What would you do if your gf was concerned about her weight?

What would you do if your gf was concerned about her weight?

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Start training this sack of lard

I would probably find her attractive either way because that's how my tastes happen to be, so I'd try to reassure her of that without sounding insincere or like I'm just trying to make her feel better. That way she only has to worry about her own opinion or feelings.

I would do whatever I could to help her feel comfortable with who she was. Unless it was becoming a medical risk, then I would encourage her to see a doctor.

what, she's concerned about being too skinny? It's okay, we can fix that

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If she thinks shes too heavy then I'd work out with her and support her, if she thinks shes too light then I'd lift with her and cook delicious food for her

Take my pills

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I'd tell her sex burns fat.

tell her she looks fine, work her out.

make fart noises on her tummy after sex.

Im concerned about my gfs overall health, weight included. Where does that place me

honestly tell her i like her a lil thicker

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Help her lose weight by doing some running together in the morning.

I'm gonna go out for a pack of cigarettes and never come back like I always do when the mentally challenged girl fall in love with me. if she don't drop some weight after coaching, coaxing and cohabiting. Already did she moved to a big city and then left because she felt "unwanted" lol that's verbatim. Am I obligated to go back to her cause her boyfriend of 3-5 years died? Honestly she is very nice but she is so fucking ugly it's like she's descended from medusa. Yet I pound that pussy still. Hambeast pussy is disgusting as you might imagine. Even if she lost some weight I mean there is no cure for ugly.. I mean she IS 300lbs.. fuck man last time I went to her house they gave me the "why aren't you putting a ring on it" talk.. gee whillikers..

used to do this to my gf and i still miss it

I am fine with some chub, but if she is unhappy about it I will be fine with working out and eating healthy with her.

>"show me those fat tiddies."

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I'd slowly modify the scale in the bathroom each week so she doesn't realize she's gaining weight.

Lose weight and get fit with her, ofc.

hug her and let her dom me

feed her more??? g

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fuck her deeply

Literally just force her down and funnel feed her 24/7.

I'd man up and order to "lose weight, or we break up"

Tell her I like it

Break up with her. I wouldn't be dating a landwhale in the first place.

Girl im seeing has weight issues since her ex made her gain weight and blew up to 160lbs. She worked it off and is now at 125lbs and wants to cut down to 110. I told her no and that I would leave her if she did so. I weigh her weekly and want her to keep her curves.

Start playing VR games with her

Tell her how sex burns calories and slam that soft sexy slampig twice as hard and frequently oh god yes big ft titties and soft girl parts of god yes more mass moving up and down my cock hhhnngggghhhh

if i had a gf?
>she's concerned about being too fat
convince her to exercise with me. exercising with someone is better.
>she's concerned about being underweight
same thing, except try to get her to eat a bit more too

>concerned about her weight?
>concerned but doesn't do shit about it
tell her to kill herself, dirty whore, you have it easy and still to hard for you

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