Is joining the 40% unironically the best solution? I don't see anything ever improving...

Is joining the 40% unironically the best solution? I don't see anything ever improving. I don't want to mutilate my body with hormone.

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On principle I would say yes, but I don't want to be mean so I'll say no.

You need more hormones than just HRT you know

Do it you sissy!

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Do you want to talk? Origigiig

it is a big step to take those hormones. The breast growth is not reversable and it will leave you infertile

It will also give you a more womanly body so its not all bad

This is the one post of yours I won't report.

Please, everyone, step up and share with this tranny your opinion of whether or not it should off itself.

If you are not going to have children, why not try hormones? At best, you may look like a girl, and maybe that'll make you more content with life. At worst, maybe not much has changed but you now have mild gyno.

Listen you fuckup, try doing something with your life, try to find something you like so much that such thoughts wouldn't cross your mind.
Don't do it, besides you have a nice body ;)

It's not mean if it's true. People tell me to off myself all the time because I'm an annoying spammer and they hate me, but this is different.
I'm not trying to bait you with suicide, so fuck off.

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Put me down as one vote for "neck yourself, tranny"

I am thinking that maybe this whole trap thing is clever eugenics. All robots, incels are either evil or retarded + other things. So why not eliminate those genes from the pool by having them voluntarily castrate themselves? They can't get gf or anyone. At least they will have themselves in form of sex they like. Sasuga Illuminati.

if you think death is the best option for you go for it, you're in pretty evolved territory so you can probably have it done humanely.
you don't deserve to suffer

I don't know enough about your situation to know whether it's possible or not for you to recover, so I don't know whether to recommend suicide or not.
Usually I'll only tell trannies to off themselves if they try to convert other people to being trannies, but you haven't done that so I don't have any reason to want you to die.

>I'm not trying to bait you with suicide, so fuck off

You do

>Do you want to talk? Origigiig

I thought that too. It just a side effect of not running on testosterone though. Apparently you don't produce sperm without it.

You are already on your way to the 40%, OP. Pic ever so related.

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What about those of us that are evil, but smart enough to not be fooled into castrating ourselves?

they tell you to freeze your sperm or you can always knock someone up well call it "an accident"

If I ever do off myself, I won't give you the pleasure of knowing that.

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>tfw remember aistes first threads
>thought he was joking about this
>jokingly told him to become a tranner a few times
>tried being kind and nice to him, thinking that would help him
>but always wondered if I was doing more harm than good. It's hard knowing someone cut off his dick and ruined his life thanks to you u know?
I thought you were stronger than this. If you really plan on transitioning please please pleasw unironically dead seriously kill yourself before that happens. Not trying to be mean but you can't and shouldn't take more suffering.

don't, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

If you knew him a little you would know it's not a temporary problem.
Also I really fucking hate people who assume someone is going to kill themselves over a temporary problem, usually most people are smart enough to know whether something is temporary or not.

Thanks, user. At least one honest answer. I don't have any plans to transition as I think it would only make me more miserable and is against my philosophy of what being a girl means. It's still very depressing, but I'll see. I don't know.
Not being a girl is a permanent problem.

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Why are you so obsessed with femininity in general and your philosophy of what being a girl means?
Why care about something that will only cause you to suffer?

I have this belief (a very delusional one, as any woman would tell you), that being a girl would make my problems not matter. Not solve them, but make them not a worry anymore. If I was a girl, I wouldn't change my life much, but I'd feel better about it, like a rock lifted off my heart. Right now I can sit by the fjord for hours just daydreaming and being miserable. I'd do the same if I was a girl, but I'd actually appreciate it. I think I'd appreciate the beauty of life more. And I think I could bond with my mother then. I'd like to be best friends with her, but I can't stand her. I don't think she likes me either.

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Gender dysphoria, get on your pills aiste