Testicles exist

>testicles exist
What did evolution mean by this?

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I dont know but I have three so i must be genetically superior

Not if one of them is in half.

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Not in half but the third one doesnt work and it is undersized. Poor lil runt

Sperm is best kept at temperatures lower than your body temperature.

why? who decided that was a good idea?

>Body doesn't produce coolant or come with built in AC
>Lets the most vulnerable parts dangle in between two of the most actively moving parts
If there is a god, he's retarded

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>testicles are literally inside your fucking body
>lower than body temperature

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I dont need a girl for that my balls hurt constantly by themselves

what do u think is easier to evolve

>a gland that moves away from the body and sperm count is increased
>a corsair h100 watercooling system for internal testicles which will provide the same sperm count increase

The most vulnerable part is the brain, though not yours, yours is dense

Please share a picture. Not even gay, I'm just really curious what it looks like.

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Which is exactly why there isn't a god. Our bodies don't come with any cool features. We really lucked out with masturbating.

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They feel good slapping against my ass

I'm gonna go armchair biologist here, but I think it's because men produce a shit ton of sperm each day. The testicles would get too hot if they were instead inside of us...

n-no homo, right?

Yeah but inside your ballsack it's colder than other parts of your body.

i thought the body was more or less the same temperture, thanks for the information

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I would but you cant really tell without feeling it
Yknow that awkward scene in Fight Club where the guy talks about the growth on his ball? Its kinda like that

Men were to OP so we needed a weak spot for women to be able to hit or else we would own all of them into extinction.

>What did evolution mean by this?
It proves that women should be fucked like dogs.
Because if you fuck them on all fours, the balls will hit her clit and make her cum.