Been here since I was 15

>been here since I was 15
>24 now
>Jow Forums raised me and brainwashed me into believing all women are bad
>have had a few girls interested in me
>too far gone to live a normal life
>can't form real bonds with people
>cold and apathetic towards everything

I regret finding this place

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>don't respect a rule of the site that's in place for your own good
>fuck up your life
I have sympathy for you, I don't wish your fate upon anyone. That said, you were literally asking for it. There's a fucking reason you're not supposed to go on Jow Forums if you're underage. You have to be some sort of retard to think that the rule isn't there for a reason.

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you should be banned to make up for time

been around from age 19-30

yeah I don't envy you zoomers. at least I had a chance to form my own opinions before Jow Forums mildly brainwashed me. you guys were fucked from the start

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Same for me, I had a bad luck with crushes and was sort of depressed and then after finding this place I completely withdrawn socially and now I'm isolated, have no friedns and no romantic experiences

>tfw literally didnt have to be this way

Are we really having this post AGAIN?! Fuck off, you're not original or interesting. BLALABLA GIRLS DURRR

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I've looked at porn since that age, no regrets
wasn't on this site though

Oh god the rekt that has come out of this place.

>t. est.27- 38

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this place is great if you want to go gay.

better times


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If it hadn't been this place it would have been somewhere else and some of the worst influences on my life have been from other parts of the internet.

Jow Forums doesnt tell you to hate women. Jow Forums tells you that the best type of girl is a loyal virgin. the problem starts when Jow Forums tells you theres no such thing. basically you should never expect anything serious from a western whore. expect 1 night stands and nothing more

Rewire your brain. Dont give up
Are you going to let a group of incels fuck your life? Good luck

People like you are unoriginally the problem

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Jow Forums is right tho, i can tell you this as someone who has been in relationships with the eternal vaginigger. the thing is if you want to form real bonds, make frens. but you cannot do that with vaginiggers, they are incapable of that in any meaningful capacity.

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Take responsibility for your beliefs and change them then. Oh wait, you're lazy and expect others to do the work for you.

These. Also learned this the honest, hard way.

>>Jow Forums raised me and brainwashed me into believing all women are bad

No it didnt mate. You aleady knew that, thats why you came here.

Ive been on Jow Forums since 2008 when I was a turbo virgin. And now 11 years later and numerous sexual encounters with the vaginal jew I can say that Jow Forums is right. Women are cancer.

I mean, we tell pretty much everybody to go when they come here, especially underage b&, you have nobody to blame but yourself

its for lawsuits probably