally. shield and def so i can tank and heal my bros while being committed to a cause


That extra bonus of buffs/heals to your party members and yourself while attracting aggro truly shows why Paladin is still a good fucken job to play.

I keep my healer life lining mostly me and everyone else can go batshit insane on the damage.


based taste user. plus i just love the look of a huge shield with thick armor. makes me feel safe and strong

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Always wanna go this route but I'm a huge slut for big crits. Dat glass cannon.

>plus i just love the look of a huge shield with thick armor. makes me feel safe and strong

plus i just love the look of a huge cock with massive balls. makes me feel safe and strong

More like the Chad glass canon vs Virgin meat shield

Magic because I want to live to old age

Neither. Gigachad necromancer.

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t. Virgin Incel wizard

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>not using a gunblade
Absolutely plebian

Oh, may can you go into the dungeon first? I need to charge my spell.

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>not going for both

>being a filthy mutt

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Bold words for someone in school shooting range

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He hasn't responded in a while. Looks like I got myself another thrall.

Go home weeb this is urop fantasy land

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It's not that simple

Incel casters
Wizards definitely. They do all the heavy lifting of casting and everyone just delegates them too that weird guy

Warlocks do deserve their bad rep being neets relying on soul contracts

Necromancers get so much shit yet their specialization makes them very useful for skeleton armies and instant death spells

Druids get treated like shit unless ofcourse they're WAH-MEN but like women know fuck all about nature

Normie cuck casters
Clerics. So many gods out there with domains you wouldn't believe, all they do is hell and talk about how bad undead are. Low IQ vermin

Bards don't even use their spells. They just make giant asses out of themselves and get away with it. They're not getting laid as much as you think. And even if they are, it's with skank monsters. Who wants to fuck a goblin with one eye?

Sorcerers are even worse. Their entire moral spectrums is whatever some roastie says is bad than direct a fireball at them. These guys supposedly have the blood of dragons, but really the only thing that should be coursing through their veins is heroin overdose. Fuck sorcerers.

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Sorcerers aren't necessarily draeconic

Wild Magic
>Your innate magic comes from the wild forces of chaos that underlie the order of creation. You might have endured exposure to some form of raw magic, perhaps through a planar portal leading to Limbo, the Elemental Planes, or the mysterious Far Realm. Perhaps you were blessed by a powerful fey creature or marked by a demon. Or your magic could be a fluke of your birth, with no apparent cause or reason. However it carne to be, this chaotic magic churns within you, waiting for any outlet.

Sorcerers are often adventurers because, if you try to sit on magic potential, it comes out chaotically and uncontrollably.

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I've played Skyrim since day one.
Put in at least 7000 hours.
Started a new campaign last week... already 124 hours into it...
Only just started using magic/mage skills today, for the first time ever...

Melee or fuck off.
Fuck that magic shit.

You can't even bring skyrim into this. That's just silly. Either you fortify your strength or you waste your mana on feather. It wasn't going to work no matter what spell crafting you do. You can save every feather potion you ever found in every elder scrolls game the entire game and play through and they weighted more than whatever you ever hoped to carry while having enough effect time to fast travel when you probably had 2 fast travel options and one was getting to that spot over loaded with potions, and the other is dumping it all at shrine and fast traveling from it to another spot multiple times.
You just can't use beth games as a measuring stick for that. Looting is a worse grind than the skills you have trainers for. If they try to change it, your shit is level scaled and useless a half hour later. You might as well just make acrobatics your primary skill to leap to the amount of logic it makes to compare beth games to anything else.

Magic, since I will become a wizard in a few more years.

Magic is fun but if you can't beat a skill based action game with malee you didn't really beat it.
on some games like rpg's it really doesn't matter.

Paladin because he uses magic and melee

Excellent taste. I'm more a barbarian guy, but back-to-back with my pally bro, the world couldn't overtake us,

Magic in real life would be op. Not today though since the gunslinger class was added giving conventional classes a chance.

>Be wizard
>Get attacked by a gigachard warrior
>Say "AKE' PNK' ILL"
>He is struck a bolt of pink lightning and cloud of smoke surrounds him
>Smoke dissipates and he's now a cute femboy, unable to even lift his axe
>Cast a spell to make him allergic to women and vomit at the sight of pussy
>Even gave him a heat cycle so he HAS to fuck guys or he'll go crazy

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Chad melee with illusionary magic

are you fucking stupid?
chad = barbarian
wizard = nerd
thief = edgelord
healer = tranny
goblin army = incel

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why yes i'm a pyromancer how could you tell?

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based and plaguepilled

that's why skyrim is the best es

Chad bard

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Is it even a question?
If you're playing Dark Souls and you can't play melee, you're going to fail every time you get invaded almost guaranteed. Like you can make a magic build, but you'd better have a straight sword or some shit as well.

Only melee if he has some supernatural way to close the gap

>Incel melee

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>not being a glass cannon melee uber-Chad

Ranged weapons

Cyborg archer here

Invincible Robot nukes

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t. brainwashed wrekt nazi piglet

Roight den

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Spell-sword is the only way to fantasy, spell in one hand sword in the other, perfect balance.

Magic has a much higher powerlevel ceiling

I play cleric, but I still get a pity fuck every now and then.

>sexually active man
Small dick beta who pays for hookers

>tfw can't properly have my warrior power fantasies because I was denied entrance into the military because of a suicide attempt a few years ago even though I've gotten completely better
Feels bad man

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Despends on if this is dodge-y anime melee and blast-y wizards or more realistic Western fantasy.

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I generally prefer melee for video games, but in D&D druid's my favorite. It's like being a wizard and a cleric at the same time, except without the stupid bits of either, AND you can turn into animals.

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>he doesnt max all stats and choose spells and armor that maximizes teams success no matter what

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What would you be in the anime version? What would you be in the Western version?

>he doesnt have the the DM give him max stats, all magic types, combat skills, etc.

Get a load of this cuck.

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>not earning max stats fairly instead

>that pose
It's magic, I don't have to explain shit

Hard work is for cucks. You are not Chad if you work hard.

Anime wizard, Western melee

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I used this in one of my D&D games.

Odd choice, why?

Is it? I like the damage dealing and strange magic of anime wizards. And I like tanking in Western games.

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Bold words for a pathetic fleshie in range of the multi barrel railcannon

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I do not know of any anime where mage-types to more than deal damage. But I dont even like anime.

>does not like anime
>posts on an anime image board

Plenty of anime have non-damage magic.

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Jester is the best

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Post three.

>Hiei of Yu Yu Hakusho has a magical third eye that lets him control people.

>Aqua of Konosuba! does useless party tricks with magic.

>Rem/Emilia/Felix of Re:Zero all use healing magic.

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Fuck you, I know none of those. Again I do not watch anime. I was looking for mainstream examples like Goku or some other shit.

It is Ferris, you transphobe.

when i was a young faggot i played mages in mmo and kung fu girls (chun li, xiaoyu, etc) in fighting games

then i grew a pair, now i play melee in mmo and bruisers/grapplers (zangief, potemkin, etc) in fighting games.

not him, but all of them are mainstream examples

Not if you post here. Jow Forums is not an anime imageboard.

But it IS, you retard.

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>Jow Forums
>anime imageboard

Pick only one