>your favorite fetishes

>mommy incest
>femdom MILF wearing leather
>strapon under skirt
>caring mommy aftercare later

Now imagine all of these together at once.

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You need to get over your Oedipal complex.

>You need to get over your Oedipal complex.
I fucking can't. I hate my mother and I want to fucking murder that whore with my two fucking bare hands but my experiences with her have inculcated into my mind an extremely strong Oedipal complex that just won't leave. It's impossible to just wish it to go away.

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you need to stop watching porn origanolio

I know but I can't fucking stop watching porn no matter how I try.

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>orgasm denial/control
>light BDSM, especially restraints
>mutual masturbation

How much do you think I'd pay a whore to have the full experience of this?

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Same. I wish I had a normal mom.

>childhood friend

>big sister cuddling
>black stoner girl cuddling

They tell me browsing Jow Forums is a waste of time but then there's people like you educating the masses. Thank you.

>muscle girls

>mommy incest

now imagine all these together at once.

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>dominant girl
>fat/extra thick girls
>slightly masculine girls

i like pretty intense stuff, like yeah hold me down and ride me like a horse but holy fuck i cannot be literally tied down or harmed in any physical way. glad i got out of the sexual maturation thing without anything too fucked

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how would pegging and impregnation work together at once?

the question is, whether getting banged by a mommy with a penis is pegging or just anal?

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>orgasm control/denial

If some or maybe even all of these things are combined I am just in heaven.

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pegging isn't used for futa I think, only for strapon girls

>asian traps in cages
>dominating a cute asian couple and making both the guy and girl my sex slaves
>having oral sex with the decapitated head of this hot nigger loving coalburner i know

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if there were cute twinkish lads in my area i'm pretty sure my life wouldn't be in shambles right now

>FFM loving and caring polyfidelious relationship
>gentledom (giving and receiving)
>petplay(ears, tail, collar. None of the latex leather stuff or hardcore things)
>light bdsm like ropes, restraints, gags
>sensory deprivation
Just need to find a gf and bf who would be into this in this post sobiet region haha..

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All this plus diapers and I'm a happy boy.

>wanting a god-complex trap who controls your orgasm and only lets you jerk off to his feet and when you worship him

muh odie puss puss

>Mind break

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Y-yes...to me that sounds like absolute paradise.

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submissive bf
overpowering me
doing lewd stuff in forest

I can't think of anything else

Too bad you don't deserve me, or I would ask you to post tag.

Kink shaming is my kink...

I also forgot to mention I like all the BDSM stuff like tied up etc also like gentle femdom to my bf

10/10 if you're female
3/10 if you're male

I'm a non tranny female there's probably more that I can't think of now

Even if I don't deserve you, I can still worship you and be obedient for you! I can try my best to please you and would gladly post my tag for you if you wished it!

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11/10 now assuming you like doing bdsm to your bf.
Pretty great stuff femanon


only if it's not too hardcore

You're probably ugly and too pathetic.
But post your tag anyways

Please let me originally worship you user...

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Thank you very much user! My tag is Arzu#9053

>gentle femdom
>mommy dom
>incest rp

and what do you actually have to offer?