Where my Gorillaz fans at? What are you listening too right now?

Where my Gorillaz fans at? What are you listening too right now?

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Great band but listening to vulfpeck rn.
How about you user?

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gorillaz are great, listening to radiohead though

>red.dit: the music

Im a favorite song fag so sorry.

Sunflower by Post Malone watched into the spider verse the other day and cant get it out of my head

The concept is neat, but I havent heard anything interesting from them in a while, since they went full hip hop. I prefer The Knack more.

humility tho?

>Wannabe basketball-American music.
No thanks.

Gorillaz is my favorite band, I regret not being able to see them live but their shows were pretty far from me.

I was in shanghai for two months with only the entire gorillaz discography on my phone. Walking around the city listening to their early stuff which was really about this modern state of humanity where cities are getting massive and technology is increasing at an exponential rate yet we are becoming more isolated and lonely. It was an incredibly comfy aesthetic.

Na, dude
It's not bad, but TRANZ is where it's at

Dam both of those are my top favorites but if i really had to choose id probably pick Tranz even thought i feel like Tranz is to short and Humility hits that sweet spot of how long a song should be

No, I prefer 5/4

yeah but we're talking about newer shit

You can't forget the classics like Feel Good Inc.
The chorus is great!

I'm a gorillaz fan, just realized I like them a few months ago. Excellent music for painting and hobbying.

Right now I'm listening to alot of snail's house. It's upbeat, cheerful, and reasonably original.

>200 days until 2020
>listening to Normshillaz and not Chadlonic

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I dont really like their never shit.

Reddit is a banned word?

Sometimes you can say it and other times the spam filter will stop you for it

This beautiful Masterpiece and my all time favorite

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baste. I had this pop in my head out of nowhere last week:

Plastic Beach is the best album ever made.

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Cringe. Idk why it's popular.