Invite girl over

>Invite girl over
>She wants to bring a male friend
How do I get out of this bros?

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>How do I get out of this bros?
say no?

Don't go, bring someone else is the worse someone can do on a date, even worse than spit on your face

I already invited her over though, won't it come across as rude if I say no now?

oh, of course, you won't want to come accross as rude. let her bring the guy to your place

Quit being a bitch just tell you invited her not her orbiter

>I'm busy sorry.

Thanks, you guys are right

Tell us results

Why do you want to get out of it? She's clearly fucking a different guy. She'll maybe get around to having sex with the guy she wants you to meet sooner or later. She's probably hoping he'll spill the beans and let you down gently she's banging someone else so you don't try to kill either of them in a fit of rage. That or she's playing the long game and wants you to try to do that and is planning on fucking that guy later. You're really acting naive thinking you're getting out of this without further implications.

tell her not to come over you have very bad diarrhea

I was just honest with her and told her I want to hang out with her and not this other guy and I'd rather just hang out with her some other time and she said 'oh okay'

She doesn't trust you user. She doesn't want to be alone with you. She only accepted and tried to bring her friend just so you canceled and she didn't have to say no.
Just move on.

Bitch knows it's a date you want. She clearly thinks you're just a friend.

In the remote event she gets interested in you, her friend will feel like a cuck and awkward as shit. Unless she's planning to date HIM in which case YOU will be the cuck that will act as a host to them.

Tell her it's a date you want, with her only. It's as polite as you can be. It's the best you can do. Being a cuck is a lot worse.

The longer you take the worse it'll be, so just so it.

t. normie

I've been alone with her before, one time I invited her to hang out with my friends and she wanted to do some stuff with just the two of us earlier in the day

This user is right, she's trying to let you down gently. She thinks if she gets an independent pawn third party you won't shoot the messenger sort of thing. She's probably getting dog piled by a bunch of guys and this one is the only useful idiot she can find that she doesn't want to fuck yet.

Congrats for standing up for yourself but I think you gave in a little too fast. You should have shit tested her and been more patient. You should have started off with saying the guy is unwelcome and not to bring him. There's a decent chance she'd have just said "okay" and told the other guy not to come. Instead you nebulously made plans for a future time which probably won't ever go down desu.

Simply say nothing to her and when she comes over, do not open your door. Saying anything will only fuel an argument and work as evidence against you if they decide to crusade you for being a "creep".

I understand you've already invited her, but you just need to ignore her and her beta orbiter at this point.

This means she will never hang out with you, it's time to block her and cut off all contact.

Not entirely the case. If you had a strong friend group, then it would be a get together and you guys could all (5+) get something popping. It makes for a really good first date because there's not a lot of pressure for 1 on 1 time. Your first time hanging out is incredibly low pressure. It's entirely possible to have a scenario like this, hit it off well with the girl, and have a 2nd date be the first 1 on 1. The dynamic also exists where she brings female friends that you hook up with on future group outings. That's the sort of scenario where the girl will realize that she "had feelings for you the whole time." It just works differently if you're grouping up/part of a guild instead of pugging (which girls are 98 times out of 100).

A situation like this isn't a hard rejection unless you're a lonely person. She might be screening for something like that, but she's probably not thinking any deeper than that.

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Sounds like she is deathly afraid of OP being a rapist.

Why are you inviting her in the first place? If you're interested in her in a romantic way then it sounds a bit dodgy. Just make up some bullshit to call it off. She'll probably know the real reason but won't say anything about it.

Horrible advice to give to a robot. Inviting a qt to hang out with your 3+ male friends when she hasn't met any of them yet is a great way to ensure one of them tries to steal her from you.
After the end of the night she'll have a bunch of social media requests on FB or whatever and a bunch of pending DMs of them thirstily trying to form deeper connections / their own 1 on 1 dates.

Her friend is probably gay and she's trying to set you two up.

Fair enough. But I think she's coming from that sort of reality where a bunch of people together is a fun time. I think people in this thread are calling this a type of rejection/lack of romantic interest when it might not be.

It *might* be like if she invited you to play DnD and said like "Bring a 5th level magic wielder who would do well in an evil campaign" and you've never played DnD in your life.

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You're even more naive than OP. It's not a playdate with middle school children. Don't you have a few abortions to support your friends through since their "just friends", all (5+ of them) that got them into the predicament aren't?

Yea she is coming from that reality. Which is why it's bad advice for a robot. Robots aren't guys who are just social butterflies and will naturally have things play out the way things should. They basically need to be instructed as if they were students of PUA. Which means not allowing other men a platform to work their game if it's avoidable.
Let your friends be the one to invite qts for you to hit on. Don't be the one who invites the qt for your friends to hit on.
Even in your example if a qt DND player is inviting you and you have never played just showing up would probably be a bad idea. It's well known that girls in DND circles have usually half / the entire table thirsting over them. So either you look like a Chad and were somehow unaware and she's parading you to cuck them or you're just being effectively friendzoned. It'd be far better to schedule a 1 on 1 session and learn about DND from her where you start making out and fuck in your apartment. Then when the DND session rolls around you've already made plans to stay hanging out 1 on 1 after it's over and fuck for a second time at your apartment again.

He's probably there to make sure you don't rape her