Friday night /nightwatch/, get those choons posted edition


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It is early hours of the morning and you have been stumbling back home after a night of drinking. Your mind is reasonably clear but a certain fuzziness of thought still clouds your perception. You slowly but steadily shuffle yourself down the street as the cold chill of the night follows you. Suddenly, you notice the faint glow of a red neon chicken to your left. It's a fried chicken shop. You enter the store, it embraces you with the warmth of several deep fat friers and the distinct smell of overused oil and pungent spices.

A man of Middle Eastern descent greets you warmly as you approach the counter. His subservient gaze peers at you sincerely and yet his eyes speak volumes of melancholy. "How can I help you, boss?" he asked in a thick but clearly discernable accent. You ponder for a moment as you raise your head upwards to the menu.

The menu for these type of places is always the same despite their unique Microsoft Office produced designs. Fried chicken, chips, most likely pizza, and possibly even kebab at times. Even though it all likely comes from the same wholesaler, you somehow still have a favourite place. Perhaps for its atmosphere or the amount of red salt they apply to your chips.

Your stomach rumbles in anticipation and you elect for a classic. Chips and cheese. You peer your eyes back down, locking eyes with the man at the counter, whose strained smile still greets you warmly. "Cheese and chips please", you say. "Yes, bossman, that'd be one pound fifty". You hand over the exact change. The man turns his head back and exchanges in Arabic with the chef behind him for an order of chips and cheese, or at least you suspect so, given you do not speak the language.

Need some more excitement in my life lads, might start banging trannies

SCEA why don't you move in with Tim?

tune for you my lad

go for it

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Probably because after the latest police visit if SCEA got close to Tim, he'd spark him 20.

Expected more opposition desu


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nah just do whatever makes you happy mate

going to get my supper and go to bed lads

have a good one

>tfw no schizo gf


>my supper

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Time to watch 2 Broke Girls

Tunes you say?
Literally all I listen to these days is drum and bass/jungle... but I'm having a drink on some strong Polish beer so I'm having a proper metal sesh tonight.


Used to love metal back in the day, was even the vocalist for a shit metal/hardcore band like 12 years ago or so.

Now why would you go and watch a silly thing like 2 Broke Girls, user?

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Because blonde girl and big boob girl a cute

>Hot Jew girls.

Time for beddy byes. Going to put my eye mask on (blocks the light) and sleep for a good 10-12 hours hopefully, need to catch up desu lads! Love you all lots x

Yeah that's me I said last night. Won't be using my cycling jacket now that it's been stolen :(

Thanks lad, guess i'm gonna become a chaser

Timmy's alright. His joint, albeit currently adjoined by a building site, will pass. And he'll have all the time in the world, in his head. Ace's to play, he'll be in his environment,Where he belongs.

Just stop ordering him shit, if it's anyone from here.

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A woman's fertility peaks in the early and mid-20s.


Should have just swung arms and gone nuts lad. N- I mean, blacks don't too well when someone fights back, even with a gang.

so what are you going to do about all this then? the police won't be able to help
i say you rally a bunch of hard lads together and beat the living shit out of the kids who did this

Amer never posted himself in his paki outfit.
I am disappointed.

Was your bike insured?

I am afraid I lied again

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so why was SCEA sent to prison anyway?

he would have been stabbed to death you idiot

I could have fought them easy that's why I told them to fuck off at first. Was about to knock the cunt in front of me out till he pulled a knife on me. I truly despise Birmingham it's a fucking shithole. Wish I was back in my comfy Yorkshire town.

>ywn go nigger bashing with edgbaston

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That's not actually a bad idea. I know someone who got their bike back that way, they went back to the same place at the same time and sure enough the thieving scrote was there.

What about lid? Tell us and be honest.

Yeah me too lad, i was genuinely lookig forward to it

Beat his girlfriend up.

Of course it's retards from here. Just like the takeaways.

if you do make sure you actually give them an ass kicking, don't let them off even if they give you your bike back

he has NEVER had a girlfriend hahahaha

Called the police, they picked me up and then sent about it 10 officers around the area looking for them. Cars blocked the other side of the walkway but they must have gotten away in time. Over the radio they said they saw a lad on a bike that matched mine but he turned the otherway and did one before they could get to him. I won't see the bike again but I suppose I didn't get stabbed.
Sadly not. I'll be insuring it in future.

>Edgbaston currently lurking the streets of Birmingham with a cosh

Doesn't it have a serial number? You'll probably see the bike for sale via facebook or ebay if you keep an eye out.

why didn't you just cycle off, I'd imagine you could have got away from them or did they block your path or something?

Whoever posted SeasideMark in the last thread... Why?

He's a cunt

>After age 30 the mass of human body is decreased until 70 years

How do you combat this? Lifting seems so pointless if the body just gives up.

I went to an interview and told some lies without really knowing why. I pretended I had never drank alcohol and I couldn't imagine what it must be like living with that kind of thing, and that I had always been strictly religious. In fact, I am a sober alcoholic. I also tried to trip up the other interviewees and thought scheming thoughts. Bad, self-seeking behaviour.

Imagine that, getting robbed by a pack of certain coloured gentleman.

Set your life and end it.

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does being drunk before you're stoned diminish the high any bit?

Not been around much for a few days lids, what you all been getting up to?

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In my experience, it just makes you more likely to hit a horrible whitey

No it makes it even better.
It gets you way more fucked, and if you're not used to it the room will spin out and you might puke.
Generally my rule is if I'm getting drunk I'll wait till I'm hammered till I light up because if I get wasted first then the joint will send me sideways.

Yeah I need to find the paperwork/recipt that came with the bike. Was on my way to work when it happend and Mr shekelberg still expeced me to go to work. I'm going to have a look when I get in.

>those B&Q adverts where some garden statue begs "do it..."

Fucking weird. It's like they're asking to be mercy killed.

I was looking through old tweets from Don with "Scotland" and I found it funny that he thought somewhere south of me (I'm in Glasgow/ Central Scotland) is 'The North Coast of Scotland.

Wonder if anyone ever told him.

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>those B&Q adverts where some garden statue begs "do it..."
>It's like they're asking to be mercy killed.


makes it worse, more likely to have a bad time

Wouldn't surprise me if Shekelburg hired those goons.

Drank too much gin so I have

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shit lads, I dont want to get mental illness

For reference, Trump's 'The North Coast of Scotland'

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True. From the article I read I implied she was his girlfriend, it was a woman anyway.

Oh you know lad,
Cola's in love,
Captain Estrogen lost his bike to some coloured gentlemen,
Poleaboo did not come through on his promise to post a selfie of him in his cute little paki wedding outfit,
SCEA's a man on the edge,
Nonce accusations are getting out of hand.

Typical week really


You won't get a mental illness you daft bugger or it's extremely, extremely unlikely honestly, I wouldn't bother. Have a few beers at the same time as having a smoke, but getting wankered then smoking a joint is a good way to feel woozy and pass out.
And what of you, user? How is your life old friend?

Literally nothing wrong with taking drugs or selling drugs. Human being are capable of making their own decisions, we don't need to state to decide for us, especially considering how incompetent the government can be.

Set down the bottle and find hope and strength in Christ on the cross.

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Wasn't space to cycle off. They didn't block it till I got close and then surrounded me. Pic related is the same walkway I got mugged in.

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>Human being are capable of making their own decisions

Fuck it im about to go sleep anyway, need a few rollies to take the edge off. thanks

Should've run them over.

I think I will just sleep instead fren

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Christ the tits on her. Phwoar

Happily trundling along drama free, although my shoulder is a bit sore after i slept on it funny. What've you been up to away from here?

They'll be there the same time tomorrow. Get a few of the Birmingham boys together and teach them a lesson

thats in harborne lad, i take walks there quite often
people get mugged there a lot these days but it would be very easy to ambush a group of them in that area

Do you know who I miss from Poleaboo's blog? Andrew. He was a benevolent figure, and it was easy to imagine him as looking like Dio Brando. Then Polely had to cut him off for some imagined slight, it really was a waste.

>Dio Brando
Andrew is a short, fat, balding manlet who, at DM's BBQ, came back from the toilet with piss stains on his crotch.

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Yeah Harborne walkway, goes through Edgbaston where I live. On my days off I'm going to have a wander down at the same time and see if I can see them.

He's a yank, he wouldn't be able to point to Scotland on a map of Britain.

I wouldn't recommend it, a gang of negroids in an enclosed space like that is like asking to be butchered.

Why did you have to ruin that for me? I was imagining Poley meeting with a sauve, Dio-like man.

Fuck, nevermind. I am not going to mentally process your post. In my mind, he shall remain as Dio.

Have a wee glass of water before you go to bed
Not much pal, spent some time at home because my brother is off travelling now and working a bit myself, but I'm off all weekend now. Comfy times ahoj

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sure he's not on about his golf course in aberdeen tho?

They pulled out a kitchen knife they'd shit themselves if you pulled out a shooter
Take their phones, creps, trousers and any crow or sniff they've got

You're in the wrong place, mate

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stop posting images of nasty romanian men

Speak for yourself lad, I am capable of it and unless you're a windowlicker so are you.

Nope. You can't make decisions for other people because the values and ideals we attach to things do not necessarily reflect everyone. Everyone (besides literal retards) are qualified in deciding if a drug is right or wrong for them. to presume people are incapable implies that they are mere animals with out the capacity to make decisions for themselves, how rude and ignorant!. People should be allowed to take responsibility for themselves. As long as sources are available that contain the harms of drugs then people should be allowed to decide if they want to do it. By criminalizing drugs you are only perpetuating harms because people are going to consume drugs regardless of the laws.

Can you give us a more accurate description of the nigs?

facial features?

that sucks man, at least you got away harm free hopefully they catch em


Imagine being that handsome and THAT good.

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Can't mate I'm not Edgbaston

Even Aberdeen isn't on the north coast tho

He looks nothing like that in real life, I sometimes wonder if it's even him.
He's tall, handsome, thin on top yes but very muscular. When he hugs you it's like getting squeezed by an English Oak.
More like a Pillar Man than Dio.

I was gonna say "yeah but he played for Southampton"... but at this point, almost everyone has.

You watch the full video?

>but at this point, almost everyone has.

Are we sluts ?!

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It is time for bed
Good night lads hope you have a comfy sleep

Squatted 42.5kg 3x5 today. /Slowymakingit/

And me. Night lid.

i live in birmingham, feel like im gonna end up dead by the hands of a nigger
no job, no money, no friends, no way out of this shithole

fucks sake lads

you Jow Forums and go to the gym? want to meet up?