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Waking up with your boyfriend edition.

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i actually got teary eyed yesterday thinking about how meows gone. i was drunk tho.

>tfw gay onlyl for one gay
>he probably isn't gay or bi

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/r9gay/ says TRANS RIGHTS

tell me about him user

you guys shouldn't have bullied him away, I dunno what you guys found offensive about him compared to the other tripfags, I guess he spoke meowspeak but it wasn't like he was doing mindless hewwospeak, he said things of substance with the addition of meows

not really worth taking effort into it, they'll die before they reach middle age. it's statistical

literally fake news, but whatever

Hey actual gay guys that this gay thread is gay for because we like guys and not women (regardless of appendages), how is your day going?

its been a slow sleepy friday, almost felt like a sunday really. i might eat something before bed my stomach is growling a little

did you see when the trannyposters were saying only 4% of the 40% succeeded in their attempted suicides and acted as if it was a got'cha moment

trannies that want to be women are still men, remember that, remind them of that daily, they're just not men desirable to anyone

The thing is that the moment you admit that they're men, they're going to take that as invitation to stay here. I'd rather feed into their delusions that'll end in them getting harmed physically or emotionally rather than just saying "hah! you man!" and validating their place here

Ok, I will agree for now, we will see if it works.
If it does not work within a couple weeks I'm just gonna go back to reminding any that show up anyways.

still waiting for a hairy dad bod bf

I've met him first 3 years ago on b and then later again here on r9k. We texted over Discord from time to time over the years. He is a shy autistic NEET just like me, we have much in common. I developed a huge crush for him, tried to fight it for a long time and wanted to forget him.. but I can't. I would immideatily turn 100% gay just for him.

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>you guys shouldn't have bullied him away
No one bullied him away, he was banned by jannies
>I dunno what you guys found offensive about him
People didn't hate him because he was "offensive". He'd basically say something very clearly and obviously trying to provoke a reaction either from the thread or a single person. He'd get called out, either by one person or many and his immediate reaction was to basically call them bullies or normans. It wasn't heinous activity but it was pretty obnoxious so people understandably reported him whenever possible and now he's presumably permabanned

Why don't you tell him?

I'm very shy but I'm will tell him today

>bf forcing me to lgbt pride thingy
is this a dumpable offence?

not really, i mean yeah it'd probably be nice if he'd respect your decision but pride parades are usually over-exaggerated in their terms of degeneracy and it really depends on where you live and the type of pride thingy it ends up being. if it'd make him happy, why not go?


literally kids at pride parades now
how can you tolerate this shit
how can you tolerate faggot pride parades and call yourself a robot
get off the board, leave the thread

Do nofap 3 months see if you are still gay. Worst case scenario you can go back to being a fag but you should give it a try.

worst case scenario is i dont fap for 3 months for nothing hah

Guess who hasn't slept all night because he was at an end-of-year party.
Transgenderism (or at least "gender dysphoria") was considered a mental health problem when I started medical school. Now, to insist that someone kys-ing themselves because they have a pee-pee and want a wee-woo and oppai is a sign of mental health issues can get you found guilty of medical misconduct in court. I haven't even finished medical school yet.

>Thought I was gay
>Turns out I was trans
Anyone else know this awful feel?

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Sorry for doubleposting, but just him attending pride is a dumpable offence.
The only reason I'd ever attend such things is to find a bf, who I'd hope would be someone like me also attending not for the event but for the increased probability of encountering potential bf (and the ease of judging their faggometry by watching how much they participate, what they choose to drink, if they dance with faghags, etc.)

why is putting mice up my butt feel so good? is this part of being gay or is it something else?

>awful feel
I think you mean best feel ever

>tfw only getting older, uglier, and fatter

am i suppose to fall in love with a boy or just choose a boy to love and be around him enough till i love him?

I'd rather just be a girl desu. Being trans is like the worst of being male, female, and gay.

if you'd rather be straight than gay then you don't belong here.

>bumpfle wouldn't be beatin the paraders like the hooligan he was supposed to be
disappointed, desu

whichever works?

people who wanna be gay are the kinda people that go to pride parades, you don't belong here

Any 20+ anons who wanna call me a dork lurking

the first. are you doing the second right now? paranoid

God, what a DOOOORK!

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Maybe you shouldn't post it then, dork.

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I never did, as you can see.


I seen it with my own eyes!

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It was only a joke and not meant to be taken seriously...

>No cute brat boy to taunt me until I bear hug him and show him discipline.

Don't you faggots have a containment board?
Why do you post this shit on r9k?

That's basically a tumblr infested version of /soc/.

But why post here?

Nobody can tolerate brats for long, sadly

are you a gook?
original commnet

DELETE IT before the time runs out you dumb!

Oooh well.

Should I though?

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Yes and be my friend on discord before you make me feel even worse.

socially awkward faggots exist user.

You won't go and ghost me, will you?

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I won't ghost you, I promise. I'll only ghostpost.

Where do I sign up to get my bf?

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Gimme that Discord name, then!

I won't post it here, you will just take a screenshot and repost it!

I mean, if I really wanted to, I could just make a post with the name in it too!

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Please don't do that
If you're serious send it here [email protected]

Not sure if I like the look of that domain. I suppose temp emails are a thing, though.

Then give me somewhere to contact you if you want

[email protected]

Temp emails for the win. I suppose that looks kinda sketchy though.

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i just dropped this book half way through. it was too depressing. its premise is basically everything we find in nature can be explained by each individual gene and each individual person being purely selfish. I don't know what to do if i know that every action every boy makes has a selfish motive. Whats the cure to this feel?

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I'm both too high and low maintenance to ever get a bf

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>all these pureboys itt when you know if they tasted dick just once they'd be sluts

>meow's finally fucked off

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Does dick even taste good?
It would just taste like skin, right?

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He finally kicked a bucket after being doxed thank alah

>bf doesnt want to buy better clothes ('no interest in fashion')
>bf doesn't want to watch Chernobyl even though everyone we know's seen it (no interest)
>bf doesn't want to make connections (with people he hates)
>bf doesn't want to get a higher paying job (he likes the one he has)
how do get him out of this funk? he's not not moving up in the world and his life is basically a complicated form of suicide and self destruction.

its people like you why we can't have good things

tfw bi bf was sexting a thot before fliing with me and not sure if I should trust him anymore

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don't date bi's silly.


but he's the only guy I have feelings for

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i will never leave my vrodies high and dry amidst a sea of "boypussy" and "girlcock"
this is a BOYZ CLUB, not GIRLZ (BOYZ) CLUB

transgirls shouldn't be hated. we need to stick together. all we need is love

literally you LMAO LOL HAHAHA

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i'd love for you to put a bullet in your head

i don't hate transmoids, i pray for them.
i pray they may feel the Lord's love and learn that all you need to overcome the crushing inner pain they're confusing with dysphoria can be healed with submission to His will.

tranners btfo'd epic style homofascism when

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Meow is ded, and that's a good thing.

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The fat cat wanted to suck pps

My quest for a pet play bf who will collar me and train me to be his obedient good boy continues...

>teehee transgirls should be respected~

i will pay money to get meow unbanned.

When did this happen? His lasts few posts had nothing to do with getting doxxed

what kind of training are you expecting?

Get AIDS and die faggorinos

it didn't. that guys bsing. most likely meow got banned.

Get hugs and headpats fagiolis

based duality of man posters

Will one of you guys watch Jojo with me? I don't like watching stuff alone.

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awful taste senpai

My taste is mixed. I don't just exclusively watch more obscure stuff. I watch more mainstream stuff as well. Whatever interests me.

>I don't just exclusively watch more obscure stuff
Are you implying jojo is obscure?
It's one of the most normalfag animes in existence

Ideally puppy stuff, I tried it with another person who was also into being a pet and I enjoyed all the humiliating moments where I would submit to him. As far as training, being taught to react to commands, crawl around on a leash, etc. Generally speaking, being a good obedient boy for a more dominant guy are the things I am looking for.

>awful taste
you serious buddy?

No, you idiot. I'm implying that me watching Jojo indicates that I watch mainstream anime as well as more obscure stuff.

I see. unfotunatly i am not that much into pet play and more into slave master dynamic. so i probably wouldn't be best person for that. good luck with your search