All this flippant trans hate on here

>all this flippant trans hate on here

I live with a transphobe and he beats me, fuck off

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hey come live with me, i'll beat you instead!

but i'll also cuddle you and kiss you and call you my wife

Tell him to fuck your bussy instead

I bet you enjoy it

I'm sorry sister :'(
r9k as a whole accepts trans people, don't let the voices of a few loud annoying bigots get you down. We're rooting for you.

Come live with me instead of beats Ill give hug kisses and love and kill anyone that trys to hurt you

Shut up, you know you love the beatings

you don't need every person on the planet to validate your gender identity

Fuck off faggot noone will ever love you

Why do you continue to live with a person who beats you? Either this is made up for attention or you're a genuine low IQ subhuman retard.

get the fuck away from r9k you transphobic bigots reddit is that way ----> Forums

I bet it's jannies themselves making these garbage threads.

R(ddit is the marxist tranny loving shithole you're looking for though.

Fuck off faggot. No one invited you here.

stay seething

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Fembot here.. im actually looking for a room mate. I think trans people are cool

Haha he beats you. Is he your dad or your sister?

>Why do you continue to live with a person who beats you?

Because my dumbass bigot older brother still lives at home, he's a heartless prick

>Is he your dad or your sister?

My bigotted older brother

Hehehe that's funny and based!

Shut the fuck up you asshole troll

Stop being ugly and weird

I fucking hate transphobic assholes leave this place right now

I bet you dont even pass.


You can fuck off two you cunt.

My boyfriend would disagree wtih you

You dont even have a boyfriend and you're ugly.

Shut up, stfu desu

Are you agp? Sounds to me like you're a fetishist.

Suffering from gender dysphoria and transitioning is quite literally letting your mental illness control you. Instead of fighting it by seeking therapy and taking medication to help you be comfortable in your own body you are giving in to your medical condition. You are the walking equivalent of a suicidal person that killed themselves.

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>fuck off two
don't know what i was expecting from such a lowlife

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but that's all wrong, sport.

It's justified because you're all annoying talking about the same gross shit

I would love to know why, sport.

>tfw no tranny robot to beat then rape

One of my favorite things on Jow Forums is looking for really dumb, funny grammatical errors. You can only find it here.

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>Are you agp?

What that

Your brother is based and trying to beat some sense into you

Apparently not hard enough

No, that's in line with treatment for any other mental health issue

Since I'm not getting a rebuttal to my earlier statement, I'll just apologize on society's behalf for failing people with gender dysphoria. I am truly sorry that we've made mutilating your god given genitals the preferred "treatment" for a mental illness.

Accelerated Graphics Port, it was the slot used be graphics cards before PCI-E took over.

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petty sure he's not afraid of you if he beats you faggot

>Anime poster is trans, who wodda thot

shut the fuck up bigot, no one cares

You've really got to wonder what Intel was thinking with that

>Instead of fighting it by seeking therapy and taking medication to help you be comfortable in your own body
as in, taking hrt so you are mentally and (somewhat) physically more comfortable in your own body?

HRT has no direct benefits, unlike traditional medication. It's only the hope that you might notice some change at some point, instead of something designed to directly combat your mental symptoms.

so the tiddies and hips i grew are just a figment of my imagination?
so my verbal tics and nail-biting went away just because?
so my anxiety has been eradicated coincidentally?
so i no longer get panic attacks in public because my brain just stopped doing that?
so i have confidence and pride in my self because i just want to more now?
so i like who i see in the mirror more and more every passing day because reasons?
so literally every recognised medical professional and physician, along with the WHO and the AMA is wrong and some random on the internet is right?

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You're misunderstanding what direct and indirect treatment are. A direct solution to dysphoria would be a medication or therapy form that stops the feelings on its own. An indirect solution (like HRT) produces an environment that is supposed to help people suffering from dysphoria to cope with it, but does not address the root cause with the medication.

A fair point, but HRT only "helps" someone well after they have decided to give into the gender dysphoria. Much like an alcoholic is "helped" by more alcohol. It encourages the harmful mindset, not end it.

I'll be serious for a moment here, OP. I shitpost a lot. Most of the time I'm just being ironic and don't mean what I say. Yes, that includes hating trannies.
In real life I don't really hate them and if anything I'm supportive of them. A lot of people here just like to be ironic and edgy. It's just the nature of Jow Forums. Sure, some are serious, but does it really matter what incels think of you? You're better than that!

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it's funny how every retard like yourself always alludes to this magical cure that's supposed to remove my gender dysphoria without ever really explaining what it is or how i'm supposed to get it
>but does not address the root cause with the medication
you mean like an incongruence with one's sexual characteristics?
also you realize hrt has been the "traditional medication" for people with gd for half a century, right?
>after they have decided to give into the gender dysphoria
i take hrt to remove and negate the effects that gd gives by altering my body and mind to better fit what i perceive i ought to be, or as close as i can get without carving a bloody expensive canyon into my crotch
you're fine but when people constantly feed me (you)s to try and explain why i'm a freak of medical science i can't help but try and argue their strawmanned arguments and circular reasoning

>explain why i'm a freak of medical science i can't help but try and argue their strawmanned arguments and circular reasoning
If it helps, this is pretty much exactly what I do when I shitpost. I know better (being a medical student and all), but I say it anyway just to shitpost.

OP here, how do I delete my thread, its making me uncomfortable

>alludes to this magical cure that's supposed to remove my gender dysphoria
I didn't say there was one. I mean that HRT is a very rudementary and compromised way to solve the problem; it can't actually make a man into a woman or change your brain chemistry to be fine with being your real sex, which is why HRT and surgery have such a high failure rate.
I sympathize with you, but I disagree with the notion that hormone replacement will ever be anything but a substitute treatment (with serious drawbacks) while we buy time for a direct solution.

>. Instead of fighting it by seeking therapy and taking medication to help you be comfortable in your own body you are giving in to your medical condition.
The only way to obtain hormones, short of buying them from shady Russian sources, in most countries is to be approved by a therapist, get a referral to a specialist, and then start hormones. It's the only known treatment to alleviate dysphoria.

>i live with a transphobe and he beats me

good. wish i could help him fucking beat you. i could possibly feel a tiny bit of empathy or pity for you if this board wasn't being completely infested with you disgusting freaks. if you don't want to see transphobia, go the FUCK back to /LGBT./

In regards to the explanation, I feel that HRT isn't a proper treatment for the condition as it just feeds into the belief that ones biological gender is incorrect. I'm well aware that it's as good as we can get for people with the illness right now, but I feel as though society as a whole shouldn't consider this the ideal treatment right now and that more resources should be pooled to treat the core symptoms.

>I feel that HRT isn't a proper treatment for the condition
Well good thing professionals with doctorates know it is.

Still think that

Thats what I thought, bigot.

>still think that
yeah, Tranny.

why don't you move in with your boyfriend (assuming you have one)? Or why not just move out in general? You have options but instead you come to r9k of all places to go "boohoo bigot bad :((((((((((((((((" cool that's really helping your problem

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I very much agree with this. HRT shouldn't be pushed by a social movement. It's going to hurt everybody more in the long run if we're promised you can just change your gender and be done with it.
It's not a great treatment, or one that would be used if there were other options. People are forced to recommend it because the options are either that or severe depression

Go 40% yourself degenerate. This isn't the board for your bullshit.

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I bet you feel like an idiot now

Do you have some sort of handicap?

what a psycho, why does his family continue to associate with him

Lol your brother is a hero. You should be beaten until you understand that you are a man and nothing will ever change that.

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I'm glad we could come to an understanding. I don't really harbor any ill will towards trans people. It just frustrates me knowing that a lot of people think that HRT is the absolute best kind of treatment they could ever get.

do you really expect us to pat you on the back and tell you that everything is okay

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>defending this bigotted brutality

You should all be beat up like he beats me.

So, not in the slightest?

positively based housemate

I feel bad for those poor boomer parents.

based sherman

wtf happened to this board that people like you are here?

this looks like a bad sitcom

Based as fuck transphone

Where at? W-what's so cool about us?

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>tfw big bro just wants his little bro back

You couldve just learned to cope with the dysphoria like any other mental illness but instead youve ruined any chance of a normal life with hormones and surgery. Your brother just wants you to not become a disgusting abomination that will kill itself by 35. You will never have a family. You will never have a normal relationship. If you dont already, by 50 youll only ever look like a man in a dress. This is the truth that society as a whole will never admit to you. If you can turn back before its too late.






>Have a boyfriend
>Is on r9k
I'm gonna have to press X to doubt.

He obviously doesn't beat you hard enough.

Haha based roomate
Origino desu retard

He should beat you harder then.

Get fucked, subhuman. If you don't join the 40%, you'll join the 60% that gets murdered.
It's your choice

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Remember when r9k wasn't full of discord trannies?

>Linking to reddit
Go back to Facebook user it's more your speed

Who told this guy that r9k is for the fags?

you are a pathetic filth. Learn your place

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trannies wont ever be grannies

based onii chan

Trannies are the lowest of the low, the worst form of degenerate. Society needs to condemn what you are doing instead of encouraging it.

Well, stop being a degenerate and embarrassing your family

>tfw all these incels just empower me

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Normalfag seething lmao.

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fuck off go to your lgbt board faggot

>I live with a transphobe and he beats me

Tell him I think he's awesome and I greatly appreciate the work that he's doing.