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trannies want what they can't have.

Shouldn't they all be asking for a brain then?

Why cant i have one?

ok sounds good, when do I get to fuck you

k but ill bully you for being a faggot though

Thats fine

Not until we're married

>Not until we're married
not gonna marry a faggot, sorry

>implying I wouldnt hate myself

;-; but i wanna marry a cute Jow Forums guy

sorry, can't. Gotta have kids

>Jow Forums constantly talks about stopping degeneracy
>Jow Forums also wants to have gay sex with trannies and femboys

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We can adopt

Its not gay if im a girl!

Why do you want a hispanic bf who jacks off to blacked and tranny porn?

>Jow Forums is one person

Yeah but your girl penis is bigger than my regular man penis so we can't be together it's taboo.

>Its not gay if im a girl!
You are a man in a dress killing his body with incompatible chemicals

adoption doesn't really count you know
I could keep you on the side

You dont have to use it though!
Im fine with you having a smaller dick

But i want marriage

Why does you care? Im not even white anyway

If you don't have a uterus then you aren't a girl, simple as that. Believing that you're a girl when you were born with a penis is like believing in magic or ghosts, which you might actually be dumb enough to believe in as well.

are you the hispanic poster who wants a white bf?

>Why does you care? Im not even white anyway
So? You're still fucking over your life and future for a fetish.

That's mean, dont be mean

you're a black tranny I hope

I don't have a life or a future, why I should pretend to be anything but fucked?

Not hispanic

Its not a fetish

Half black desu

If telling the truth is being mean then I'll be the meanest person alive if it means I'm closest to the truth.

i'm pretty racist and desperate, wanna give me your discord so we can have cybersex?

So you'll let me destroy your bussy with as many toys as we can fit?
Contact. Now.

only if you pass

Reminder that OP likely doesn't pass, nor is she cute.
It's a nice fantasy until you think about the truth of the situation instead of imagining a cute brown anime girl.

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>getting off to a racist white guy fucking me while I pretend to be a girl because of my self-hatred isnt a fetish!
Nevermind, just go ahead and join the 40% already.

post contact and i'll add you and we can watch america first together

But Jow Forums dudes only want white/asian girls, being arab sucks.

>only if you pass
I dont

Yes! Only after marriage though

Most Jow Forums guys would be fine with a pale Christian arab girl, but all of you are trannies anyway so it doesn't matter.

not really surprising since these "guys" worship a faggot

>In 1915 we were billeted in the Le Febre brewery at Fournes. We slept in the hay. Hitler was bedded down at night with "Schmidt," his male whore. We heard a rustling in the hay. Then someone switched on his electric flashlight and growled, "Take a look at those two nancy boys." -Hans Mend; Hitler's war buddy

op where do you live and how old are you?

arab girls are unironically 10/10

Are you actively working on passing?

Is it bad that I want yaoi fanfiction of young hitler and his little boyfriend >.

Try checking out the local trailer parks or hang around colleges and look for kids who look like school shooters that will die virgins.

I'm 100% arab (Bedouin) and a female(female).
I'm muslim so no Jow Forums guy.

arab/persian girls are my fetish

how did it feel having your vagina mutilated as a kid

Be my wife right now or by Allah I will make a BLACKED thread on Jow Forums

Nice meme, how does it feel to be a wageslave ruled by jews?
That's a weird fetish.
That's not how it works, user.

18 and i live in florida

Yes, im on HRT and doing skin care routines and practicing sounding like a girl

Id fuck dylann roof desu white men who look like school shooters are cute

Why are you complaining user, unless your standards are high you could easily get a white bf.

actually i'm a neet and hate israel

i just like big noses, honestly and perisans/jews and indians have em

Nothing bad about it at all! Im sure the fuhrer would love it!

>white men who look like school shooters are cute
>18 and i live in florida

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I do have high standards, what you thin I am?

22 and I'm in Florida.
Add me HoneyNutButt#8019

Seriously marry me

First you'd have to be a muslim, second I'd have to like you.

>no non white gf to bleach
It's not fucking fair bros

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What are your standards then, and why do you want a Jow Forums bf?

I want a men that is:
1. firm
2. dominating (the abusive controlling kind)
3. not fat or sick
4. muslim
I'll not find it.

>Not fat
Is dad bod acceptable

might as well stop going on Jow Forums if you're looking for that shit

I enter Jow Forums because I've autism and I like you fags. Not to find a husband.

What is dad bod?

>First you have to be a Muslim
Can't I just be a Muslim but not practicing. Like a Muslim in name only.
>You'd have to like me
I'm the most likeable person on the planet. Watch ready?

>What is dad bod?
fat and coping

Slight stomach pouch.

>Can't I just be a Muslim but not practicing
There's not half Muslim like there's half jews or half Christians.

> ruled by jews
nice meme, but jews kiss our mick feet

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Fat is fat, no tricks.

Fucking FINE.
Ok now can you help me become Muslim THEN can we get married?

Everybody knows that Jow Forums is a hivemind

Are you the tranny? If so how can you have high standards and not be passable.
S w e r v e.

you know you're not gonna find that shit, so just fuck off looking for it, or maybe at least lower your standards and then slowly change the guy later in the relationship like most women do.

Now we can talk serious, I'm Ajda, I live in Italy and I'm 21 years old, how about you?

Isn't that just how most Muslim guys are already like?
Also it's impressive that they've even selectively bred themselves to make their women like being abused.

As a Muslim i'd be dead by now if I was gay.

>Isn't that just how most Muslim guys are already like?
More or less, most are lazy and like to be obeyed, but very few Muslims take the abuse part serious and dutifully enough.

You are a deffective Arab girl. I thought most of you qts were cultured enough to actually date men from your own background.

I'm the mixed race trans girl not the muslim

Great I'm Johann I'm 22 and live in the burger states of America. Ajda what does it take to fill you with children? I swear BY ALLAH you must be impregnated..

Add me on discord already so I can impregnate your bussy

I'm a human being, with wills and desires, while I have great respect for my culture, I also want some things for myself.

Why do you want to be abused and controlled though? Do you get pleasure from it, or is it just something you're taught to prefer?

It's very hard to explain this to an western, but life is more than sexual pleasure and comfort.
People doesn't need to be taught to live in a no western way, but without 6 - 10 hours in schools most westerns wouldn't be the way they are.
I enjoy it, in a sexual (I'm no lier), in a moral way and in a very simple but fulfilling way.

I mean I can't say it's wrong of you to do that, but still a bit shameful. You will probably grow out of that phase when you grow up. I used to date white/western girls only when I was younger, but as I grew up I had much more of an interest in marrying a girl of my own ethnic background (I am white but not anglo-american).

PS how big are your tits

Maybe it's some juvenile dream, nice trips.

>PS how big are your tits
I'm plain as a board

Add me already so I can abuse your ass. Contact info now.

>I'm plain as a board

Unless you think a 13 years old girl is hot, you'll not find me hot.

My trips means you're my Arab harlot now. How big is your ass though, baby?

I disagree. Why not post contact and be my Arab wife?

Also very small, there's no use.
Why you no post yours?

Ok add me on discord
Then we can WhatsApp or something.

Legal lolis are the best though.
The intelligence of an adult with the cuteness of a teenager is perfect.

damn how petite are you? you're probably still a qt like a lot of arab girls i know

So go to Jow Forums then retarded bitch

Samefag. It's blatantly obvious what the purpose of this garbage thread was