Feel like my boyfriend is cheating

Feel like my boyfriend is cheating.

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I am so sorry OP. You deserve someone better

what makes you think he is cheating?

My boyfriend is too sexually demanding. Im not a supermodel.

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Hire a private investigator then.

Get off my board slut.
No she doesnt.

You should talk with him and make him see how his primitive impulses are making you uncomfortable. His animalistic desires shouldn't get in the way of what you want and need in a relationship.
If he's worth his salt he will correct his behaviour to please you like any decent man would

originally give reasoning inceltard

No, we're done. Im single again.

Then I would love to talk to you and see if I can show you how a real man should treat you

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Ah, good to hear then.
Hope you enjoy the period of freedom and find someone that isn't too sexually demanding and can make you happy

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Kill yourself you piece of shit thirsty loser. Shes not going to fuck you.

That's perfectly fine with me, man. I think you have some issues.

You want your boyfriend to follow and obey like a lapdog?
I'll tell you the secret ..
Suck him dry every 2 or 3 days
That's it !! Nothing more
But most of you can't accept that

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Don't listen to this. A real gentlemen would be loyal to his woman regardless of what she did for him.

Serves you right, devil worshiping adulteress.

You feel like that because you are subconsciously feeling guilty for the times you cheated on him.

You have issues in that you want to woo the world. This bitch might be 500 pounds. She might be a junkie. She might be a pedophile. But you're over here trying to m'lady people. They're people not fucking princesses.

>This bitch might be 500 pounds. She might be a junkie. She might be a pedophile.
So what? Does that mean you won't give her some respect?

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This seems like a larp

>Does that mean you won't give her some respect?
The fact she has a vagina and is on my board is why I wont give her respect. Retard.

This isn't your board, pal. The only people who don't belong here are jerks like you.

I have nothing against you but please leave this board. Thanks.

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What do you have to offer that any other girl doesnt, give us 1(one)