Boy, 16, fatally shot while trying to sell Xbox

How would you react if you were the parent?

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lil nigga shoulda knew!
dis playstation country

>Trying to sell an Xbox on the streets of Gary Indiana
what was he thinking

around b***ks, never re**x

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>we don take kindlah to yur kind roun ere boiii
>pew pew pew
>receives medal
>also receives xbox

Why do racists post xD Asians meme when Asians have committed more crimes against humanity than black propel.

That's pretty bad. I guess you still shouldn't relax around blacks.

How FUCKING STUPID do you have to be to drive to motherfucking GARY to do a Craigslist transaction?

That fucking dad deserves his own bullet. Find the niggers who did this, hang them from a tree, and then take the gun they shot that kid with and shoot the dad with whatever bullets are left.


What the literal fuck?

xD kill everybody edgy !!!!!

>"They didn't even get the gaming system. They didn't even get the Xbox so why did they have to shoot him?"
Damn. From the replies in here, I'm guessing Gary, IN is a high-crime area? Sad and there's no real takeaway other than don't relax, just like I like my news.

If the Xbox had games this child would have never tried selling it, thus wouldn't have died
Microsoft is to blame for his death

I'd kill them.
Straight up.
I'd murder them.
This is why I NEVER want to become a parent, if anyone fucked with my kids I'd kill them.
I'd rather have no kids and not do murder.

>81.49% of the population is Black
the kid probably begged him to go, kids these days don't understand how dangerous blacks are

This guy did literally everything wrong, on top of going to Gary. Was a mess waiting to happen.
It is basically all the memes about Detroit come to life.

>I'm guessing Gary, IN is a high-crime area?
It's >85% black.
That should tell you all that needs to be said.

Who's Gary and why is he so bad?

>kids these days don't understand how dangerous blacks are

>It's >85% black.
>That should tell you all that needs to be said.

it's the truth, blacks are psychopaths

God I hate black people so fucking much

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>blacks are psychopaths
Next thread: we need a genocide of everyone i dont like

Please just fuck off back to r*ddit

>Gary, IN

Yeah that was a major double down

Sorry that facts hurt your feelings. Blacks are criminals who shoot children for fun.

>we need a genocide of everyone i dont like
only if its whitey, right D'user?

Blacks are stupid and ugly, so they're an easier target.

I knew a guy named Gary in high school. He was fucking obnoxious. The type of moron who made dumb, desperate, tryhard jokes whenever he opened his mouth. A real wannabe comedian, that one was.

>Who's Gary and why is he so bad?

Gary, IN is probably the worst place in the United States. A literal smoking ruin. When Newark and Detroit get together to get high, they talk shit about how fucking terrible Gary is and how glad they are that they aren't Gary.

Going to Gary to sell an Xbox, or to buy weed, or to fuck a street hooker, or whatever the fuck else you might possibly do in Gary, is asking for death. BEGGING for death.

Racism is linked to a low IQ.

You know how in the US there are memes about how places like Detroit and Newark are shitholes (they still are) because boomers doubled down on their greediness and moved what made up their entire economy overseas? Gary is worse, just not as big.

Being black is also linked to low IQ

Is not being racist and going to dangerous areas and dieing linked to high IQ?

I have a sense of self-preservation, either you're a nigger yourself or you're another statistic waiting to happen.

Openly admitting racism is linked to low IQ.

schools brainwash them that niggers dindu nuffin
fuck off you faggot
you've never even seen more than a handful of niggers in your life tops

>Openly admitting racism is linked to low IQ.
Okay then.

there's a reason prisons are filled with blacks more than every other race. they are little better than apes and have no self-control. if asians did "commit more crimes against humanity", they did it with a greater goal in mind than just "gimme dat dere xbox, whiteboi"

to be fair you have to have a very high iq to be a cuck

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What is going on there? Is it a lawless slum? Or why does that happen

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>you've never even seen more than a handful of niggers in your life tops
I'm mexican

>if asians did "commit more crimes against humanity", they did it with a greater
Did you skip history in high school?

Seems like a kid in the US did the equivalent of trying to sell a Rolex on the ghettos in the outskirts of Guerrero or Tamaulipas.

Argumentum ad hominem. kek.

Racism is really low IQ

>Racism is really low IQ

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urban blacks look at other races like they want to cut you apart and eat you. bad vibes from those motherfuckers.

Do we even need to day it at this point?

>be American
>sell xbox
>get shot

Shoulda boughta Switch(TM)

I love being white. I can observe these disgusting creatures from the comfort of my cozy house.

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You have a small dick and is not 6 feet tall.

Dumb kid said he was selling a videogame console. Of course the niggers thought it was a PS4 and got mad when it turned out to be an Xbox.

Ok. Does making that comment make you feel better, user?

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Anti racist people really shouldnt bring up IQs

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>boomers doubled down on their greediness and moved what made up their entire economy overseas?
or maybe it just wasn't worth it to employ blacks with a side of some white trash?

Based asian people being far smarter than retarded whites

Asians mostly commit crimes against other asians, which isn't a crime agaonst humanity because asians aren't human.

can't be refuted

Steel was the main industry there. With the collapse of the industry, lots of the US was hit pretty hard, but especially so in Gary. It's been a running joke for years now that Gary's a shithole, and with good reason.

>The smartest people group in existence is mega racist
>racists have low IQ

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>have kid, but he grows up to be no good xbox-playing manchild
>need to get rid of him somehow
>offer to get him better gamebox if he sells his old one* **
*through craigslist
**on the streets of gary

He got xboned

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The fuck is your problem? The dad really should find those niggers and kill them then kill himself for sending his only seed to die

What Fallout 4 mod is that?

They way i see it, smart people aren't openly racist when taking surveys and while involved in studies, they know better than that, because it's a huge mistake.

The people who say they're racist when they're not anonymous are the low iq ones. Even if it's "anonymous" no one with above average iq would ever bother not to lie about being racist.

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>Police say they're searching for two suspects in their late teens or early 20s who were wearing shorts and hoodies.

That's quite a vague description.

Everyone knows they were black.

This really is the best response for people who say shit like that.

Depends. If that's my only kid, I'm definitely going with the revenge route. None of this rushing-the-guy-in-court BE either. I'm doing it with a rifle during the transport.

if they were white, they would've said they're white. they try to hide the fact but everyone knows if they don't say it, they're black.

Thats what most white peoples houses look like in my town LOL

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