Be in bed in girl

>be in bed in girl
>no have sex

what am i doing wrong anons, she's right here

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yank on her bra straps so they snap on her back then say bitch suck my dick

You gotta read her user. This woman is literally sharing a bed with you, there's a very good chance shes dtf.
Maybe get closer to her? Try to nonchalantly make physical contact (non-sexual) and see how she responds to it.

That's your Mom, tard.

Mom is in another room, hoping for her to fuck off

Also, is she asleep? If you think she's asleep do not under any circumstances touch any part of her like her boobs or ass.

piss on her to get her wet, she'll be begging you to ram it in

She says that she is on her period
wat do

nigga just caress the bitch's arm and legs for a bit and then go for the pussy with your finger after a while.
finger the bitch until shes wet, then pull out your hard cock and start fucking her doggy, the rest is in your hand user.
better take control, pull her hair, and call the bitch a slut, or else my 8" bbc will.

pull her panties down and start fingering her. if she complains, tell her in your bedroom you have a rule. if you gonna sleep in my bed, you have to fuck

tell that bitch that you dont care about seeing blood.

on her period means it'll be extra wet, i say go for it
remember, she might be hormonal and not realize how good it is until later, ignore any disgruntlement and she'll thank you later

legit answer, thanks user

huge mess but pretty much zero percent chance of her getting pregnant

Ay that looks my ex gf, is her name Emily? From Boston?

call her a roastie slut and demand that she slob on your knob immediately or she has to leave

what does sucking dick have to do with periods

> be in bed in girl

You're already inside her mate, what the fuck are you doing other than sex?

have you kissed her? do that again, she'll get the message. i don't know how this has happened, how odd.

I kinda miss the days when robots would just call you a normie and spam REE until the thread died.

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Fuck. I would sniff her hair like Biden.

Was kinda what I expected but the deed is done.

That's actually her middle name lmao, but we are from Germany

Strike a convo, pull her close into your arms, go in for a kiss if she looks into your eyes/at your lips

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fart and then put the blanket over her head lol lmao

Seems like most oldfags just gave up and left this shithole

Why is she in your bed to begin with?