Anyone who orbits e-thots needs to be executed

Anyone who orbits e-thots needs to be executed.

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Then you better kill me because I will never stop.

who is that grill and why are you posting her?

Won't tell you because she doesn't deserve the attention.

so why did you post here, if she doesn't deserve attention?
Why did you have a picture of her on your pc?
could it be user?
Could it be that you are an orbiter?

>being so robot you scorn all women and any attention-seeking hobbies
>being so robot that you follow a bunch of women on social media/youtube/twitch/patreon

agreed, in fact any orbiter(except the moon) should be executed.

>who is that grill

No, I just used her as an example.
>no u
Yeah, no. I had to search her up on google because I didn't have any images on my HD of her. But r9k was obsessed with her for some time and she's a prime example of an e-thot. That's why I used her.

Wait, so when people send them money, what do they get in return? A "thank you"?

This, those dolles keeps me alivolle.

Thats fine. I wouldnt mind dying.

The satisfaction of knowing that you made her life better

>ciarashilling in 2019

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Wait, if that were true they'd be donating to charities or something. Do they want to fuck her or something? Do they pretend she's their girlfriend?

Help an old man make sense of this.

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When you love someone, you want to help them and make them happy

its glorified cuckoldry is what it is

But they don't even know her. At least with regular celebrities you pay for the movie or the album. With these kids they get what? The knowledge that someone who will never know their name could buy some more makeup?

Celebrity worship has been around forever, but I can't wrap my head around this.

Interesting. Go on.

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I fucking hate people who use a straw for everything. I get it for drinking out of a glass and shit but I offered to share my HOT coffee with a girl once and she asked a guy to get her a straw so she could drink it
Its stupid

Theres nothing else to say about it. Orbiters are cucks simple as

It's literally the same thing just in a smaller scale, I find the celeb culture to be just as weird. More like slutty youtubers/streamers with a patreon I suppose, odds are you'll never fully understand as you like most normal people would never donate to someone like that.

I remember when Regan was shot by a guy trying to impress Jodi Foster and this is way weirder than that to me.

So its like simulated female attention? Even then, they could just watch it for free right? Its the money I don't get.

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Watching for free doesn't help them as much as the money does. The key here is that you are doing something nice for someone else, not for your own pleasure.

Sure, but why not donate to charities or GoFundMe's? There has to be a sexual or at least romantic component, otherwise this wouldn't be exclusively boys and men giving money to teen to early 20s girls. It only makes sense if they're pretending to have a relationship with them.

Are they pretend girlfriends?

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>Sure, but why not donate to charities or GoFundMe's?
because people do not fall in love with charities or gofundmes

So they think they love them and its a one-way provider relationship?
Like a prostitute but you pay her to be instead of for sex?
I think I'm getting it.

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It makes my day when I make a big tribute to my e-gf

Hell yeah, man. What's the biggest tribute you've ever done?

Do you wear a chastity device when you donate?

No, I don't own one of those.

yes OP is right, this only enables and encourages hypergamy, it makes them feel like they're better than every other girl too

No, I just write a new entry and save it on her shrine

What the fuck is "her shrine"?