It's been 4 years since the last time I've had a intimate cuddle with someone I like romantically

It's been 4 years since the last time I've had a intimate cuddle with someone I like romantically.

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boo hoo crybabby bitch

i haven't been in a relationship with a girl for 26 years

I hate when these normalfags think they have it rough. ive never cuddled with anyone let alone kissed or even hugged someone romantically and im 22

Get off our bored normalfag, I haven't felt love since I was a child, and I'm 22

i've never been cuddled in my intire existence and you know what? i hope the suffer will never end , it's my fuel , the only women i will ever embrace is frustration , she the only wife i need.

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surely his problem is worse than yours, as you've never experienced this you can't know what you're missing out on
this guy's had a taste of the good life
tldr kys

Fucking normie. Get out of here and take sad bart with you.

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you sick fuck you put a space before and after the comma

you fucking disgust me

Fuck off you normalfag wannabe you can never understand the feel of being a permavergin its quite simple if you had sex with someone youre a fucking normalfag

she didn't even wanted to be my gf anyways

I haven't cuddled or kissed a girl in a romantic or sexual relationship ever.

So what? If you fucked youre a normalfag and you should GTFO now!

Everyone in this thread is a self-loathing, defeatist fat fuck and deserve everything that comes to them.

- Jow Forums

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Fuck OP. I don't feel bad for him at all.

I've spent half my life alone, only friends ive made since school have been coworkers that double as drinking buddies. I've met 3 girls that I've sincerely enjoyed and they all ended up avoiding me.

The sooner you accept loneliness as a fate, the sooner you'll stop letting it drain you.

Obvious bait.

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Your virginity is your sole problem, if you can't solve it getting bitter due to jealousy then you are literally sjw tier. I lost my virginity despite being an awkward loser, I never got help from Chad and couldn't into relationships I was just being myself unable to fake it because I didn't care. I'm hard to get close to because emotions scare me as they make me irrational and immature, I just enjoy making a girl smile.

Same, it's been 15 seconds since I had sex

Wow you are the fucking definition of a normalfag grog nigger go somewhere you belong like reddit or any other fucking board

long time here for me too. im in the small town for being black user meme thing. it hasn't been 4 years but a long fucking time

14 here. although ive enjoyed many intimate cuddles with bottles of booze

i wish i were gay sometimes. men are so much more interesting than women. wpuld be amazing if women had better, more interesting personalities.

It's never too late to start, cutie

>inb4 underage b&
jannies are too retarded to read i wouldn't put it past them

I've been online since 1996, this is my home. Go fuck yourself queer incel zoomer.