Tfw you will never make love to a fembot

>tfw you will never make love to a fembot

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I just want her to be happy. When I think of a fembot being sad, my heart aches.

>Ywn have a shy introverted neet fembot to cuddle and watch movies with

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I wish l could be a source of comfort for a fembot.

i just want a retard fembot to share my life with

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>tfw no neet fembot gf to come home to after a long day at work

You boys be thirsty.

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>you will never make a fembot cum

I just want a fembot gf to bully

I would even be fine being a source of income for a fembot

I know that feel.
Knowing I was saving somebody from having to wageslave would mean a lot to me.

i'm not a fembot but do you wanna support me?

I just want a fembot gf to bully me

im a fembot being a wageslave pls pls pls save me i want to kill myself every day working in retail pls holy fuck

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i just want someone to talk to and that actually enjoys talking with me

I wish I could provide for you

Retail must be horrible.
Where do you live?

please what do i have to do..

Why would you provide for someone that only wants you for money? Don't be pathetic user

Wait for me to become rich enough to afford you I guess
If I can save even one fembot from suffering, my life will have meaning

>tfw a fembot raped me

I thought girls were supposed to be weak and submissive wtf

Pls be my fembot sugar baby gf

I own a second house that you can live in by yourself in and I'll send you pizzas or w/e the fuck you want delivered to you

god i wish a woman liked me enough or was attracted enough to me to be sexual towards me in anyway

you are baiting me this isnt real

I met up with a fembot who lives an hour away from me yesterday. We went hiking. She kept calling me cute but I did not even hold her hand I was so nervous. So I am still a khhv.

Oh and we ate at dairy queen. We both got tendies and blizzards.

>tfw low inhib
I fucking hate volcels

No I had another sugar baby who used to live in the other house but she had to go after graduating college. She wasn't a fembot tho

where are you from, sugar daddy user?

St. Louis, the good side of the city

I'm 31 now but been on Jow Forums since it started. I met a fembot here over 10 years ago and dated for a while.

Trust me, just don't. They're trashy white girls for the most part.

Fembots are the most sweet and beautiful women on the planet. Maybe you just couldn't handle a woman like that.

you're a god, i love you bro

Uhh, thanks I guess?

how dare you act like this from my praise, i hope you burn in eternal hellfire, you disgusting cunt. Fuck you

i meant to tag you

I'm sorry, but I do not understand what you are saying


ok retard. you were being a cunt in this post:

>Uhh, thanks I guess?

that was a bitchy thing to say what my guy was praising you in his post:
>you're a god, i love you bro

It sounds like you just misinterpreted the post

She was a bitch and manipulative as fuck. She'd also slept around a lot previously (most fembots are skanks). When I was young I was more progressive and diidn't care about a woman's partner count, but as you grow older you start realizing there are certain types you need to look at for marriage.

At my age I've given up on marriage and just want a woman-child to care for and fuck

Bruh I know people in their 40s just getting married. Don't give up.

Besides, we're all gonna be transhuman immortal androids in the future anyway, so I don't think you're running out of time.

Thanks user, that gives me a little hope.

>tfw no fembot to leglock you as you cum as deep inside her as possible

I lowkey wish that a fembot would let me be her cuck bf and watch other guys fuck her after our dates

Just watch or join in?

>tfw no non-porn-addicted fembot gf who just wants to have vanilla sex

maybe if she wanted me to join in I could too

I would do whatever it was needed to try and make her happy

>no gf with a weird personality who is kind hearted and attracted to me
>I can't rub her feet when she gets off of work, we can't explore the world together, and I can't support her emotionally physically and mentally
Life is shit

>you can't make her cum from breastplay and experience how tender and loving her expression is from you doing that
I need to vacate this plane

>tfw no fembot to be your partner for life