Is anyone else worried about the current political strife in the world...

Is anyone else worried about the current political strife in the world? Radicalism becoming the new normal and moderates quickly fading due to massive political infighting of millenials paired with echo chambers online may destroy the lives of most people if any sort of genuine fighting breaks out. They say zoomers are much less radical, being mostly fiscally conservative and socially liberal, but im not sure if that will stop much.
How afraid are you anons? I just want to open a church and live there in peace, im afraid this political strife may ruin that, any other anons feel the same?

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It's going to get worse
lock your doors and gaurd your booty

What I am really fucking worried about is the coming, non-existent-privacy police state.

I'm not worried because most likelly i will not have kids and wont live long.

It's all stupid.
Live for yourself and focus on your own happiness. Don't worry about stuff you can't change and won't matter.

I am concerned about that too. I wish that somehow, while keeping the luxuries of modern life, we could go back into the age of living in small villages and communities, everyone knows each other and the strongest or smartest is the most respected, yet no one truly has the power, the community decides for themselves. The two things could almost never work together but i wish they could.

radicalism is based and you are gay

Yeah... But I think we have sort of reached the peak. It's gonna be downhill from here. I had abandoned all hope in 2017 and begun to gather molotov cocktails, canned food. When 2018 came about things suddenly began to look much brighter. 2019 is kinda alright so far we'll see.

stop being a pussy, Wotan is coming back, arm yourself

scandinavian commune system

I do think it is the zoomers. They grew up seeing the millenials pick either communism or fascism with very little in between and seeing how it only causef fighting. According to all surveys done they tend to be very moderate politically, which will hopefully calm down much of the strife.
I doubt the allfather is "coming back" unless by that you mean norse paganism. Arming myself does sound fun though, mainly because ive wanted lifelong for blacksmithing as a skill under me belt. Also calling him wotan is the most unbased way, wodin maybe, but say it either odin or odhinn, wotan is the high germanic name and the most unbased.
Given my religious beliefs and beliefs on how to live itd be that, yes. I would also wish to keep atleast some of the modern luxuries, interner, clean water, and AC being the main 3. Maybe if i work hard enough ill be able to buy a few acres of land and make a norse pagan commune, i would enjoy life much in such a way, drinking mead and eating around fires with brothers and sisters, maybe such a life is possible with hard work.

Honestly I think peak comfy-sane tech standards were reached aeound 2012. We had Sandy Bridge and W7 and both were powerful and useful enough, companies didn't shamelessly datamine users, governments didn't (as shamelessly, again) either. Now we have draconian systems like the chinese. Cameras in every corner. Facial recognition. Car plates recognition. Voice recognition. 24/7 involuntary and precise geolocalization.

Soon we will have cars that refuse to take us where we want... man it's worse than you imagine, and humanity voluntarily enslaved itself under the pretense of "convenience". The nail in the coffin will be total ban of cash, it's already happening. Then, finally, rice sized microchips, the mark of the beast. People call people like me schizos and conspiracy theorists, they've been calling the same those who predicted this.

We are so fucked man, not even the Tedpill can save us. The saddest thing is even if people were told this by tptb themselves, they still wouldn't care.

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I am not well versed in technology but wont there always be people to hack these things? I could go now and pirate almost any major software with minimal work, id imagine people would hack those too.

How much longer until virgin single men are persecuted? I know we're next, they hate us so much and would kill us now if they could.

Absolutely, as long as you have physical access to the device in question it can be done. But it's becoming harder and harder to find exploits. I think a very important reason why as you said you can go and pirate almost any major software is because you still have a certain degree of control over your own computer, but that's only because they designed things that way. That's my fear. After all we're running closed software in closed hardware virtually everywhere.

Plus hacking the gov surveillance grid itself will be hard, nigh impossible considering all internet connected electronics around you can be weaponized.

Though there's still electronic physical warfare methods to try, I mean basic shit like Faraday caging, EMPs and stuff like that. Then I remember they're also disarming population as we speak, while they develop drones that will make Terminator pale in comparisson. By the time people realize it it will be too late. How many are willing to fight to death for their freedom?

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I am horribly depressed and suicidal now so I am accelerationist. Now I just want everything to collapse so I can die in the chaos and won't have to KMS.

You had me right up until
>I just want to open a church
What the fuck? American religions are stupid you know. If you're going to be a Christian, why would you be anything other than a Catholic? Everything else is autistic fanfiction and LARPing as Jesus. Like, if you're gonna be a religious Christian at least pick one that makes sense. BTW you're not allowed to open up a new Catholic Church

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Not an abrahamic church, norse pagan church. People will laugh and call me a larper but i decided this years ago and have been working towards it since. Even if no one ever comes the act alone of making my own will make me happy.

Okay I guess that's cooler at least, but I'm still opposed to the idea, unless you do your best to observe a traditional scandanavian lifestyle, preferably while living in the region as well but I guess it could still be cool to have that in other regions as well

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Id want to as much as possible. Of course id probably live in a modern house with clean water and such, but id want a garden to grow my own foods, to hunt animals and use all parts as best i can, buy as little as possible and make everything i need myself as much as possible.

>I do think it is the zoomers. They grew up seeing the millenials pick either communism or fascism with very little in between and seeing how it only causef fighting. According to all surveys done they tend to be very moderate politically, which will hopefully calm down much of the strife.
Meh, I think zoomers are just continuing the trend of radicalism from millennials. On twitter, the politically active zoomers are all either marxists or atomwaffen and very hostile in the memes.

True but most politically active zoomers qre also doing it for attention with little to no knowledge either. Studies done show that way less zoomers lean significantly left or right than any previous generation, with many not even choosing a side, i believe a third did so

I like the radicalism. I liked watching all the protest fights on youtube.

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Bit of actual war and they will show up as the manchildren they are, and this pathetic attempt at comedy will end.
It's a shame because we're wasting valuable time doing this shit instead of uniting to save us from the planet self regulating itself to a no humans allowed state.