This is the average Jow Forums and Jow Forums poster

This is the average Jow Forums and Jow Forums poster

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this Video is Something that belongs in a Museum about the human race

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Jfc you have your phone out. Just take a video and fap to it later.

Fucking autist, it's not like she's anything special either...

This is just painful to watch

He's just exercising his penis, don't judge

No OP this is the average Jow Forums poster

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i'm not sure if this is based or cringe

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this 2bh

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The fuck is wrong with males, control your penis.

Even just this post made me hard, I want to breed you

i want to feel your hot anal cavity around my penis

>I share a planet with these literal animals
Where's my Illuminati guest pass, I want to help in eradicating the human race.

Who's worse?
The guy who's fapping or the slut who feels the need to expose her ass like that?

Anyway, ffs, fucker should just take a photo or video and fap at home.

How about you sluts start wearing clothes and stop going to male dominated sanctuaries and bending over in front of me?

The slut. I fucking hate women in gyms they are nothing but whores. I go there to get my anger out and lift and I have to deal with all these turbo skanks.

All of them except maybe 1 guy are all ugly and manlets too probably. Do they honestly think that protien shake enemas and gymceling are gonna make them more appealing?

She's exercising, there's nothing slutty in that movement.

Why is women aways need to exercise in the tighst most revealing clothing AND why does it always involve degenerate movements like bending over, squatting or opening their legs? You never see chicks doing bench press or arm curls. All they do is squats, leg press, yoga, walk on a treadmill and take pics of themselves.

Youre whores and theres alot wrong with what shes doing in that environment.

It's not revealing clothing, she's not revealing anything. It's comfortable clothing, the primitive male fapping is revealing more skin than her ffs.

Women do bench press and arm curls too, they also have leg days like anyone that goes regularly to gym should. She's trying to live a normal life yet a degenerate is there, close to her, abusing her image without permission for selfish purposes. He should be in a cage honestly.

>It's not revealing clothing
>she's not revealing anything.
>It's comfortable clothing
So is not skin tight pants

Cope harder slut. No one beleives you when you say you wear it for comfort. Women dont go into gyms wearing skin tight pants, thongs and sports bras because 'its hot'. They do it because they want guys to check them out. I work out fine in shorts and an old t-shirt and I actually train.

>Women do bench press and arm curls too, they also have leg days like anyone that goes regularly to gym should
Lol no they dont.

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>It's not revealing clothing,
"Revealing clothing" is not synonymous with "a piece of string covering the nipples and the clitoris".
"Revealing" is not just bare skin.
Tight fitting clothes can be more revealing than expected.

Revealing refers to the skin, if it's covering the skin it's not revealing anything
Stop fighting reality.


No mate revealing means you clothing that is immodest. Dont move the goal post thot

>that guy who wears baggy shorts at the gym and has skinny arms sticking out of an old t-shirt like weeds

revealing refers to how much skin is showing.

They all looks fine. What is the problem? In a choice between being fit and ugly and just ugly the first is preferable. At least it somehow improves their lives.

Not bitch comes in gym with baggy clothes or pants, but all female trainers, who isn't a instathot, what I ever saw, come to train in a fucking regular clothes like guys wear - regular t-shirts, regular NOT TIGHT ASS ALL AROUND pants, no fucking tank tops. When you train not for attention you don't wear a fuckery like that.

No it doesnt, stop being an idiot.
>That guy who actually lifts and works up a sweat and isnt thinking about his clothing being a fashion statement because its a gym not a nightclub.

>being a skinny dweeb in baggy clothing
>thinks he's macho because he doesn't wear the right fit (????)
>like the faggot hypocrite that he is, he thinks a lot about OTHER peoples clothing like it's some kind of contest
>that guy who says "dilate" randomly because he also constantly has boipuccy on his mind
embarrassing really

bro what kind of gay gym do you go to where anybody is giving each other "attention" and the trainers wear regular clothes?

You seem REALLY upset roastie. And its because you know Im right and you dont want to admit that you and every other thot in gyms first thought before going isnt whats practical but what looks good. Women do not have some special physiological reason to have to work out in skin tight clothing. Ive been in women only gyms and no one in there dresses like a thot. Men can do it just fine in normal clothes, so can women.

Give birth

It's not for attention, it's for ease of movement and comfort, literally the same reason guys use t-shirts instead of a regular shirt that can cover their gross armpits. Something that people here keep thinking isn't "revealing"

Men can do it just fine in clothing that isnt skin tight. Women can aswell.

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>i've been in women only gyms
roasty getting toasty. jealous of women who are actually getting fit?

skin tight clothes don't prevent muscle growth, young lady. the armchair psychology is fine, but it shouldn't upset you so much. it's the same shit as when people trash on "nice guys" because they think they are being fake or gay. let it go, work out at home if you have small tits.

The one there people come to train, not to show off in their brand new sport clothes. Attention seekers circlejerking in their corner of gym.

>give birth
Lost my fucking sides

>his gym has a whole corner for people to circle jerk each other
congratulations my man. if you came there to train, why are you paying attention to other people hm?

And can do better with clothing that doesn't reveal the skin but still lets it breathe

Try to focus on the real problem, a degenerate male fapping in public, making women feel uncomfortable in what shoud be a normal activity, even if they are not using revealing clothing

>roasty getting toasty
I think your replied to the wrong person, Im a guy and Im arguing with the roastie.
>skin tight clothes don't prevent muscle growth,
Yeah but they dont increase it either
Thanks bro
>Huur duur just ignore shit you dont like
How about this, I dont like stuff that annoys me especially when its openly retarded like going to a gym to socialise and meet people instead of training and Im going to call it out. You like that?
Normal clothing breaths well enough. Like I said women dont have some special reason for needing to wear degenerate clothing that happens to reveal their sexual parts or draw attention to them. That guy wouldnt need to fap in public if women fucked him instead of dressing like whores and being rampant sluts.
>making women feel uncomfortable in what shoud be a normal activity,
They bring that on themselves. What does she expect? She cant stick her ass out like that and not have guys get a hard on?

>im a guy
doesn't sound like it
>she goes to a gym where people socialize and meet up

>lmao call him a roastie
Nice cope there roastie. Get used to guys jerking off to you while you do bent over rows.

So you go to the gym to masturbate? Kind of weird but alright. You could go to jail for that.

>when the roasty pretends to be another user

If women dress like whores they shouldnt be surprised when they get raped. Its entirely their fault.

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Have dilate

I agree, men don't have free will. Basically apes.

Getting toasty now arent we roastie.

Hey you said it yourself. There's no accountability. I would be surprised if you haven't raped anyone yet, you aren't a virgin are you....?

Exactly, women think they can do whatever they want like dress like sluts and yet decide who gets to jerk off over them, fuck them or even so much as look at them.

my thighs chafe against loose pants while exercising :( so i wear leggings

>it's not like she's anything special either...
true but i wouldnt pull out

Cry me a river slut, they dont.

contemplate the fragrance lads

Some women really are attention whores that's true. Another anecdote :
Imagine it's hot summer like 100F or 36c and you go for a run. Pretty sure you would go shirtless. And even at 79F or 26c you'd consider it... Why? Because you dont want your tshirt to be all sticky and chauff your nipples. Women could also say u are trying to brag... But really you're doing it because it's convenient.

This. Think about it logically robots

My choice is between that and a literal homunculus. I'll take the strength

>they all look fine

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Ah yes, the woman teases and ignores the poor beta but rushes to be raped by the rich alpha.

Humans are so animal in nature that it hurts to accept the real world.

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>Just take a selfie before heading off to the gym

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>The fuck is wrong with males, control your penis.
Maybe cover up? If it was up to me you would all be cattle.

>Pretty sure you would go shirtless. And even at 79F or 26c
I wear Jean's and a swester.
Sweat nigger.

As a male I don't get it either.

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men are accountable to other men
wahmen are accountable to no one