Why are all the women here obese?

Why are all the women here obese?

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idk, but i wouldn't mind breeding with some of them

I would with any of them. Every fembot is attractive in her own way to me

please put a baby in me. i am chubby femanon.


it's statistically likely if they're americans

if u call everyone who claims to be a femanon a tranny u will never have a chance. u are pushing real femanons away u fucking sperg.

Amanda isn't but she just lurks

So thirsty mane

Tell m some more about yourself.
Do you think you'd be a good mother.

>why are there rejects on Jow Forums?

yes. i'm excited to be a mother. i am in college to get my bachelors and my main purpose is to support my future children and husband. i want to give my family everything.. i want to be a good wife and mother. its my goal in life.

what are your stats in terms of weight and height?
you wouldn't mind being a bit dominant and forcing me to cum inside of you?
also A/S/L?

im 21/M/NYC

you are probably too good for me. I hope you find a nice man who you can raise a family with

Post your fat tits babe I need to cum

forget to ask, what are the circumference of your hips?
you know what they say about women with wide hips...

160 lbs 5'3"


You sound lovely, but it seems like we're in different countries.
I hope you find somebody to be your husband.

not bad, im with a fwb thats very tall (around my height) and weighs close to 400 lbs... but doesn;t want me to pursue a future with her.... just mindless raw fucking and cum inside her without the growing of a child in her stomach part.

you wouldn't mind carrying a few more pounds while doing corset training at the same time to distribute most of the incoming fat away from your waists?

>without the growing of a child in her stomach part

She doesn't count she's married

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