Fembot gf

why do i not have a fembot gf, this isn't fair you should all be desperate enough to accept me. I swear i'm not as broken and retarded as the rest of this board.

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my life is pretty miserable but i know a relationship wouldnt fix that. it would be more trouble than it is worth

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It's because desperation scares them away. Women of all kinds don't like guys that are desperate.

i don't act desperate though, i try my hardest to hide that beneath a veneer of disinterest

>i don't act desperate though, i try my hardest to hide that beneath a veneer of disinterest
They can still sense it to a really scary degree.

Picture is cute, but no

fuck you, malebot

>I swear i'm not as broken and retarded as the rest of this board.
>proceeds to make a thread begging fembots to date him

i'be had coworkers that coudn't tell after months of working together, are they really that good at it?

>tfw you'll never have a cute fox girl learn to read and write so that she can marry you
It hurts

i may not be as broken and retarded, but i am as desperate

Same original thing desu

completely different, but okay retard

fembots arent desperate to date, especially not people from here lmao

Imagine being this retarded and not even knowing it

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nice try, jewboy

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Stop bullying OP pls

thank you user, i'll give you 100 GBP for this

Here is another cute picture, just for you

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thanks for the consolation prize

Obviously your word means nothing because you sound more retarded than anyone.

You keep your money OP

But are u cute, maleanon?

Because you men have really fucked up standards. For example lets take anal. What in the fuck is wrong with you? If your girl doesnt want to have anal with you, you tell her its ok and its not important next thing youre cheating on her with another girl. How is this okay? Youre a liar. To me you sound just like somebody with a porn addiction. Fuck off.

Uhh I never did that to anybody. I don't even like anal.

Jesus really wearing your trauma on your sleeve eh?

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Because fembots dont exist and the cunts whi lurk this board are just normie sluts who are being ignored by their current bfs or are in between their bfs like the slut in the other thread. They have standards and are not interested in robots, they just want your attention to booost their ego before they go oiut and get plowed. Girls cannot be lonely except if its voluntary. All girls have choices and options, its their fault if they dont act on them. Robots dont.

Are you okay? Did something like this happen to you?

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Is it truly desperation or thirst to want to love someone you can relate to, and be loved back?

where can I find girls who need their egos boosted? I can give them attention

That's what you get for not letting him put it in your pooper

I want to know too, i d be okay even if they dumped me at some point, I just want to love someone, even if they abandon me