what are you robots listening too?

I have a sad mix going for those /nightfeels/

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my own bandcamp releases, I just realized that most of them were inspired by a muse
>my ex gf
now she's gone, and I'm drowning in melancholy
>luckily I have a week left until my planned suicide

also, random russian doomer songs are my jam too

link me some of your songs i would love to hear some
>luckily I have a week left until my planned suicide

On a quiet one tonight. Sat outside listening to the birds tweeting away while i smoke a spliff. It's just after 4am so not really any other noise. Nice and chill

le epic reddit zoomerdoomer russian patrician music bro!

sounds pleasant, nice to sit in a rocking chair out front and just listen to the night
>nothing fancy, also most of my shit goes from depressive black metal to piano based music

yes dude, this is the best youtube mix yet

ah fek off its a music/chat thread if you have nothing to add begone

holy shit this is cool you made this? It is wonderful

been listening to a few very comfy songs that i would be happy to share
>russian doomer songs
im not really sure what that means but you should check this out

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I've done everything you can find on that page all by myself, nothing to be proud tho, I wasted my life. have fun I guess, no more music will be made.

yes its like that just way gloomier

what is with this picture? I hear it has something to do with the trannies or something? I only started using Jow Forums like a month ago

it saddens me such a great artist will never again perform. Godspeed

wow, i really like how this sounds. thanks user

This song always gives me feels.

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Try making a thread with it. You'll find out.

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That does sound nice. I'm on a foldable garden chair, and it's a bit chilly so got my duffel coat on. Best time of the day IMO.

thank you guys for all the music to check out, as well as thank you for the beautiful melodies. I will likely continue to listen to these for quite a while. You really have talent and it is terrible to me that you feel the need to end it all even though you have such talent for music. Great musicians are hard to come by. I dont know your story but i hope you can rest peacefully if you carry out your plans

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Found this few days ago and now it's stuck in my head.
The guitar riff is pretty hypnotic.
Instrumental video just got released so I'm listening to that now, but the vocal version is really fuckin good too

This shit feels like a night walk through a jungle and stumbling upon a tribalistic ritual

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