Political kink

Does anyone here have any submissive political fetishes? I fantasize about being humiliated by a leftwing antifa/anarchist chick who spanks me and calls me a capitialist cishet white pig.

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I have a thing for radical feminists

i have a fantasy where you get hit by a bus for being a cuck

anything that's mutually consensual is a-okay

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I have a kink for dismantling this capitalist society

I find it hot when girls tell me they are left wing authoritarians, makes me want to rape them

I sometimes fantasise about those kinds of girls submitting to me.

Pegging is hot, no matter the political compass of the girl who does it.

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I want to put on a maga hat, go to a protest and rape an antifa twink bith my bro

Stop trying to give me a new fetish user, that picture is... degenerate.

I want to findom a conservative or alt-righter and donate the money he gives me to leftist groups.

If a girl did this to me it would be super appealing

Into findom but I just don't think I could handle it going to cultural Marxist causes.

>cultural Marxist
I meant literal Marxist ones too.

I want a libertarian trap to buy me or make me sign a contract to become his personal property where then he will force me to be sexually humiliated under threat of law and make me his personal cock slut and kiss his feet every day thanking him for making me his private property while he praises the free market every time he cums in me, feminizing me day in and out while drilling in my head I no longer have human rights and am just his property to do what he wishes with.

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god damn it white people are so fucking weird

>blue eyed
>SS uniform
>bullying me

Niiiice. Making me clean her jackboots with my tongue and flogging my ass with her riding crop.

bumpity bump bump bump originalino

I get rock solid when I see angry ranting feminist girls, I want to rape every single one of them into submission

I want to impregnate antifa bitches for the white race but never explicitly state that is my reason for being with them. Play along with their mumbo jumbo you know?

Why is leftism so tied with sexuality? Almost all of the leftists I've actually talked to online seem to be into it for a sexual reason, wanting to be dommed by an oppressive gov't or use it to oppress others against their will

ive always fantasized being forced to be a crossdressing sex slave for a strong dominating ancap while she calls me a totalitarian faggot and forces me to wear a leash and collar at all times

no im very dominant. i love watching rape scenes on tv.
Rule 43.
its hotttest when the girl is a virgin and innocent and crying

At least they had the wit to spell "antifascist" in english. So many flags in america with the german spelling.

>wanting to be dommed by an oppressive gov't or use it to oppress others against their will
That's like literally why 80% or more of Americans vote the way they do.

Yes I do. Im also Jewish.

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