Mfw i have become a christian just to destroy the left

>mfw i have become a christian just to destroy the left

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>converting to christianity for muh redpills

Cringe & BP

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>posting a literal atheist leftist cuck

>A post modern left militant talking shit about religion.
You are doing your part user, and you might (no sure) get an wife, good job.

It's basically the reason I'm still a Christian. I can't really get myself to believe in it, but I still prefer Christianity to the degeneracy of an atheist society.

based. Catholic fucking shits BTFO

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Why do you want to destroy it?
Reform is the Christian way!

Catholics are pedos. Why not become a Protestant

>Reform is the Christian way!
reform is to Christianity what neo-age cults are to Buddhism.

You should not abandon Christianity for an easy to follow mocked because some pedophilia meme.

>same fagging
Can you get more pathetic?

ironic popery is fucking gay

I'm the original user and I can vouch that wasn't me

Fucking schizo

These two are samefags, OP is ok

The only time he talks about politics is when he's taking a massive shit on Israel, he based imo

So you were an atheist five years ago but that stopped being trendy? I see

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the absolute state of schizo catholarpers.

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What's the point in calling that american and cahtolic?

I dont know the point either

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Some time ago when i visited my parents, i read a church journal laying around. On one page it mentioned how many kids got their first holy communion, 8 on this generation in a town with a population of about 2000. Thats more kids than i remember getting it when i was young. Seems odd since you see and hear about the decline of christianity, but ill take it

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I'll be real with you. Half my conversion was to piss off my secular Jewish mom. The other half was a complete rejection of American feminism.

lmao the most cucked of religions

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I wouldn't bother with this board, a majority of them understand absolutely nothing of which they speak about, and on the stuff they do have knowledge of, are massive hypocrites that don't practice what they preach.
That's also assuming we're speaking about the average poster and not the discord shills/chinese bots trying to sell everything from political allegiances to being a tranny.

Catholicism is left wing

Catholicism is what created Mestizos