Femanon. Would you let a big, fat, smelly neet virgin explore your little body? Running his big, sweaty...

Femanon. Would you let a big, fat, smelly neet virgin explore your little body? Running his big, sweaty, hands along you and fucking whatever he can?

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Fuck op whats the sauce

Who is this stuff made for and what's the appeal? Legitimate question that's never been answered.

Same guys who like BLACKED. Seeing a girl lower herself by getting fucked by a subhuman is attractive to them.

>Who is this stuff made for and what's the appeal?
Look at the male in the picture. Think about how his overweight and unkempt appearance (and possibly work/social status) might deter the majority of women. Consider how that might make him feel. Frustrated, excluded, outcast, lonely, whatever. Now think about how pleasant the prospect of a pretty woman who doesn't care about those things may be to said individual. It satisfies an ideal for them, which is why it can be so gratifying to certain audiences that crave that kind of thing.

Though, if it's not like that, and instead just a netorare cuck doujin, I guess it appeals to people who like to be sexually degraded or denied. Can't tell completely from the context of a single image, even if it appears to be a case of direct childhood love.

Ever since I started lifting my desire to be with women has grown stronger and my standards for men have reached an all time high.

So no.

Protip, nobody actually appeals to monsters like in OP, it's entirely done out of female degredation or whatever your armchair psychologist wants to say about ntr, blacked, etc
t. Monster who has read almost every one of these doujins only to find every one of them knife twists about the monster being terrible just to drive the point home
There are no happy endings

You are a monster. I am a monster of a different make. In the end, we are both monsters. Maybe someday, we won't be. At least, we won't be.

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If I wasn't taken sure.

I want it to be like in hentai. First we start with his giant palm slapping my small tight butt. It would feel like being slapped with ham I imagine. Then to straight course, have his huge man cucumber enter straight into me, lubricated by his grease and precum. He falls straight on me and humps me. Can't breathe! MGmgmrrff! Goosh goosh he cums in me and I lay suffocated to death on bed with foam coming out of my mouth that would be glorious way to go.

Thanks, user. It takes a lot to be optimistic about the inevitable end of one's existence.
I myself look forward to emptying my braincase in the wilderness

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>You will never light yourself on fire to death like a monk in the forest over livestream to the public net.

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>not selfinserting as the rape machine

I want to be loved for who I am
But if there's any positive, it at least showed me that women can only love the things you have, whether traits or things, but not you.
Who wants to rapemachine used goods anyways?

For men, sadists who like women degraded, or men with low self esteem who want to fuck a hottie.
For women, sex with a loser can be degradation fetish, or insecurity (confident the guy won't leave them), or a dominance thing about having sex with somebody they don't respect

> lost virginity at 16 to a smelly, pudgy mid-20s neet
>encouraged him to into fisting and bestiality
> kept it secret from all my friends
> dumped as soon as got bored
> no regrets

t. one of these guys

What the fuck

lol, just lol if you don't find it erotic to smear chicken grease or peanut butter on a guy's dick and watch his dog lick it off. There isn't even anything logically wrong about that but seeing him react to the taboo is what makes it good.

That is one of the funniest photos I have ever seen in my entire life

Sounds funnier than sexy to be honest brother

Ugly fat losers who want revenge on good looking guys for getting pretty girls. But even more than that, it's seeing a cute, loved female getting turned into a fuck toy, some guys cute girlfriend getting blasted in the ass by a big fat gross hog of a man. Seeing females get degraded is my main fetish.

Fuck yes op that is my fantasy. It is partially why I cum here if you know what I mean.

NTR with BBM is the best

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