It's August 16, 2005. Where are you in life?

It's August 16, 2005. Where are you in life?

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being a peasant child slave working at my redneck father's farm hoping child protective services will come save me

In my second week of 12th grade. I'm glad it's not August 2005.

playing pokemon emerald like based OP

>being a peasant child slave working at my redneck father's farm hoping child protective services will come save me
that sounds fucking great assuming you get paid something

paid nothing and eat nothing but ramen noodles twice a day

This game saved my awful childhood 600+ hours looking to complete the impossible pokedex due to mystery gift bullshit ect man that game was awesome

>11 years old, the start of 6th grade at a brand new middle school
>All of my friends agreed that we would go to county middle school, turns out half of them went to the city middle school instead
>Power Rangers S.P.D. is life
>Cautiously optimistic about this show called Supernatural premiering next month on The WB based on the commercials I saw
That's most of what I remember, besides the outside bike riding adventures I had with my friends in the neighborhood

day after my sisters 12 birthday party no one showed up for her am playing vyida on my ps2 and looking forward to the coming school year

Kindergarten. We had some old black lady as our teacher, for some reason she let us have "game boy day" when we could bring in video games but we weren't allowed to bring in toys.

My over protective mom complained so I got to bring in a robot toy I had.

wtf just rob him and leave

>Where are you in life?


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>>Cautiously optimistic about this show called Supernatural premiering next month on The WB based on the commercials I saw

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Probably playing that same game and Saphire.
At school i was 3 years from becoming the autist of the class, and 5 years from fixing it.

Waking up early everyday to play runescape

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>as a child
>in the middle of nowhere
>with no money
yeah sure thing dog i'll just walk to a factory and give the manager a firm handshake

I wasnt born yet

Dont ban Im being sarcastic

>yeah sure thing dog i'll just walk to a factory and give the manager a firm handshake

>15 years old, playing world of warcraft all day.
>in a short time I will be able to do the same thing again.

First grade. Probably hiding under a desk after getting yelled at for not paying attention.

Exactly your pic related. I had over 300 hours in that shit. Also played a ton of smash bros and swam a fuck ton at a rec center I went to 5 days a week. (They had a gaming lounge, pool, and all of the works. It was heaven for a kid)

>tfw ops pic is me in 2019

so where are you now user?

I am 6 years old, in kindergarten. Shit changed. I was moved to a different group with a different teacher. Because of this the few friends I have are gone and I am alone.

Can't remember what video games I played home exactly or what I watched on TV. Played GTA San Andreas maybe? Watched Yugioh and Mew Mew Power?


getting ready for a hurricane to hit a week or two later and destroy my city

11 years old, playing Pokemon Ruby, swimming out on the lake, playing football, and getting ready for 5th grade

25 years old. couple of months out of a 7 year heroin addiction. getting stoned playing GTA at my mums

>Pokemon Emerald
Ive played this game 3 times with all 3 starters and I still cannot best the elite four. Anyone know the best one punch tier pokemon that isnt a legendary in emerald?

grade 6
obsessed with wwe

in the first grade playing shadow the hedgehog on my gamecube

Too young to remember (im 19) but I was still in my old state before we moved and my parents were still together. Probably in preschool or first grade idk. We had a dog named Daisy that bit people. Dad called Daisy stick dog because whenever you tried to pick her up she would go all stiff. I dont remember Daisy but mom tells me stories

Freshmen in High school. Playing Ragnarok on crappy DSL. Making fan-games with Multimedia Fusion.

I was starting 1st grade so fuck if I remember

watching cartoon network and playing hl2 dm all day

raping gabe

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>can't beat a pokemon game
what the fuck
they're pretty short for RPG standards too and little kids can beat them user

I was in my first grade thinking that people are kind and polite, and bring my competitive ass to school. It did not end well lmao

>half the people on r9k havent even been born or were in fucking preschool
>i'm talking to a bunch of literal kids/teens

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there really is no where sacred on the internet anymore. every corner is filled with zoomers. who all think they're """"outcasts"""" because they're a little bit socially awkward

and they'll come here saying "chin up virgins I didn't lose my virginity until I turned 18 a couple months ago so I fit right in here"

why i was playing sonic the hedgehog and reading naruto of course

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Playing super mario bros on NES that used to be dads

Next week hurricane katrina would hit and we evacuated our house in new orleans

Started playing pokemon in 2006 lmao

>Dont ban Im being sarcastic
You weren't

I can't remember. Probably being a sad fucking kid after deaths in the family and other shit. Life still isn't fun. Life never gets better.

Nah senpai. You probably played Simpsons Hit and Run or some shit.

user I... What are you doing here still?

>tfw I just realised i'm on Jow Forums
Wow wtf I though I was on some other board. But yeah this place is full of underage faggots. Many of them will admit it when they aren't posting here. Pretty disgusting.

being beaten by my father

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I only fight with one Pokemon mainly to be like Ash and Pikachu. The others are mostly for comedic relief

I have heard about this, demon

Well he obviously didn't beat you enough. Look at where you are.

Shitting posting on Jow Forums.

Wow so much has changed!

>I only fight with one Pokemon mainly to be like Ash and Pikachu.
Are you one of those non-intelligent Austistics? You sound like mongoloid.

Started playing World of Warcraft. 16 Aug 2005 was my first day. It was over from then on out.

>Shitting posting
But do you posting while shitting

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Please tell me more about how you feel

6 (almost 7) years old, enjoying summer vacation at the lake. My mom and dad had separated, but this was before my dad had an abusive wife and life was pretty alright for me. Sometimes I miss those days.

unfortunately 6 feet too far above the ground

sperging the fuck out

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I'm outside playing with a stick, pretending i'm a warrior or sitting inside playing with army men.
I'm still autistic but I lost the ability to enjoy it.

I'm playing World of Warcraft in the room next to my mom's. 19 years old now, I have given up completely on the world as I haven't been in education for 6 years. I constantly think about a beautiful equal age girl that lived next door that got me into anime and introduced me to the internet. She moved to her other parent's, told me to watch her Livejournal - all she did was post about her having sex with different guys. She had just gotten pregnant with her daughter. Every day I stay up until 4am, sleep until 1pm. I was already in this routine for 4 years.

Mom knocked on my door and came in with plates of food. Occasionally I would bring the plate down, get a drink and go back to my room.

I just did nothing. I ate little food, I only asked my mom for the minimum broadband package and a WoW subscription.

I had the best gear on the server for my class.

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playing nfs underground 2, waiting for the new "most wanted"

Starting highschool and was the beginning of my mental illness

its my birthday :D

originally ofcou

prove it and ill tell you happy bday

>11 year old me
>was thinking of joining the middle school play
>playing tales of symphonia and mega man anniversary collection on gamecube
>jacking off on the bus, in class rarely, in the school bathroom, and at least twice at home
>shitty computer takes a minute to load a picture, internet is bad

Complete bliss. It was also a few months before my psychotic break when bipolar disorder developed. Around October it fell apart and I started mandated therapy and eventually got kicked out of school. You don't know how much I've dedicated my life to returning back to that specific time period when masturbation was new, video games were great, and I totally lacked self-awareness. I hope when I kill myself some day I wake up back then and prevent all the disasters that followed.

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OI feel bad. I'm sorry for being a nasty asshole.

Playing Super Smash Bros Melee and Kirby Air Ride nearly every day that summer with my brother and best friend. I miss those days.

school isnt in session on august 16th

wow that was a long time ago, i was only 4 then

That was my grandpa's birthday on the year he died.

>bitter adult thats probably alcoholic

>18 year old zoomer
>vapes 5-MeO-DMT daily

At my orienting classes before starting uni.

These are the folks that you find dead ion the gutter.

my birthday is august 16

I am 14 years old. I am one year away from discovering Jow Forums. I spend most of my free time playing video games, visiting friends, and browsing webcomics/Newgrounds/vidya message boards. School is still easy to the point where I don't really need to push myself to do well. There's a very cute red-haired girl on the track team who I'm slowly becoming friends with, but she will move away next summer.

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A few weeks away from starting secondary school, where I'd soon meet the only girl I've truly loved.

Leveling my first character in WoW

you're lucky you had a father

I wasn't even born yet. Lol!

It's summer vacation, I'm 7 years old, I'll be starting third grade of my country's primary school system in two weeks, and I think I'm 1 or 2 years away from getting my Game Boy Advance.
I wish I'd known then what I know now. Maybe I could have changed some things for the better.
Pic related is the $40 EZ Flash Omega I bought last month. Completely worth it. The games weren't half as (((innovative))) as they are today, but the damn cartridge eats the battery up in one or two hours.

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Killing shitskins in Afghanistan

>first birthday

getting bullied at school

If this isn't the most autistic post I have ever read. You might as well say Blizzard owns me.

You have to be a complete fucking retard or full blown autistic and not the intelligent type.

A dumb and naive kid. There was at least the illusion of hope back then.

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I used to wish cps would come get me too. I worked in tobacco patches 400 acres of tobacco. Now that I'm older I wish I still worked there. Turns out I was just a lazy kid that didn't like being told what to do.

Jesus christ, this sounds like a really sad life.

That's all it takes chap and you know it.

I was 13 back then, but I don't remember what things were like specifically in August 2005.

>39 years old
You could be the father of a child who would be allowed to post here.

Going insane learning about pic related

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13. I'd be 13.
I think this is when I started to become conscious of how unhappy I was.
I always WAS unhappy, but I think 13 is when I started to become conscious of it

Doing them things as a little kid

Maybe starting school for the first time

Not even born yet, a month and 4 days later popped out an ugly white baby