How the fuck can i believe that anyone is "bisexual"?

How the fuck can i believe that anyone is "bisexual"?
Think about it for a second. Here's a metaphor: imagind there is a restaurant where they only serve a shit sandwich and a cheeseburger. Most people obviously would choose the cheeseburger. There's probably some real freaks out there who would choose the shit sandwich. But I do not believe for a second that there is anyone who would have trouble deciding. That's what bisexuality is like.

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I would have trouble deciding and I'm straight

Why can't you like both? It's not like you have to commit to one

t. Bisexual

>liking more than one thing at once is impossible for the brainlet to grasp
>liking things that he doesn't care for is also a pretty difficult concept
>understands everything through food metaphors
terrible b8 but got me to respond so 4/10 overall

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>not realizing that the vast, overwhelming majority of people are actually bisexual to some degree
get a load of this internalized homophobia

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So, are you gay, straight, or lying?

Not just food. But food and shit. Guy is obviously from /v/.

Some made up scale doesn't demonstrate that anyone is bisexual, retard.

I don't understand. Why can't I like cocks and vaginas? And it's not like bisexuals are equally attracted to both genders. It usually skews one way or the other.

>And it's not like bisexuals are equally attracted to both genders. It usually skews one way or the other.
Because you are actually gay or straight.

You are just a greedy degenerate cunt

I'd say I'm more hetero than homo if that makes sense. But I don't exclusively like one gender. What's wrong with that?

I know, and I enjoy every second of it

>I'd say I'm more hetero than homo
So you are straight.
>But I don't exclusively like one gender. What's wrong with that?
You are not being honest.

People are really responding to this?
These things are said so much they're basically satirical catchphrases at this point.
Please stop giving the 14 year old attention.

>So you are straight
If that's what you define as straight then I guess I'm straight. I still go on a homosexual kick at times.

>You are not being honest
How would you know if I'm being honest or not? Why would I lie?

stay mad because you are not part of the master race

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Stop it. Stop falling for it.

>Why would I lie?
I don't know, why would you?

Not even gays like bis so that should tell you how bad they are.

>not even [the people whose candidates for sex or potential romantic relationships are dramatically reduced compared to heterosexuals and bisexuals] like [the people who can date and have sex with pretty much anyone they want]
oh wow what a shocker. surely they couldn't be...envious? could they? no, that's not it.

I'm asking you. I'm not lying, I can say that I'm attracted to both men and women, even if it's not 50/50

I'm starting to agree with the other user, you're probably just larping

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At least gays are honest.
Probably you do it because you want attention or to feel like you are "different" if i had to guess.

What a horrible chart. Who ever made that is a mathlet.

>better change the subject
>"a-at least gays are honest."
lmao man you're bad that this.

Well, you're free to believe that I guess

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it's just evolution. having more partners increases reproductive success.

oh yeah, I'm sure for dudes to fuck dudes women AND dudes really increased their potential for reproduction

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Ok, I'll bite. If i like girls, have dated and fucked girls all my life, but would still suck chad's cock, what am I ?

>i like girls, have dated and fucked girls all my life

If you have fucked girls then you shouldn't be on Jow Forums.

>i don't believe in evolution
okay dude

>doesn't understand how tribal caretaking works

This. We only accept gay

Seriously though, stop replying to this shitpost.
A good thread died for this.

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Would a straight dude want to suck Chad's cock ?

Oh shit, you're right. I totally forgot to sage my last reply

>i really WANT to suck a dick but i never have
You know there are much better lies you can tell about yourself, right?

I have a gf. I'm really happy with my gf. I'd also be really happy if i had a boyfriend. What's so hard to understand ?

>men are a shit sandwich
men are sexy and interesting
its more like
you go to a buffet and there's a variety of different foods
im gonna take whatever the fuck looks good cuz i got BIG BALLS lad

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Based cuddly hedgehog. We buffet boys

not him but I can't really say I'm "greedy" because I'm not getting any/have completely given up on trying to get with anyone because I'm an ugly loser. I just know that I get aroused by both sexy men and chicks
Shit on bifags all you want but I hope we can at least all agree that the concept of pansexuality is fucking retarded and unnecessary

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