Meet cute white guy in class

>meet cute white guy in class,
>develop crush on him instantly,
>find out he is dating an asian girl.
This is really starting to piss me off,
Fucking uesless asian sluts, stop taking our guys.

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Do a powernove and rape him infront of his asian gf


>rewarding yellowfever weebs with free white pussy.
No thx.


>says all this while posting a picture of a literal 2d animated asian female
absolute IQ of fembots

I saw this happening as well but they had a latina gf

You better be referring to college, or otherwise I'll have to report you for being underage.

Hahaha roastie BTFO. This is what you get for losing class and sleeping with savage monkeys.

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>Fucking uesless asian sluts, stop taking our guys.
I only date hapa and korean guys. White guys are for you guys and I wouldn't take them from you.

No, you rape him with a strap on


You were probably worthless anyways, dumb roastie whore. Good on him for dodging a bullet like you. Now, if you kill yourself, you'll truly make his life better!

Are you even a worthwhile person yourself such that someone would want to date you?
Usually white guys go for Asian girls because they look/act cuter, if you can't do that you'll be out-competed.

Though I do agree that racemixing is unacceptable in all circumstances.

>a fembot anime fan cant post anime on a anime website,
>liking anime instantly means you have to like asian girls
I suppose liking rap means you have to love niggers too?
liking tacos means you love illegal immigrants taking stealing your stuff and job?
fuck off incel.

nobody asked you who you date, retard.

>I suppose liking rap means you have to love niggers too?
why yes, it does.


>Usually white guys go for Asian girls because they look/act cuter,
wrong, they go for them bacause they are easy, asian girls are such sluts for white guys.

Well, you told us not to take your white guys so I politely assured you I wouldn't. I'm sorry you're so angry and bitter. Maybe that's why nobody wants to date you. If you want to be more attractive to men, try take care of yourself more and fix your terrible personality!

>This is what you get for losing class and sleeping with savage monkeys.
sad sad incel, i hate to be that guy but...
ahem... have sex.

dont be mean to asian fembot. this is your fault anyways, you can thank obama and trailblazing white women that date out

>i hate to be that guy but...
So OP, you're admitting to being a tranny now?

im not a tranny but i think these 2 dudes are

You literally called yourself a guy though. Freudian slip?

It's better than having ridiculously high standards like white women do.

maybe it's because asian girls actually strive to make something of themselves. There's a reason why asians are doing better than the fabled white cisperson. They have drive.

being that guy as in like, the guys who post that are more likely guys is all, holy shit you are obsessed with trannies,
it wouldnt make sense to say that girl cuz they are most likely not girls.

>being a asian slut lusting for white dick is better then being a white girl with standards...
gtfo of this thread you obvious angry virgin troll

>i hate to be that guy but...
>speaking about yourself
>backpedals and now claims to be speaking about others
>I = others in his head
Just admit it OP. You are a tranny freak and you're jealous of cis asian women because they're actually feminine.

we all know thats not why user,
its all that anime messing with guys heads making them think asian girls are "kawaii just like anime girls"

Kek, roasties always resort to calling people virgins when they're losing an argument, it's so predictable.
Also, the only one angry here is you, I don't even experience anger anymore.

Alright I am going to have to stop you right there. I have a gf. Is calling people incel your only way to cope with your life decisions like when you let jermoe and Tyrone spitroast you behind 7-11?

being that guy, holy shit you are dumb, if that guy is a guy why would you say that girl?
if i was playing mario cart as luigi in split screen and my dad walks in and says "who are you" i would say, "IM THAT GUY"
He could say "why him, why not wario, i like wario,
I would say "i hate to be that guy, i like luigi."

see where i am going with this???
i wouldnt say that girl

> the only one angry here is you
>I don't even experience anger anymore.

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Just become a white supremacist if you aren't already and work towards a world with only white people, then you won't have any problems with Asian sluts stealing men from you.

You sound extremely desperate to pull yourself out of this. I know you called yourself a guy and acting like a nonsensical retard won't get you out of this.

"I hate to be that guy but" is referring to only yourself.
>A phrase people can add before saying something nitpicky, like correcting you on some inconsequential fact.
It's never used to refer to others.

GUYS dont bully op either. she doesnt date out either or nothing so far has indicated she does.

Shes trying to date a white guy, shes trying to do right so dont bully for trying to do whats right.

As for asian gfs... i mean we saw that coming, you can blame obama era.

This, atleast shes dating in her race.
Unlike that guy and that asian broad

i guess take op's situation as a warning - be nicer to white men if you dont want them hopping a boat eastward.

okey pal, go ahead and continue being obsessed with trannies then, i bet you go to bed with thoughts of trannies in your head every night.

dont bully them either, even though theyre not here. do not be bitter, do better.

Kek, I also expected this response as well.
It's effectively saying "no u", but unironically.
It's hilarious stuff like this that makes coming here worth it.
It's cute that you even put in the effort to put in an image to go with your your "rebuttal", it shows that you've likely done this before. The fact you even took the time to save that image suggests that you empathize with its sentiment of being angry while pretending to be calm, a classic case of projection.
I'm looking forward to your next "no u" rebuttal.

>Kek, I also expected this response as well.
>i expected that you would respond to my shitty post with the only proper response a shitty post deserves and that is funny to me.

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This thread is trash and you're all stupid.

Bully who?

Yes,being a chill Asian girl who's down to hang and bang guys is better than being a White bitch who thinks she's better than she actually is.

At least I succeeded in the purpose of my post, which was to make you mad. Emotional people always fall for it, and women are usually the dumbest and most emotional people.

>t. cuck
haven't seen this much raw cuckery in a while

its cuz of people like you that the country is falling apart, worst part is people like you always are the first to blame women for all the bad shit going on.
Pls never have children.

yup yup yup,
whatever floats your boat kiddo.

Aw, I was expecting you to be more mad.
I guess you win this round.

I so jelly op

>platinum blonde
>pale skin
>small oval face
>big bright colored eyes
>s-she's asian ok?

My gf was a virgin when we got together and has only been with me
I work a good job and am in a monogamous relationship with a faithful partner. I am not the reason
The reason are stuck up women who refuse to be with good men just because they don't make enough or are too short or some other stupid thing. That's what's driving the divide between the genders and the collapse of society.

oh I see, it's other girls who are supposed to be sluts. But you will only gf a stuck-up bitch who rejected every guy except you. Gotcha.

Nice try, roast beef sandwich

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quads wasted on such a useless npc tier post.

>Defending a slut
>Defending a normalfag
Nice try, normalfag

GUYS start being nicer or else there wont be ANY white men left to date.

>OP claims not to be a tranny
>yet admitting to be a tranny and having a dick in his other thread

really makes you think huh

not the same person idiot,

Please be my gf, I will never look at asian girls and will be racist with the asians of your choosing