A dozen of men did this to your girlfriend

>a dozen of men did this to your girlfriend
>you are considering marrying her

Daily reminder premarital sex is a sin and you will be punished for it

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OK cool and all, but why is this dick so small?

It hurts so so much. I honestly am finding every single women I see revolting, how can they let someone do that to them? Especially if they aren't married.

Screech into the void christcuck obody cares.

Y not? You usually think that you are going to be with that guy for rest of your life. Then they realize you are just another crazy and they ghost you. Shit sucks.

>tfw when his dick is bigger than mine

that's because you are a disgusting whore

lol stay mad virgin male feminist

so the fuck what lol who cares you insecure fuck

wouuld you guys be okay with a girl who was a virgin but had sucked cock before?
I am dating a girl who was virgin but she sucked cock.
I don't feel like a cuck about it though cuz i was the one who took her virginity in the end.

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used up whore coping

Dude that's not possible. This is why chad, me, only watches big dildo porn so I don't have to deal with those disgustingly small peepees

>your girlfriend
not my gf niga i'm not an NPC that needs a (((gf)))

That's probably a 5inch cock. Mine is only 4.

I fucked girls too and she fucked guys too
you stay in the now, not in the past you stupid pussy
if shes a whore, it doesn't matter because you're a whore too.
get laid fucking loser lol

This. Anyone who has seen porn or masturbated will not go to heaven. They do not deserve a family.

Are you Asian?
I'm sorry for your small cock, you should practice good pussy eating

Nope. White. I'm also 5'7". Totally cucked by my genes. I'd love to practice and get amazing at that, but given my other qualities (or lack of), it's not really easy finding a girl who wants anything with me.

>you couldn't pay a female to touch him
>uses religion as an excuse for being a cuck

You rekt him so hard lololololololololololololololololololololololololo XdddXdddXddd :dddddlololollolololol
Kys you fucking retard you jumbo Dumbo pussy ass looking nigga, order mor ketchup packeges from McDonald's where you live you fucking neckbeard

>fucking neckbeard
stopped reading there. you are projecting

>a dozen of men
More like at least a hundred if you marry her before 20. God knows how much afterwards.

That was the last line you God damn retard, do you want to see my hand?

there is no such thing as a male whore
let me explain this for retards like you
woman + sex = bad
man + sex = good

this. the ideal is when men have sex with other men.

not sure what you mean OP, I'm thinking you should post more webms such as this one so I can finish jacking o--I mean so I can see whatever your silly point is

>disgusted by premarital sex
>uses virgin as an insult

You're right but virgin women are virtually impossible to find anywhere now. So basically if you care about virginity in women you either have to get one when you're both like 14 and stay with her for the rest of your life, or spend your entire life alone as a volcel (like I have to be). Fuck the West, it's complete trash.

if you aren't married by age 19, you are doing something very wrong in life.

yeah it would be great
but what i meant obviosly men consider disgusting women with previous sexual relationships, while women don't think in the same way about men, this is due to the fact that men want a paternity assurance
but i'm probably talking with a person who has mental difficulties so it is to difficult for them to understand such ideas
good luck with your life

no, what you're saying is that sex with women is bad, sex with men is good.

If she can suck good. It is all good.

is premarital sex the only kind of sex that exist?


>Anyone who has seen porn
So you are not going to heaven too? We al are not going to heaven.

how is that disability check going?
i hope they treat you well, cause you do need help

>a dozen

Lmao she is way past that, incel. You jelly? ;)

nah because i was one of the many
though now she will die alone or maybe she will get a collection of cats

t. incel

>got em

Lmao incel

As opposed to post-marital, yes. just pointing out the hypocrisy.

i don't get what is the hypocrisy.
Get married have sex with wife and have kids.

just repeating what you said bro

so the purpose of insulting the other user by calling him a virgin was supposed to be a dab on his non-married status? weird flex

>doesn't understand jokes
>doesn't understand explenation
>continues to interpret the joke as if it was intended seriously
>possibly either because actually retarded or pretending to be

>le lonely cat spinster meme

Its cute watching you lot pretending you actually believe that promiscuous women cant find a partner any easier than a faggot like you.

We al knew that already. You really think anybody who uses Jow Forums is goi to heaven?

None of this matters if you have the biggest dick

The purpose of having sex is having kids, did you know that?
Having kids is literally the meaning of life user
I know that as a tranny you will try to deny it, but it is literally nature

My gf has never allowed a man to cum on her face, I know this because I thought it would be funny to suggest it one night and she got pissy and said it never was gonna happen, ever. But then she got broody for babies and I made her do 3 things she had never done before, before I would knock her up
>let me cum on her face
>let me cum in her ass
>make her tongue my (clean) asshole while jerking me off
She eventually caved and did all of them.

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fuck that. I would be out of it

how do you get to eat your ass?

Also how can I cum as much as the guy in op

>promiscuous women cant find a partner
It is more difficult to find a good partner.
Of course they can always get as a last option a 50yboi cuck.

having sex with trannies or faggots doesn't count virgin

You can get a girl to do anything just by making it clear that you will leave her if she doesn't submit to you. This is why beta males are pussy whipped so often, they don't have enough options like a Chad does to make those kinds of ultimatums, so you follow her program instead.

The purpose of eating is to not die but I'm sure you enjoy stuffing your fat fucking face even when you're not particularly hungry.

I'm the first one fag, fuck this gay thread

i think you unintentionally made a good analogy
you see eating is essential for survival, but over indulging in this activity has negative consequences for your health and survival, though there is nothing wrong with eating food in a healthy and balanced way
same thing goes for sexual activities, it is healthy and normal if done for procreation and inside a marriage

also unlike you tranny, i don't indulge in overeating

Its not so bad when a girl youre seeing tells you how a guy said they would kill themselves in high school bc she would not date them.

Are modern men all cuckolds?
Pretty much all of them are fine with their girlfriend fucking other men.

virgins are the true cuckolds, they are fine with getting no sex at all!

Having sex without reproducing is the equivalent of fucking animals dear tranny

another roasty getting toasty, i see

>Not having sex is more like letting your girlfriend fuck other men than actually letting your girlfriend fuck other men.
You normalfags are a strange and retarded bunch.

no, the definition is masturbating to other people have sex.

I'd be unbelievably lucky to get that.

> A cuckold is a man whose wife is having an affair with another man.
You have to be in a relationship with a woman.
Not just masturbating to porn.

yes, i know, i see cum facial on girls when i see them.

>"women are disgusting for letting guys do that to them!"
>"why won't a woman let me do that to her!?"

the mind of an incel ladies and gentlemen

>imagine being this retarded
He is talking about women doing it without being married

>the mind of an incel ladies and gentlemen

Hahaha OWNED. You gave that evil misogynist the what for ah! Now that you have slain the foul beast, what shall it be my Lord? A barrel of Ben and Jerry's? How about re-watching Rick and Morty in your PJ's while eating macaroni of the house Kraft?

You sure gave the ne'er-do-well a good licking on the old Mongolian knife sharpening forum. He certainly is so defeated by your stunning wit and brilliance he will change his ways, I tell you! And if he doesn't, he is but a scoundrel not worthy of your effort.

It is like John Swift said, "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him."

And you are that genius!

Unfortunately the annals of history cannot truly appreciate your genius! They should be writing towering novels of your brave and heroic deeds, good sir. Now venture forth and be off to battle other foul demons, perhaps in the House of Reddit this time.

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wrong. you are more of a cuckold if you don't even have access to sex with a girl.

The only good sex is between two men.
The only true marriage is between two men.

>obsessing over your partner's past
literally useless

There is no point in getting a virgin unless you believe in the meme that you'll be together forever.

>Daily reminder premarital sex is a sin
Based and redpilled.
I'll just marry a girl out of a very religious country.
If she ever dare to cheat on me, i'll just tell her we go to special holidays in her shithole before legally killing that slut there.

>black foreigner "legally" killing a christian girl

The only reason you think it's just a meme is because people no longer stay virgins until marriage.

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>tfw no gf with an extensive sexual history who did all sorts of kinky shit before
Sluts are extremely attractive, romantic idealism is dumb.

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Who said i'm christian?
By the grace of Allah my religion isn't as cucked as yours, infidel.
I'll get my qt veiled pure wife and if she ever get tainted by western heresy shall i put her to death....Before getting another one.

i dont get it either i have a bigger dick than most guys in all these amateur webms and the chicks are always hot af what am i doing wrong

Image itself alludes to ignorance being bliss though. The best part of being an adult is realizing you can kick shitters out of your life. Virgins simply don't know any better because they haven't actually chosen to no longer put up with someone's bullshit.

Sluts are fucking repulsive. It's way better taking a normal girl and making her a slut for you. I don't want a girl who has been rimmed by 10 dudes or already given a bunch of footjobs or had a dude cum in her ass. I want to be the first guy to do those things with her

>he thinks saying allah makes him not christian
lol retarded black boy

those charts have been debunked but assuming your logic holds up, a virgin should have the best chance of having a long lasting relationship. how long have you been in one so far?

What?? Cause some girls just like sucking dick. Much like you feel the feel of a thick ass in your hands, user. Such is human nature.

>lol retarded black boy
Who said i'm black first?
And i don't believe in the trinity, Jesus was a prophet and will guide us through the end of the world but he is no God.

since when are ruined orgasms enjoyable?

>those charts have been debunked
I have never seen anyone debunk them successfully (because it's not possible, stats are what they are).

>a virgin should have the best chance of having a long lasting relationship.
Yes, that's probably the reason why every race and culture across the globe that passed the stone age valued female virginity.

i took my girlfriends virginity teehee :)

Based if you were a virgin as well, if not, entirely unbased.

i was a virgin myself

if you look at the raw data it has nothing to do with what the chart says. it's been debunked for like 10 years so idk what drugs you're on.

>cultures that are successful are good
very awkward thing to say because the current culture which has succeeded all others doesn't value female virginity at all.

i asked you how long your relationship has lasted. i thought thats what you truly valued? or no?

Ejaculating isn't an orgasm, friend

This, now I just assume that everyone who's interested in me is a slut.

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>Then they realize you are just another crazy and they ghost you. Shit sucks.

So why do you keep repeating the same mistake over and over? Maybe stop fucking chads and fuck losers because they cant do any better. Stupid cunt.

Women are too stupid to know what body types have big dicks, also some women don't want huge dicks, they can't handle it, especially if they want the sex to be rough, a big dick can make it hard enough to add any roughness

Dick size doesn't matter for getting girls, just keeping them.

How cam some guys cum so hard and produce so much cum?
Is there some special technique? Vitamin supplements? Anything?

I mean, if I stopped fapping for a few days I could probably cum more than I do now, but...yeah.

No they're disgusting for letting multiple guys do it.
They should only let the one they love do those things with them.

>if you look at the raw data
I assume you mean the data gathered by the CDC because it's the oldest and most famous, it also says exactly what the graphs say.
Also, the pic shows graphs from multiple studies with multiple data sets that all show the same outcome.

>succeeded all others
Literally all nations where virginity isn't valued anymore has a below replacement level birthrate and has suicidal tendencies that allows other people (that do still value virginity and do still have high birthrates) to replace them.

>i asked you how long your relationship has lasted.
Completely irrelevant, I could be a virgin with no relationship, I could be married for 50 years and had a virgin bride. None of it changes anything about the data.

I don't know why you're so butthurt about stats.
Are you some used goods trying to pretend like you are worth the same as a virgin or are you just some beta who's trying to cope with being a cuck by pretending he's okay with his wife/girlfriend having fucked other men.

>Ive sucked 50 cocks and have numerous STDs

The mind of a thot everybody.

supplements, diets high in whatever you need for big loads (i dont remember) and yeah not beating off for a while. i do it twice a day and stopped for a few and when i came i roped like the guy in the op.