time for another /creativegeneral/

you know what to do

post your art, music, photos, writing, crafts, or anything at all you've made yourself. share WIPs, give & receive feedback, and have fun

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Hey originally original bots. I do art and shit. I lurk here a lot, I like you guys' shit. I'm not good at this, check my shit out.

Also my phone is rangebanned and my computer is out of commission, so I can't post any pics.

bazoo kazoo

I try to do traditional medium furry pinups. Anyone wanna see? I don't wanna get crucified by spamming unsolicited furshit

Hey friends heres a song I'm working on, would really appreciate any thoughts or feedback on it.


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Mate, you've got bold, decisive lines and figures in dynamic poses. Keep going

>ambient kind of

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not sure if it's allowed so i'll post a crop and a link to appease the jannies


i drew this yesterday

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>tfw got a gaming computer
>decided to avoid pirating to avoid viruses or anything suspicious
>none of the free DAW's are nearly as intuitive as FL or ableton

nice and spicy

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>decided to avoid pirating to avoid viruses or anything suspicious
wew lad

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i did this today. not really creative but its art

upload it somewhere and post links
kinda want to see

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feels kinda chaotic but chill at the same time, nice

good ambiance


bizzus izzus

I set up this here data chart. I hope one day it helps people.

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should I get back into art. I really love it, but is there money to be made? or is the art industry to overcrowded at this point?

You have to be utterly retarded to get a virus, I pirate shit all the time and I'm a fuckin idiot.

where's the breegul bro

More chilled out than my usual work

I drew this in MSpaint yesterday

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Some stuff I made

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HoIy shit that's good


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I would gladly hit you

Would love to use this as an album cover

This reminded me that we live in clown earth era

This is some garbage i recorded.
This is great, I love the sound of a carousel.



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A book about a teen who finds 2 spirits living in his room when he moves in. He convinces one of them into spying on a girl he likes. Hearing about her liking another guy quickly turns the story into a creepfest with mild violence. The poltergeist starts to question the boy's commands. Would that be something you would read?

>Terrible at music
>Can't sing
>Damaged forearms means that playing almost any musical instrument for more than 5 minutes without a break is hellish agony
>Still play my guitar daily just because I like doing it and have gotten better despite the pain
Thanks for the inspiration, retards.


Maybe but it sounds like the second ghost just fucks off and does nothing the whole time.

oh no the 2nd ghost is the moralfag of the story. he made the naive ghost develop morals. i just gave a simple sypnosis

>oh no the 2nd ghost is the moralfag of the story. he made the naive ghost develop morals
That sounds even more boring.

yes he is a party pooper but vital for character development

He sounds like a really one-note character, like a charicature rather than a being with their own personality.

>Soundcloud and instagram links
Nothing interesting going on in this thread, unfortunately. It was only a matter of time before normalfags started invading these threads.

Do you take commissions at all?

i like putting colors on paper

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I made this for photography class and got a C

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here's a song I wrote a while back

is that you froggo?

>upload it somewhere and post links
>kinda want to see

Ok here's 3


Bumperino is originality

aye alright mang

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unique bumping post thing

If it helps you keep making art like this, I'll hit you

I have been looking for the artist "ghosty towno" he or she was following alot of you creative guys so I take my best bet here. I remixed a couple of his songs they were a great success I would like to give ghosty towno some of the earnings

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Nice line shading

also looking for feedback crituque on this recent jam

55K words into my story, lads. I've hit a wall. The fan art I've gotten is the only thing keeping me going. I just gotta figure out this next scene

Been using Photoshop for almost a decade, Mainly self taught. Use a Cintiq (just the entry level one) doesn't give me a big enough work space. Just found out I can duplicate the window my canvas is on to my main monitor. WIP in progress OMFG its so much easier to do details!

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very cool track
This is an awesome IMG, i'd like to use it for a thumbnail if possible

Me and my friend made a group, the first song is guitar/melodic the second is more autotune rap



feedback on either appreciated, just tryna improve

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That gun looks like something that would be in halo

I wrote this song, it doesn't have any lyrics yet and it's just guitar. There are a lot of mistakes but I'm happy with how it came out overall


I drew this yesterday

Based asfk
Those are actually really cute and comfy user

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Thanks. My shading with brush pens or anything like that has been absymal so I kinda made that hatching my style. Saving up for an iPad to break out of that tho

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A character design I did recently.

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looking good, lad. you have any projects or bigger things you're working towards?

Afraid not too much outside of practicing atm. I'm preparing to start my Masters Degree is Games Art and Design this September though. Usually post something I'm working on the creative threads though

Whoops Bot, this is original

>noise rap
>trance hop

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ghosty towno's a dude.
Here's his youtube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCD-MRm3vZEBSXVGsfLrBoFw

I mostly edit footage over music I fancy.
For the time being, I'm looking for new themes to explore.

Retrospective: youtube.com/watch?v=hwg8WnIMVvE
Test footage: youtube.com/watch?v=sq5efOwV_m4

Good rendering and very expressive faces!

I was hoping to run into the bot who made this drawing.

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I'm writing a space adventure yarn,but I'm not sure about the overall plot. I'm mostly inspired by Dirty Pair.

>half-assed naked women sporting animal head and a few other stupid features

>"Hurr Durr Im an Artist Reeeee"

cringe detector threw up the white flag

>1985 animu
hurr durr

What's the problem? I'm not looking to be anyone's intellectual treat.

Just a 20-30 sketch if anything. But yeah its strongly inspired by the UNSC ships from Halo and the ship aesthetics from Homeworld. IMG is a painting from a few years back

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I'm flattered, thank you :)

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The only reeeeing I'm seeing is from you my guy. Terribly sorry for you

Im 65 pages into my screenplay. Maybe 1/3rd of the way done. Right now Im just cranking out pages. Cant wait to type it all up and really refine and edit it.

my first video in like 10 months, really happy i managed to get something out

Nice video and nice legs.

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i'm glad you like my legs user

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binga borga

borga binga