Mfw that smart nerd that everyone thought would be successful ends up working at Wal-Mart

>mfw that smart nerd that everyone thought would be successful ends up working at Wal-Mart

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tfw he only learned for the grades and cause of parental pressure

It turns out that being smart enough to not need to put in much effort doesn't build a proper work ethic.
People that never learn discipline are going to fail regardless of intelligence.

I'd still rather be him than myself. At least people thought he had potential. People like us are written off from day one.

This guy is right, I'm now a NEET and so far it's get famous or die poor, no other options. Trying to make youtube shows and whatever else I can do

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employers don't really give a shit about your intelligence, they only care whether you're extroverted and enthusiastic.

getting a job isnt about work ethic, its 95% or you get lucky and someone in your family/friends circle knows someone that is in charge of hiring

serious question: if school and university are so important, why are they (mostly) such mind numbing experiences. Especially high school.

I had a horrible time in high school because the building was filthy, all the bathrooms smelled like shit, more people in the school spoke spanish than english and they had coed classes which made me ridiculously distracted in class. There's so much bullshit that happens and goes wrong on a high school campus, and you have decisions being made by ppl who's brains aren't fully developed, and the outcomes of these decisions affect you the rest of your life

It's enough to make someone want to do a shooting, anybody done that yet?

They aren't really important, as evidenced by the fact that employers really don't have any fucks to give about your GPA. Having a diploma is just a convenient and easily-justifiable way to discard a bunch of applications. Besides, most of school isn't learning or intelligence, it's just quietly putting up with retarded bullshit. You can be dumb as a box of rocks and graduate if you're good at putting up with retarded bullshit. the same is true of most jobs.

You should've gone to a charter school or something, public schools are trash.

Being able to withstand shit is a incredible useful skill.
A person that cannot survive some boring class will never hold a job.

Because public schools are designed to have a certain amount of kids pass, and so there is no pressure for most people to learn anything because most kids are slow or uninterested anyway.

I did IB classes at a respected school (still public but took it much more seriously with IB) and we had up to 5 hours of homework every night. Two students in my year passed out in the middle of class randomly because they weren't getting enough sleep. I was averaging 4 hours of sleep usually my senior year. There were even verifiably stupid kids in the program, but even they ended up with successful careers (one killed himself but he didn't do the full program). Half the class ended up as doctors or dentists, me and a lot of others are engineers or in tech.

I still don't know how to do taxes. American education is fucking retarded. I went to state college, got a 3.0 gpa after SKIPPING 90% OF MY LECTURES. all because of hard high school yes, but it was pathetic. it makes no sense why companies do so little to invest in advanced education programs

red? is that you?

How were you averaging only 4 hours of sleep every night in your senior year of high school if you only had up to 5 hours oh hw every night?

>it makes no sense why companies do so little to invest in advanced education programs
businesses don't like the idea of spending money on training (whether academic or vocational) because 1.) it takes too long to pay off, and 2.) they'll probably pay most of the money training people who will go off to work for other companies, possibly competitors.

if you tried to work around this it'd be something like a contract that says "we'll pay for your education and hire you, but only if you maintain a certain GPA in a program we helped design and agree to work for us at some below-market salary for X years". If that sounds like a recipe for having outraged politicians and commie students calling for your lynching, that's because it is. hence it isn't done.

>that feel when this is me but at midwestern Wal-Mart competitor

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We were kids. Soccer took up 3 hours 3 days a week. I had WoW raiding some of the other days. i took naps when we took breaks on wipe. I would go hang out with girls in parking lots or go to parties. I remember having a movie night every week with my friends.

My day was 7 wake up for 730 classes, classes finished at 330 (second half of the year it was 230), I'd relax and then do kid stuff until 7-9pm, and start homework. Usually I could finish by 1am, but I didn't go straight to sleep because I could eat or text people or some other shit. There were entire weeks where I'd average 3 hours of sleep, procrastinated on a project and was up for 3 days straight with a few 50 minute naps thinking i was some modern day da vinci.

The problem is that companies and philanthropists do invest a lot of money in education, but they don't put into advanced skills or accelerated programs.

Guess what happened when my university got a fuckload of money from Bill Gates? It renovated, built more buildings, accepted more students, and created a fuck load of easy classes for those new students to take.

Also my current company does go to high schools and colleges around the country to spark interest, but somehow these kids are supposed to figure it out on their own. Even just expanding on stuff like MIT opencourseware and advertising better would bring up so many more strong employees. me mad because i guess i got super lucky with high school since all my middle school friends are just bums now. kids that age don't force themselves to learn.

The truth is school is fucking gay and being a NEET rocks, the people I hated the most back when I was in high school were this losers who would cry if they got a B on a test

yes, i know i went to community college, worked at a grocery store for a year then got a good job. the company went down though. they out sourced the maintenance department. everyone i know retired from there.